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That offense was scary to watch. I kept trying convince myself that we weren't trying to play real offense in order to hide how good it had become... That's where I'm at. Delusional.
Orlando looked absolutely dominant the whole game. It was an impressive first game for them. Atlanta on the other hand really has their work cut out for them this week in practice.
It's not a rivalry by any stretch. In fact, fans from both sides comment about how polite the other team's fans are. Arkansas is not good this year, and with our starting DBs getting suspended, Lock is going to carve us up. Not that he wouldn't have anyways. So here's to the most polite "rivalry" in existence, happy thanksgiving, and we'll see yall Saturday.
There's no way to know this year. The talent he is bringing in is far better than the talent we've had for the last 5 years. It's not like Morris inherited a successful team this year.
2-8 is exactly when you need your hype machine to be running.
Truth. We lost to North Texas at home as well. Arkansas is not a good team right now, there's no argument there. That was our 1st FBS win of the year. To say that our team wanted to be literally anywhere else is still a bit much.
When Arkansas loses by a touchdown its not because our defense is good. The other team(s) had a bad day. When Arkansas loses by a lot. It's because we are terrible. When Arkansas shuts out an opponent and wins at home. Well, the teams only showed up because it was a scheduled game, no one really wanted to be there. Got it. Woo. Pig.
You can't lose them all, right? Gonna have to beat Tulsa next week. It was standard fare for the Ole Miss/Arkansas game. There was drama, some good, some bad, and all the flags in the house were thrown at once. Fun to watch, tough to lose.
I've felt better about the Hogs week after week since North Texas. If we bring that offense from now on, I think we'll win a few before the season ends.
You can't lose them all. Not with a team like this. I honestly think we have a chance at winning a couple down the stretch. Every aspect of our team is improving hand over fist. Yeah we lost to Alabama, no surprise there. 31 points against them is surprising. It's tough to say if the defense improved this week... Stat wise, obviously not but it's relative. We won't face an offense near this caliber for the rest of the year.
I have always found immense respect for Saban because of his program, like everyone else. I choose to believe the same thing you do. You've got to respect a coach that, in his heart, knows that he is going to destroy a team with his 3rd string players but refuses to act over confident and disrespectful.
Ty just needs to remember the 5 'D's of dodgeball to avoid injuries this weekend.
The school essentially pays out the agreed amount in the contract to fire the coach.
New recruiting strategy detected. Recruit good players. Use those players to recruit other players... Is that allowed?
Maybe he won't, who really knows for sure. At least he didn't cost us $75 million... We will lose to Bama for way less than that, thanks. It's really not a rivalry, I suppose. A&M has won 7 in a row and still trails in the series by quite a bit. Hard to take it seriously.
Have you ever seen the chaos that is Arkansas and Ole Miss? This is nothing. Woo pig.
Wait... Coach B didn't leave us with a loaded 5 star team packed with 90% blue chips? Oh, well that's a surprise to everyone I guess. A&M was favored by 3 touchdowns, they won by 1. It seems that we get a little better each week, everyone just settle down.
I was pleased overall with the defensive performance. Our special teams were a joke and still not finding offense, but I agree, I think CCM will find success here in time.
Oh I thought you were serious, which would've prompted a discussion for sure. No doubt Arkansas is the worst team in the SEC and probably one of the worst in the whole country this year. Yesterday was the worst I've seen in a long time.
Oh, I knew this would be a bad day. It's a rough year to be a Hog, especially when everyone I know is a Bama fan.
I literally had to pull my car over and reflect for a moment when this went down. It was at that moment that I realized... We are probably going to be 1-2 entering conference play. At halftime I see I was most likely correct.
And another year that looks like a rough one. Smoked hog all season. We have serious work to do to be competitive again.