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So they want to thank Spurrier for screwing their recruiting for this year and the next? I think if you want to build up a program you would care about the state you leave it in. And shame on the athletic dept for not getting ahead of the problem as soon as Spurrier made noise about quitting. And now wasting money to boot. They had to know the Spurrier Era wouldn't last forever. They better hope they get the Memphis guy but I could easily see him passing it up to see if a better job shakes out at season's end.
So either, Spurrier surprised everyone, program and AD, or the program forced him out without a real replacement on deck. If Elliot was their guy he wouldn't be interim, and he would have been announced as HC immediately along with Spurriers retirement. Imo this is worst case scenario.
Probably the worst way to do this. From the false start in the off season to now mid-season. He should have been preparing for this as soon as he thought he might want to quit. He should be involved in picking the next guy and put his stamp on it. Now eat best, everything is in the air for USC and recruits aren't gonna like that.
He may be a kid but he also had a shot at something huge. Something most people only dream of doing. Now he'll be lucky to be drafted at all. Even a kid can understand that. I have no sympathy for him, nor ill will. He's just an idiot and a punchline.
Taking Alabama to cover the spread is almost always a bad idea.
Me to Butch Jones: 'Win any game that matters before you start cussing at kids. You're third year ffs.' Flipping the bird was classless but we don't know how that crowd was acting or what they were saying. We do know that Butch Jones is a grown man and shouldn't let the behavior of a kid get to him like that.
Who cares about a QB hurry against Tenn Martin? ...It's okay, I'll wait.
This article is the equivalent of Musberger drooling over Katherine Webb, but worse, cause I don't even think this girl is 18. Y'all are gross, SDS.
The reasoning for Bielema and Saban basically boils down to, more plays means more chances to get hurt. Which is pretty absurd imo, everyone is there to play football, so don't be scared to play football.
USC's third string QB? Wow, what a great pickup lol.
Knoxville is beautiful, it's a fantastic town. Anybody with sense would prefer it to Los Angeles.
These people get paid to make predictions. If you don't like it then you don't have to click on it. Please believe me when I say I would rather some other team get all the hype but it is what it is. Auburn gets back some key starters that were out last season, got some big time JUCO transfers, and has a relatively favorable schedule.
Let me sum up for you since you're having trouble parsing. He said your team is a one man show. They had better players last season and couldn't win the West, so you better get your trash talking in now. And of course the writers are talking hypotheticals. That's kind of their job, no?
The team had bigger problems than just QB play last season. We lost multiple starters along the defensive and offensive line. The last thing you want to do is to throw a new guy with tons of potential back there behind a porous line and watch him get clobbered. Marshall was more athletic, which is an obvious choice when your line is getting manhandled anyway.
When was the last time Tennessee won its division? How many times has Auburn won their (tougher) division since? History books can't score touchdowns, unfortunately for the Vols.
Why would I be mad? My team always does better when it flies under the radar. I wish less people were talking about Jeremy Johnson. I can tell it pissed you off though, lol.
You can't be an elite QB without an offensive line. On some other team Dobbs could probably be great. But it's Tennessee, and saying he will have an elite year is even more of an assumption than Jeremy Johnson. Him and Prescott, same difference. Great players in a bad spot.
Hype is just hype. You don't get any trophies for hype, if anything you just get a big target on your back. So I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape when some other team or player gets all the hype. State fans should be thrilled that no one is building them up this season!
Now that you mention it 'armour grid' sounds like a fancy name for mesh.
And an o line that had been starting for three years straight.
You think someone with an NFL future on the line wouldn't make up a story to protect himself? Goes both ways
Desperate times, desperate measures, etc. There are teams that I would worry about poaching our talent, but Michican't is not one of those. Commitments this early in the cycle are about as dependable as a random girl's phone number. Kids get caught up in the excitement but eventually they realize, this is their future at stake. And neither UM nor Harbaugh have proven they can have success where they are today. I'd be slightly more concerned if Appalachian State started holding satellite camps.