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Do you believe everything people on the internet say? Check the easily available facts. Grier enrolled at just over 180 and was playing at just over 200. Not sure about in Missouri, but down here that's only a 20 lb difference. Easy to put on 20 lbs in a year and a half of being in a college weight lifting program.
Keanu Reeves dodges bullets, defeats the Matrix, and now apparently plays safety for the Gators.
Nobody is overlooking Vandy. Even with their offense playing bad, lots of guys on the roster remember losing (getting whipped) 2 years ago on Homecoming. One thing Muschamp did teach his teams is that there is no such thing as a gimme.
2013 & 2014 were rough years, but we can always look back on two National Championships in the last 10 years and smile. Kind of like how Georgia fans can look back on.... wait, when were Georgia's glory days?
This game is Florida's to lose. If Treon can just manage the offense and put a couple drives together our defense should be able to contain UGA... But this game rarely works out the way we expect it to. Who thought the Gators last year with a struggling O-Line would run all over UGA for over 400 yards?
Even though the game is next weekend, I'm already nervous about it. UGA just seems like they'll be coming in as the more desperate team. We've played better this season than anyone could've projected, but most of the "experts" are giving us the FL/GA game like UGA is just going to forfeit. History suggests even when one team is heavily favored, this game is never a gimme.
I'm afraid the last two drives is ultimately the difference between Grier and Harris. Grier shined in a two-minute drill and Harris looks like a deer in headlights. Hopefully the coaching staff can build a game plan around him though and we won't be coming from behind again this year. I'd also welcome #3 proving me wrong, he could continue to get better through the season just as Grier did.
I think most of the crying you heard was from the majority of Gator fans yelling at their TV screens to get ready for the fake FG. I don't deny getting outplayed, LSU deserved the win, my tears were wondering how Les Miles got us yet again.
Fournette is a monster. A beast of a running back. That said, he refuses to go down after every play in what I assume is some statement of his being a manly beast monster. Florida had to gang tackle and hang on for dear life just to tackle him, if there were late hits it was because his legs were still moving.