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I can already see the article: "Social Media calling out Gary Danielson for not doing a CBS broadcast"
"Potential spread", meaning spread of the virus, or meaning their predicted beatdown?
When all the highlights in the video are against Vanderbilt...
The Heisman's basically going to come down to who does better in the SECG.
To paraphrase: Mac is shooting up draft boards because Mac is ballin'.
"Son, if you come to Jackson State, I can raise your allowance from fifty dollars a week to a thousand!
I didn't know Tua was capable of insulting a man.
But it's 22 players they're talking about. That is, just the offense and defense.
His first bill is gonna be a tax on all Alabama jerseys.
Is it just me, or do all of the Gary articles have the same title?
A masterfully hilarious comment right there.
Bold, but plausible. Nice work, Joe.
I didn't know it's possible for a QB to have 300 receiving yards in a game.
1-3 (essentially) Aubie? Christmas must have come early.