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Why would Kentucky be mad that Auburn's pick-six got negated?
I'm not, actually!!! You are!!!! You should look at yourself in the mirror!!!!! (blathering on for a hundred paragraphs) KN
I'd say it's more like Dylan Moses. LSU still has Jefferson to work with, and a whole suite of other good WRs. But we all saw how 'Bama's defense was like last year, with Moses out. If Chase is really out, I'd say LSU's offense is going to be impacted much like 'Bama's defense last year: a lot of young players in that are able to do decently and keep the unit going; but there's still a large dropoff.
The man's name is Adam Griffith, not Blake Griffith or Blake Griffin. But good piece other than that.
I mean, that's goodbye cupcakes for us, right? They were fun to watch, but not great for our resume. But if we face some team like Vandy instead, that's as good as a cupcake game. However, if we draw, for example, Florida in a conference-only schedule, that's going to look much, much better compared to NMSU. Blessing in disguise?
And this is why you schedule quality non-conference opponents. Texas A&M's cupcake schedule might come back to hurt them.
Wow, 'Bama became a losing program? When did that happen? Yo Bubba, this kid has a higher IQ than you. He's actually going to attend college.
Hopefully Damon Payne will be as good as Da'Ron Payne was at 'Bama.
Bubbatime's gonna be like: "Saban is balding. The dynasty is over. These kids are like the dorks who show up to the house party after all the cool kids have left. Just remember, I used to be a fan too before we got busted by the NCAA." Bubba, I regret to inform you that it's big-time commitments like these that are the reason why the dynasty will keep going long after you get busted by SDS for being such a troll.
Nah that's so we don't get confused with Lou Saban.