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This Hog fan would love to have either Lane Kiffin or Mike Norvell. I'm good with either one of them.
For me it's plain and simple. If coaches can leave and go anywhere they want then players should be able to do the same thing at least 1 time without having to sit out a year. If they do it a 2nd time then they should have to sit out a year. If Saban and any other coach can leave at any minute a player should be able to leave at any minute and deal with the consequences there after. As long as they don't transfer to a school in the same conference, the same division, or a rival school. Saban shouldn't have a problem with any player leaving as many times as he has changed jobs to better himself and his family. You would think he would understand.
Arkansas - Devwah Whaley = 1,000 yard rusher - Book it!!
That hit was just stupid anyway it goes. We don't have enough margin for error to make mistakes like that period!
We should be ranked for at least 2 weeks. lol
Notre Dame is ALWAYS overrated!
Maybe Mississippi St is too high? We'll see what life is like without Dak Prescott.
Is the number in parenthesis 1st place votes or total votes?
Deatrich Wise will be at least a 2nd team DL this year if not first. Mark my words.
If Chubb hadn't been injured Mark Richt would still be the head coach of Georgia.
Who in the hell voted for Tennessee. Arkansas did beat Tennessee last year didn't they?
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Arkansas is about to shake up the west! WooPig!!
Our secondary put pressure on themselves by playing so soft.
Of course he did. He said the most talented ATHLETE to ever play the position of quarterback." Key word "ATHLETE".