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Awesome. Now Clemson will limp through the rest of their schedule and get exposed in the post season. Texas A&M was robbed of a fair game.
RIP the commish. Sports history will remember him fondly.
I'll be the first to say I have no problem with Auburn be above Georgia in the playoff poll, and I don't often like to make arguments about stuff like this, especially after what we all saw last saturday. But I do think it is worth noting that a lot of Georgia's issues against Auburn are very fixable. In the first half alone, Georgia had 4 personal fouls and all of them seemed to be fair calls. The defense for the first 20-25 mins of the game played well but they were being put on the field far too often. Add in the fact that good calls that resulted in open receivers resulted in either drops or sacks, and it's going to be pretty tough to beat any decent team. Then when we get a stop to open up the second half, we drop the punt giving Auburn the ball at the 15 yard line. Numerous stupid penalties, undisciplined execution, and special team disasters are precisely why Kirby Smart was brought here, and it's clear that there has been improvement, but there is still a-ways to go. Auburn played really really well, but I do think UGA can fix a lot of the issues I mentioned. At the very least I would expect a rematch to be a lot closer in final score.
That's not all y'all said. Your DB said that Georgia can't beat Florida lol
To be completely honest y'all haven't had a QB "fit" y'alls offense since Tim Tebow lol. Grier was decent but QB hasn't been UF's strength in awhile.
"What if I told you a coach valued a freshman completing two consecutive passes over his job? Next on ESPN's 30-for-30."
Agreed. Rushing three, unless there's a massive breakdown by an offensive lineman (slips, late start, etc) basically ensures that your taking three men out of the play because the quarterback isnt going to sit back there all day - he's throwing the ball to the endzone once his receivers are about to get there. I believe several teams NFL teams like New England and Pittsburg are starting to shun the typical three man rush crap. Blitzing 4 or 5 almost ensures that the quarterback won't have the time or space in the pocket to make the throw.
If you struggle to execute a "vanilla offense" it doesn't really matter what else you can draw up. Great teams do the little things right. UGA's "vanilla" I-form ground game went for almost 300 against a top 25 team. I believe the commentators even mentioned that UGA ran the same toss play 8 times. Your team has a problem executing offensively.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't overtime part of the game? I mean, you sure aren't complaining about the OT result. Why you even went into overtime against a team from the Sunbelt should be cause for concern against a team picked to win the SEC East and hyped as being a national championship contender by many. Perhaps you should stop insulting people you don't agree with and worry about your own team. Auburn played very well against a excellent Clemson team and did it with three quarterbacks rotating in and out killing any chance for offensive rhythm. Your team was picked to win the SEC east and while you go comment "that Georgia beating a basketball school and posting a hype video about it" is equivalent to "Kansas rushing the field after beating an FCS school", on an article that has nothing to do with your team, you also keep commenting that the "rest of the SEC has been put on notice" because now your team can "finish games". Yeah, you beat a unranked team, in your own stadium, in overtime, on a forward lateral, after they basically handed you the game with poor clock management.
Auburn played the number two team in the nation closer than unranked App. State played Tennessee at home. Worry about VT, they couldn't definitely beat y'all.
We beat a quality opponent ranked in the top 25 by two possessions. We did it with almost an entirely new coaching staff, saw a team that played with more passion than in years past, and also saw a coaching staff and team that was willing to stick to the game plan and not panic when in years past we very well have done the exact opposite and gotten beat.
Probably won't do anything to him because this kid and Fournette will never be in the game at the same time.
I'd like to see Hines Ward as a coach someday. Obviously success as a player doesn't guarantee anything when it comes to coaching but it's something that I think a lot of people would be interested in.
The CBS duo made sure to note that the bobbled snap against SC was our first TO of the year.
Obviously, the idea that Saban could go is stupid. But I've been wondering about Smart. Obviously still a top DC in the nation, but his defenses are starting to consistently have issues with hurry up teams in big games. Nothing to take away from the guy, his defenses are still great. But I don't think having him replace Saban is going to solve anything.
Yeah. I could see maybe calling that one a roughing the passer, but in no way did that deserve an ejection.
Love what Jacob Eason brings to the table as a UGA fan but you've got to think that Ole Miss is getting a great player with this guy. Just having Patterson on the field will make Ole Miss's offense much better.
Even as a UGA fan it was amazing watching Tre Mason in the SECCG. It got so crazy that I remember Mizouri started switching to some crazy alignment with only 3 true d-linemen and four true linebackers. Auburn was all over the field that night.
I may be a Georgia fan but the HBC is a guy I'll miss once he retires (At least the press conference part).
Good article but having watched both players played and seeing what Jones is doing now with the Falcons, I'd have to say that Jones has the better hands and Cooper has the better YAC potential. Both are great players, but Jones makes some amazing catches and Cooper seems to be able to gain an enormous amount of yards on that stop screen even when the entire defense knows where the ball is going.
Why is it that everyone keeps saying this? They are both great players and both mean lots to their teams. The only way that we will know who is better in the upcoming season will be looking at the results after the season is over. This is like the Brady-Manning debate. We all should just learn to appreciate special talents because before we know it, they will be moving on.
I actually think it was wise for Georgia to go after another big back. We have Chubb (our feature back), our two speed backs (Marshall and Michel), a good backup in Douglas, and a relative unknown in AJ Turman. That seems like a lot, but injuries can change thing in a hurry. Plus I think its smart to always be developing backs for future use and to keep the starters fresh. We saw what it did to Auburn last year