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Hard to fathom some of these comparisons. For example: Florida plays 7-6 Miami (bowl loss), 2-9 UT Martin (no bowl), 7-5 Towson (no playoff), and 5-7 FSU -- all at home or nearby. LSU plays 10-3 GA Southern (bowl win), 9-4 UT (bowl win), 5-6 NW State (no playoff), and 11-2 Utah State (bowl win). What am I missing?
It's hard to take this seriously when a season-opening victory in a top-25 SEC team's home stadium (Miss St) gets less billing than Georgia-Vandy or even Georgia-ULM. I'll accept your #1 and even #2, but LSU over MSU is easily #3.
How about the no-call for pass interference against the Vols. It denied BGSU a game-changing touchdown and resulted in a PF against the BGSU coach when he rightfully complained. Bad, bad no-call!