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Exactly: money and opportunity. Plus, he probably knew in the NIL era there is an advantage to recruiting with the glitz, glamour, sand and surf of southern California behind him.
The remainder of the Pac-12 and the remainder of the Big 12 to form the: DON'T FORGET ABOUT US conference
Burrow's 2019 followed by Mac Jones' 2020 really jump off the page statistically. Burrow beat 7 top 10 teams in 2019 and demolished A&M by 43 and Oklahoma, in the semi-final, by 35.
@Leg See, you are ready, willing, and able to carve out an exception for Mecole. Amazing how that happens.
He is 12th in FBS history in CAREER passing efficiency. He won one National Championship, finished runner-up the following year, and lost in the semi-final game his last year. I'd say he's one of the top 5 college QBs over the last 20 years.
Mecole Hardman was a fast, but 5 foot 10 (combine measurement) WR for UGA. He was at UGA just 4 seasons ago. Did you cheer for that guy or insult him for his stature?
Before IMG academy, he played high school football in Riverside, CA. I'm guessing USC, but watch out for Miami.
They have some very wealthy boosters to compensate for the blinding dust storms that roll through campus.
Wise? In terms of dollars and sense, perhaps not and you have a point. It depends on the deal and the condition of the team. Moving from USC to coach an NFL that is 2 - 14 with a dysfunctional front office would be a huge risk and likely not one Riley would consider. Would he take a $1 million to $2 million year pay cut to walk into stability like Pittsburgh, Seattle, New England or Baltimore? I really think he would.
I disagree about the loss to USC and Alabama being solely on the defense. USC had only 305 yards that game, it was a total team loss. Auburn defense gave up only 10 points in regulation to Alabama which was Alabama's lowest scoring (in regulation) for the year. Heck, Auburn's defense in that game may have been the best SEC defensive performance of the year ... certainly in the top 5.
I don't disagree with Paul analysis. I agree for a different reason. I think Riley will be at USC for about 5 years. I think he will leave USC for the NFL. I think Kelly will stay at LSU as long as they want him and probably retire there.
Good point. Barry Switzer would be one of the last football coach I would expect to bring up cheating. He has admitted to paying players and covering up arrests.
... and both of those loses were to teams that finished in the top 8... and... on the road.
Yep, a young man named Joe Burrow proved early portal QBs have potential.
It's a little difficult to compare Napier to Cristobal. Cristobal was hired at Miami after a stint at high-profile Oregon where he likely knew and had some relationships with top high school talent. Napier, however, at Louisiana wasn't realistically building any relationships with top high school talent. Even though Lanning and Venables were coordinators last year, they were two of the top coordinators in all college football and had name recognition and relationships exceeding Napier at Louisiana.
Per 247, the only official visits he has taken are A&M and Clemson. Based on that, it's going to be one of those teams he commits to tomorrow.
One can argue total revenue or net profit when discussing the largest brand (I'm assuming the author meant football only), but due to accounting differences it would see the best comparison is total revenue. If so, this is from another recent article: The top-revenue producing schools for football won’t surprise you, either. Texas tops the list at $144 million, followed by national champion Georgia ($134 million), Michigan ($126 million), Ohio State ($116 million) and Alabama ($110 million).
It doesn't seem like there would be enough interesting material to justify a book.
Exactly, it was Arch's decision. Cooper, Peyton, and Eli have said the same publicly for a couple years now. Then, you throw in the article about Arch saying in 2016 that he is going to Texas and it's easy to see Arch had Texas on his radar. Klatt normally has very good analysis, but this time he is off-base.
"Sixth-sense ability to feel pressure and avoid rushers." I see pass rushers...... They only rush when they want to rush...They don't know they're rushers.... They're everywhere
It's impossible to tell if the #1 rated QB or the #8 rated QB is going to have the better college career. In the 2017 recruiting cycle, the #18 rated QB (Mac Jones) was a 2020 Heisman finalist AND the #33 rated QB ( Kenny Pickett) was 2021 Heisman finalist.
Arch has a younger brother who I think is an offensive lineman.
Golden Flake was acquired by UTZ in 2016. UTZ is based out of Pennsylvania.
Congrats to him. I hope he has a good career there.
A trademark is only as good as the trademark owner's willingness to defend it. The other 64 power 5 schools should market themselves as THE (insert name) and see how far Ohio State wants to push it.
If the very top high school players are worthy these large NIL deals, Nelson is as good of a risk as any of them. No one has that crystal ball. Busts happen. There's always going to be Ryan Leafs and Tony Mandarichs.
It appears Riley has some nice advantages: almost no in-conference competition; wealthy boosters; the glitz, glamour, and scenery of Southern California; he's embraced the transfer portal; and free of the mind-set of NIL money going to unproven players.