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Three routine violations. The only wonder is there should be more violations within a football program that spends $3 million on recruiting and recruits at the highest level. No group of 100 plus people are that perfect.
I'm glad Stafford sees players as nothing more than a soul to steal. He must've been in a bind and way behind, and willin' to make a deal.
Deion has embraced the portal. Will Jackson State move up to D-1 soon? I can see him at a Power 5 school in 5 years or less.
Did you not read my comment? Part of my blame is on the coaching staff, remember this part of my comment" ... better results from Foreman running the ball then Henry". Foreman was eating them alive at 16 ypc. You're so riled up and anxious to argue, you only partially comprehended. Plus, Tanneyhill threw three picks, bad enough, and one of those picks put them 19 yards from the game winner. Yes, you can win games that aren't won by statistics. Auburn versus South Carolina is a good example.
Beamer is taking advantage of the transfer portal.
I had to look it up to see if you are accurate. It appears the guy you are talking about started, and played, in 16 of the 17 regular season games and gave up two of the nine sacks Saturday. A poor pass protection showing, but not likely to get cut from the roster. You might want to remind yourself once the NFL playoffs start, the team on the other sideline is going to be very good to get there. Really, TN should have won that game. They were getting better results from Foreman running the ball then Henry and Tanneyhill had three interceptions in 24 attempts.
Great MattyJ, can you please contact 247 and have them update that?
@AggieRider By that same token, Texas A&M had out-talented teams like Arkansas, LSU (due to attrition and injuries), Ole Miss, and Ms. State. All games they lost. Congrats on beating Alabama though. Alabama had a slight talent edge.
Correction: The play clock didn't expire,........... the GAME clock did.
I thought Mason did an outstanding job with Auburn's defense this year. He probably had the best game of the year of all SEC coordinators holding Alabama to 10 points in regulation.
Naylor's profile says he is from Fort Worth, TX. So, it make sense he would want to be closer to home if given the choice of two good programs.
If Saban were to offer him, it would mean Saban thinks he can either start or contend to do so. Saban only uses the transfer portal for difference makers. Depth comes from the younger players. Looking at he four receivers signed last year and the five, maybe six, signed this year. My guess is Saban doesn't show interest in Burton.
Now that many of the top high school players sign in December, it makes this time of year a little slower than it used to be and the comings and goings of the transfer portal very newsworthy.
I advised him to consult you prior to making a decision, but he didn't listen to me.
His 247 profile says he is from California, so maybe he is looking to get closer to home. Good luck to him whatever his reason.
I always thought Peyton was bit overrated in Indianapolis with Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison. Then, Dallas Clark and Marcus Pollard at tight end.
The law office might be able to sign him to an NIL deal that pays for the window pane.
I don't see Auburn on that list. Don't they have a really good baseball team?
Their defense will be salty. They've got some personnel issues to work out on offense.
I'd put Ainais Smith as number one on this list and Nolan Smith second.
@darthA I am CLEARLY not an LSU fan, so without bias I can state Stingley was unbelievable his freshman year. About as good as a true freshman can be. I remember him getting burned once. It was against Alabama and he got caught looking at his sideline and Smith did a vertical-go route right by him.
JT, I will personally sign you to an NIL deal with $23.19 if you will go to Virginia Tech.
You might want to wait until everyone gets through transferring to write these articles.
Those mock drafts change a lot. The last one I saw that ranked him 15th through 20th pick of the 2nd round. So, it's a good decision to go ahead and pursue your dream.