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Just go to 10 conference games, no permanent teams. Scheduling is done via rotation and therefore all rivalries are maintained. Rivals meet each other two out of every three years.
My point is statistically there are always those who don't ascend to the top.
How in the world can the best conference in college football — the conference with the most high-profile properties in all of college sports — have 4 members (Kentucky, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt) that haven’t won a football championship in the modern era scuttle the good of the whole? Twelve out of 32 NFL teams have never won a Super bowl. That's 37.5%. Four NFL teams have never appeared in a Super Bowl.
Not a big deal. It's not like the are staying in a 1972 Airstream.
The California NLRB complaint that D-1 student-athletes are employees, and therefore can unionize, is a greater issue than NIL. Why? Because the potential for one union covering ALL D-1 football and basketball players (likely regardless of state) will force the mid-level schools to fall back or pony up. It's not so much about haves versus have nots than employment-based football with contracts, somewhat like the NFL.
About Quinn Ewers: If you're going to credit him with 1.75 quarters of good football against Alabama, you also have to knock him for two horrible games against TCU and Oklahoma State. He does deserve to be on the list, but further down the list than #2.
I don't think his comment is spicy or funny... it's factual. TCU had a great season, but they ran into the best team in college football who then gave them one of the most embarrassing beat-downs of all time.
I'm curious how playing the NC game on the 2nd Monday night of the year competes with the NFL playoffs. UGA and TCU played on Monday night, Jan 9th and the first round of the NFL playoffs started that Sat. Jan 14th. I think it is a non-issue.
I hope his procedure goes well and solves the problem.
I'm going to predict A&M and LSU are playing in November for the West title on the line.
The only thing more odd would be if Pete Rose was involved.
It is refreshing to know that a state could have a governing system that kicks into motion quickly to shut down suspicious betting.
.... large amount of money was wagered on the Alabama-LSU game, that sportsbook surveillance footage shows the person who placed the wager on the phone with Bohannon, and ..... Let's examine. How could VIDEO ALONE confirm who is on the other end of a phone call? It can't. You would need video evidence COUPLED with phone records to say "the person who placed or received a call from Bohannon's cell phone was at the Cincinnati location and THEN placed a bet". The article clears it up towards the end with the report from Ben Upton, but this information should've been couple together at the beginning of the article.
They should have fired Bohannon after the pitcher's allegations became public.
I think caravan comments or talking to your base in a private setting is fair game for criticism. Most people, including myself and UT fans, criticized Saban for public comments last summer regarding A&M and those were in a closed setting to mostly supporters.
Good. When I read the complaint by the former pitcher, I thought if only half of it was true, then Bohannon should be terminated for cause.
No surprises here. I think you can take those top four teams and put them in any order you want at this point. As for Ole Miss, I'm skeptical they are a top 25 team. My opinion is South Carolina is a better choice than both Ole Miss and Kentucky or a top 25 team.
Just a little bit. New offensive coordinator, new quarterback, just had 10 guys drafted. If last year's team was a 98 out of 100, I'd say 92 out of 100 for 2023.
There’s no crime against Levis. Levis went 33rd in the NFL draft that had 259 picks. Only 32 players were chosen in front of him.
I'm not sure what you are getting at. If the arrest was Sunday morning and news broke Monday and that athletic department found out Monday as well, I don't see where you are going with this. What is the athletic department supposed to do, waive a magic wand on Sunday and learn all the facts and take action? What exactly is your expectation of them?
@ Oregon Of course, they're equals. Anyone who believes otherwise is kidding themselves. Athlon recently ranked Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Ohio State as the top 4 2023 rosters. Last 4 years recruiting: Bama averages ranked 1.5 and LSU 5.25. Both LSU and Bama do a good job in the portal. Both have top 10 coaches in the sport. Both have the Top 10 NIL financial ability. Both are in the premier football conference. Both have won national championships in the last 5 years.
You never know. When LSU signed OSU's 2nd stringer Joe Burrow, it seemed like a "wait and see" move at the time. That wait and see became more genius as each game passed for Burrow. It's odd, because you can look at any recruiting year and take the top 10 ranked QBs and only half of them will get 1st or 2nd team conference awards by the time they complete eligibility.
Going into the year, its safe to say LSU and Bama are equals. However, LSU's QB situation is light years ahead of Bama's QB situation. By the time they play each other in 2023, that gap will narrow some.
LSU has a more favorable schedule this year. Mainly, they trade Tennessee for Missouri. While they have to go to Bama, they got Arkansas, Auburn, and A&M at home.