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Saban commented that he was "dismissed by the university." I'm wondering if that means he was expelled.
And, yet, the annual drone chant from Notre Dame and Big 10 fans will continue on. "But Bama only plays cupcakes out of conference.
Andrew Olsen, you have embarrassed yourself and damaged your reputation. I suggest you take this story down before it damages your career further.
So you think they will pay the OC more than the head coach?
If Alabama was #1 and played the #2 team every single week, the media would still criticize their schedule as weak. WHO CARES
Reminds me of the time a buddy got a DUI in college after he fell asleep in the drive thru lane at taco bell. Lmao
If ESPN dumped the left wing propaganda and went back to the model for Sportscenter that revolutionized the industry, they could get back on track. Every change they are making reeks of desperation and moves them in the wrong direction. The new late night format with Scott Van Pelt is unwatchable.
This metric is probably the most pointless in the history of metrics. Is it even possible for Saban to get a +1? I would assume Bartoo's metric shows Saban at -10 over the last 6 years. If I come up with an unscientific and pointless metric, will SDS write an article about it? That being said, Malzahn really is crap.
As much as I treasure listening to Bear speak over the iconic pregame video, it's hard to be an American and vote against a majestic eagle soaring around a football field.
That one put into hysterics! LMAO. Well played.
Man, I would love to go to this event. Awesome venue. I can't imagine what the lines to the bathrooms will look like, though. lol
Now that's funny, I don't care what century you were born in.
Everyone except Charlie nailed it.
I love true sports fans. Reading some background stuff on him, it appears his story is one that shows the many pitfalls that players can fall in. There are so many forces trying to pull these guys in the wrong direction. You can have all the talent in the world, but you really have to have your life in order to succeed in the NFL.
It doesn't matter why a person would turn away business. A free society allows people to make stupid decisions based on whatever criteria they deem important.
Freedom of religion outweighs hosting a football game by exponential orders of magnitude. If political leaders make policy decisions based on concerns about losing revenue from the CFP should it be moved and are willing to compromise the 1st amendment to keep it, they should be impeached.
From a legal protection standpoint, I agree completely. Is it "fair" to females who may be better at the job than their male counterparts? Probably. Billy Graham had it figured out when he made it a personal policy to never be in a closed space alone with a female. It removed any chance of impropriety or even the perception of possible impropriety. Considering the litigious nature of today's society and the antics that will occur in a locker room filled with 18-22 year old kids, it would probably be best to not allow women in for their own protection. Of course, adopting such a policy would probably open you up to a lawsuit. *facepalm*
Let me help you. The author potentially has a history of telling lies and fabrications to support himself and his causes. Therefore, he may lack any credibility. When reading what he is writing, it would behoove the reader to keep this in mind as opposed to assuming that his writing represents fact.
BYU/WVU will be a hell of an in-conference road trip.
Probably a smart move on his part. He would have been buried in the depth chart.
Will be cheering for this young man. You beat cancer, you get a War Damn Eagle.
LSU fans say Bama should never lose because of the players they get and Saban. Yet, they want to get rid of Les Miles because he has a poor record vs Bama. Like a tiger chasing its own tail.
The point is to appreciate the greatness in itself, not the school itself. Personally, I loathe all teams Boston, but almost find myself pulling for the Patriots these days because I appreciate what Belichick and Brady are accomplishing and the place they are cementing in history. Each notch they put on the belt just increases the level of the greatness.
And Michigan St beat them in Columbus with their 2nd string QB. Yet Ohio State, who managed only 132 yards against the team Bama went for 440 yards against thinks they would have been anything other than a tiny speed bump? Degrees from Ohio State are on clearance.
The level of delusion that has poured out of Columbus after they succeed one year is astounding. "I guess it was Bama's year?" Hello, McFly! When it's 4 of the last 7 years, it's just your decade. When you sneak into the playoff then win for the first time in forever, that's when it's "just your year."
Suttles nailed it on the head. If you want to play the what if game, we could be here all week.
Bryanchip, I would completely agree with what you said if the NCAA would allow the kids to work. Many kids would work and earn the money they need. Instead they are left in the cold while the NCAA and SEC rake in enormous profits. I am always the last guy to take the worker's side in these types of situations, but the NCAA and member institutions have not done right by the students.