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Could be wrong but I thought we out gained them, forced the lone turnover and had more first downs than they did.
What a troll. “Bring a state together” lol that didn’t last long.
Congrats I guess lol. Hate we had to be the ones to give it to y’all.
Nothin beats winning in everything but the scoreboard. Oh well. Hail state anyways. Maybe next year.
Haha which mascot? Happy thanksgiving! Yes, I have the feeling it could be one of the more epic egg bowls. We’re 8 points away from being 10-1 right now, and y’all are only 11 points away from the same record. The weather will hopefully only make it that much more interesting.
60,000 cowbells ringing is also golden. Hope there’s much reason to keep ringing the whole game. Just poking the bear by keeping on hating on the cowbells.
Alright. You guys are right. I was just being a troll and I’m not proud of it. Didn’t represent myself or my team well. I apologize.
Lol imagine picking old mess to win at State after barely separating themselves from Vandy 5 days before the egg bowl. Their running back literally just said he doesn’t like cowbells, too. As a State fan with a lot of egg bowl experience, I know better than to be too confident about Thursday. It should be fun though. It’s a toss up, nobody should ever be too confident about who should win this one.
Wow. What a leader. I hope his mistakes against Vandy last night and this display of “leadership” eliminates him from the Heisman race. Not upbuilding at all. Real leaders bring people up with them, they don’t tear their team down in public to scare them into doing better. Especially when they’re peers. Absolute 0 class. Not like he even played well enough to beat up his team, he needs to accept responsibility for his own poor playing. If we blow them out Thursday it won’t even be fun after last night.
Well that was classless. Glad he doesn’t like cowbells though, I’ll be sure to ring a little harder and longer just for him.
It looked like that in the postgame interview. Honestly, I almost don’t want him to leave. The history between him and Leach just makes the egg bowl that much more epic.
Um. That was anything BUT a comfortable win against Vandy. It was at home, and a Corral’s last home game. That was totally supposed to be 56-0. With that int and sack from Vandy on Corral AT HOME, can this Heisman noise finally be over? Please?
Sick and tired of all this “mAtT cOrRaL fOr HeIsMaN” junk. Everyone knows Will is far more productive. And he is showing some elite leadership that I haven’t heard anyone talking about for Corral.
Fearless would’ve been the hogs keeping it within 2 TDs against bama.
I wonder if this is a game Leach would do all run plays in like he’s joked about. Also, hope we have a good enough first half to let Chance play again. Will needs to rest and stay healthy for next Thursday. Plus, it was fun to watch Chance play vs Vanderbilt.
Lol I’m sure Saban is definitely in it for the money. The man could have quite comfortably retired 5 or more years ago.
That shows a good degree of focus from them which is good. Seems like they’re playing one game at a time.
Well put. People who want to say we’re terrible for those 4 losses don’t really do their research. I wonder if there’s another 4 loss team out there as close as we are to being a 1 loss team
I didn’t really do that much reasoning. Just listed cold hard facts. I guess you don’t want to talk about that 1 point victory at home to a team you’re ranked above? I smell a double standard
Doesn’t make any sense. We had some flukes. 8 points away from being 9-1. We beat ranked teams, Clemson lost to ranked teams. Plus, not even bama will be able to say they won at Kyle field and Jordan Hare this season.
Lol!! After that loss to Kansas, have fun trying to keep up with Vandy once y’all get here. Horns down!
If he’s a somehow a good WR, wants to play in the SEC, but doesn’t want to play in the Air Raid, I guess we don’t want him either.
Thanks I think? Not sure how I feel about the middle class jab… coming from an Old Mess fan I’m not entirely sure that wasn’t an insult
Finally y’all woke up and realized Rogers is one of the best in the SEC. Dude will be a Heisman contender one day.
This is true. We’re well on our way though. We’re fortunate to even be talking about the Heisman trophy in Leach’s first normal season.