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Kudos to y'all for pulling it off against the odds, y'all got hot at the right time. We got to beat y'all in the regular season, and y'all worked your way up from the bottom. As much credit as the team rightfully deserves, I'm sure your pals doing it last year was a little motivation ;)
Just like big brother! At least we did it first. I can almost guarantee OM wouldn't have pulled this off had we not won it last year, but congrats anyways. Guess this is how y'all felt about this time last year.
Exactly. I'll be interested to see if his offense is plug and play with a different QB.
Except when one of them happens to be a certain school...
Wow, hadn't realized that. Bet those guys get tired of playing each other.
Well, Texas literally broke a mirror in that game. (Cameras have mirrors in them, right?) No surprise they lost. Horns Down!
Don't worry, I may have bad luck but it would take a lot to keep Stanford from choking.
Maybe I should start rooting for OM. Every team I've rooted for this year has fallen apart as soon as I start wanting them to win.
Recent OM football schedules remind me of UT's baseball schedule. They get on a huge hype train for beating a bunch of nobodies, maybe beat 1-2 mediocre teams, and then the whole world is shocked when they can't win an important game.
Depends. If we've got 3 or so losses by then, I'd be scared if I were you. But if we've only got one loss, or by a miracle no losses - count on us choking.
Granted, but they're still in a similar situation. But Kiffin's system does seem a bit more plug and play than any other that I've seen.
Dart (or whoever is QB) may be good, but not just anyone can replace a guy like Corral. Reminds me of how Dak was the best player for Mullen's offense, but it was hard to replicate that with other guys.
I think ND or A&M will win it. Guess this is a "revenge" year of sorts for OM and Arky since they should've been there last year.
guys he's doing us a favor. Anytime the media thinks we're actually going to be good we stink
Notre Dame definitely deserved that win. I watched our super regional against them last year and felt genuinely sad for them when we eliminated them. They were great sports about it even though it was clear they cared very much about winning. If they'd beaten us last year I'm fairly certain they'd have won it all. It'll be easy for me to root for ND, AU, and A&M. Somebody, please stop every true State fan's nightmare from happening... please.
Disagree. I'd be disappointed in any coach or player on the team I root for behaving that arrogantly. Not a good look on the team, sport or conference. UT has been showing signs of this kind of attitude all year, and it makes it only that much easier to root against them.
Sadly, I've got the same feeling. But hey, at least we did it first.
I've never played a single snap of football with pads on, so my thoughts could be completely wrong. But from my layman's perspective, if the NFL has a bigger playoff system and play 5 more games than the college regular season, how does that prepare college players for the real deal? I also think an expanded playoff would make the sport & postseason mean more to the players and fans of teams other than Bama, Clemson & non-sec teams that seem to have an automatic bid if they have only one loss. I feel like that would be better for everybody. Again, I could be totally wrong.
If they keep this up they'll definitely make some noise in Nebraska.
Here come all the Georgia and Bama fans who don't want to "risk" playing more games in the post season to win a championship. Funny how the ones who benefit most from the current playoff are the quickest to defend it.
RonMexico1 please don't tell me you took time to read all that
1998vols... have some respect for a school that's been consistently elite at baseball for awhile. msupu99 may be out of line calling your whole fanbase classless, but we had a historically bad season and it may just be the price we have to pay for winning it all last year.
It's been a long time since the #1 seed has won the whole thing... funny how that works. Streaky sport. Guess that's baseball though.
TAMU has just been keeping on quietly winning lately. I feel like they're pretty underrated. I know they earned a high seed and are living up to it, but nobody's really talking about it.
SatOnThePlains... good one lol. The feeling is just about uncomfortable...
I have a weird feeling OM is going to win it all. Don't know why. Hope I'm wrong.
Well, we did something that was enough to merit a 2.5 paragraph comment from Negan. That's gotta count for something I guess.
Thanks for the reminder that MSU didn't make the tournament lol.
That would be nice. Of course, with our schedule, that could mean going 8-4 or something like that.