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Y’all don’t make much sense. Last week we were underrated, this week we are overrated. I should hope a middle of the pack SEC team that can generate 5 turnovers would not have to go into overtime to beat a non conference team.
Gotta love how low we're ranked while we had a better/equal score as other teams who played equal competition. Even #1 UGA beat a nobody school by 48-7. I'm not complaining though, underrate us at your own risk.
Yea I’ll give you that. The NIL being what it is you can’t take anything for granted until NSD, and even then you never know. It’s fun for now though, like you said - good to see in state talent staying in state.
That’s cool and all but we talkin bout class of 2024 buddy
My guy, you can’t handle a fun little jab on the internet from a man you’ll never meet… I’m sorry you take it so personally. Maybe get some thicker skin?
You missed the reply button worse than Kiffin missed those 3 4 stars we got yesterday
Most certainly not right now, but we absolutely were in the 3 years that we made back-to-back-to-back CWS appearances and won a natty. That's the standard us MSU fans are used to.
Well actually it is mathematically impossible to divide 0 times, I believe they divided once technically
In my mind, 16 RBI makes as much sense as 16 RsBI or 16 RBIs. However, RPM is already understood to be plural because R = "Rotations". If you wanted to be real particular, I guess you could write RsPM, but it's kinda understood. On a similar tangent, that's why I think it should stay RBI. You don't need an 's' anywhere. It's obvious that 16 RBI is 16 runS batted in and 1 RBI is 1 run batted in because anything greater than 1 makes it plural. Anyways, good luck against Vandy tonight FLReb. Hope y'all silence that whistler. But don't beat em too bad, I want em ranked next weekend!
See that's the beauty of baseball though. It's not supposed to be controlled by a clock. Some of y'all just post here because you're bored waiting for football season and don't know anything about baseball or truly appreciate it for what it is. Keep your thoughts to yourselves til September, please.
I am perfectly fine with this, especially since it doesn't mean anything. Even if it were remotely accurate (besides #1 ranking, that is accurate to date), whoever's hot now will be hard pressed to keep that up til May. We all know how the best regular season teams usually fare in the post season.
These old mess fans are weaaaaak. No comebacks. Not even an attempt. Pathetic.
Stick to football. Nobody I know who actually appreciates the game of baseball agrees with what you just said.
Is neanderthals the biggest word you know? You use it a lot. Wonder where you first heard it? Maybe someone called you that Notice TX reb didn't actually say anything about why he thinks Lame Duck is any good - she just strangely finds amusement in MSU fans pointing out Lame's flaws. Life of a Old Mess fan must be pretty sad if that's what it takes to make you laugh
Lol what? Do you mean all the fanbases that have had to deal with getting beaten by Saban all these years couldn't deserve anyone to coach at Bama more than Lame? I think that's what you meant to say
Better than the butt like oxford lol You're gonna have to try harder than that if you wanna out-roast me cowgirl
lost 5 of the last 6, lost the egg bowl at home, almost lost your coach (and said coach certainly lost the team) and you think that grass is greener? Not only that, but you want the overrated, entitled players who have no sense of commitment to come to your school? You do you I guess
Agree. I don't understand how Foxhall found and developed Sims and Bednar, but without those guys I don't think he'd have a job in the SEC and certainly not here.
Well, in comparison to Saturday I'll take it. Hancock can't play catcher, I think that change also helped us defensively. Hancock is a reliable batter, but I don't think he connected to 2B once. LoTan left some big shoes to fill.
Why does SDS hate us so much? It's only news when we lose. WOW.
Hate to break it to you SDS, but your crush - Lame Duck Kiffin - ain't worth much and isn't the king of anything except your pathetic lil heart.
Truly, your intellect is dizzying. However, I can understand your confusion since it's not our baseball logo. Has it not occurred to you that I am a human being yet? I hate to have to spell that out to you in public, but it seems you old mess fans are a little slow sometimes.
No, I don't think so... I'm not a baseball team, are you?
I'm not losing any sleep over Lame Duck Kiffin. I'm sorry you don't have thick enough skin to deal with people who disagree with you, I hope you can grow up one day