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Kirby will find a way to blow it... it's all good.
I'm fine if they do reduced capacity, or no capacity.. whatever. I just want to hear form the school officially what they are going to do with my $1,800 I paid them for my season tickets. Will that roll over to next season??
Terrible loss. That dude was a stud. Condolences to everyone down there.
I absolutely consider this game a rivalry, and I could care less what the record is. I also agree, they should bring the beer barrel back. I love UT vs UK games, both in football and on the court!
Herein lies the problem... JG is scared to throw the ball. I mean, he will toss it for 5-8 yards, but the kid is so bad at reading his progressions, a deep ball is out of the question. At least with Shrout he can rifle that thing downfield. But there are so many unknowns with Shrout as well... Tough situation for us to be in, for sure.
"TheReturnDD2 " When is the last time TN beat a rival? #DobbbailBoot douche shoes. Did you forget about that? lol
Pretty sure Gatorboy14's comment was typed out from the student computer lab at Gulf Coast Community College...
Unbelievably sad. Prayers to him and his loved ones, and to everyone this man impacted over there on West End.
Sounds like you just need a new group of friends bud.... :) Personally I'm pissed this is the second week in a row Auburn and Tennessee have games at the same time. My wife went to Auburn so I am forced to casually keep tabs on them.
Would you look at that? Gatorboy's mommy gave him his computer back! Congrats buddy! You're all gowns ups now.
Man, I've been searching articles this morning trying to see if was trolling... guess that loss to the Cats made his mommy take away the computer for a few days.
"Alabama way"? No, no... this is the Saban Way. The same thing would be happening if Nick was coaching in T-Town, Columbus, Baton Rouge, or hell, even LA. No one cares about Bama. They care about Bama's current coach. Enjoy him while you got him bruh.
I don't disagree with beating Bama "usually" leads to championships, however, it's typically be been losing to Florida that bites us in the ass (same division after all). And for the record, no hates Bama as much as Phil does. It's not even close :)
ummm... not this fan. I'll take Freeze in a hot second!
I can promise you this seatonda dude doesn't speak for the majority of us. I'm beyond stoked if we do in fact land Pruitt. Let's bring the pain boys.