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Unbelievably sad. Prayers to him and his loved ones, and to everyone this man impacted over there on West End.
Sounds like you just need a new group of friends bud.... :) Personally I'm pissed this is the second week in a row Auburn and Tennessee have games at the same time. My wife went to Auburn so I am forced to casually keep tabs on them.
Would you look at that? Gatorboy's mommy gave him his computer back! Congrats buddy! You're all gowns ups now.
Man, I've been searching articles this morning trying to see if was trolling... guess that loss to the Cats made his mommy take away the computer for a few days.
"Alabama way"? No, no... this is the Saban Way. The same thing would be happening if Nick was coaching in T-Town, Columbus, Baton Rouge, or hell, even LA. No one cares about Bama. They care about Bama's current coach. Enjoy him while you got him bruh.
I don't disagree with beating Bama "usually" leads to championships, however, it's typically be been losing to Florida that bites us in the ass (same division after all). And for the record, no hates Bama as much as Phil does. It's not even close :)
ummm... not this fan. I'll take Freeze in a hot second!
I can promise you this seatonda dude doesn't speak for the majority of us. I'm beyond stoked if we do in fact land Pruitt. Let's bring the pain boys.
Amen. We need to eject this family from the entire state. UT as well as the capital building.
Keeping him to the end of the season would be a ludicrous mistake. I guarantee there will be other but schools looking for a coach by season's end. Best to get ahead of them in the search now. Letting him stay through December would be just plain stupid.
I've seen him play 4 times this season, and he's in 4th place for passing yards... Not sure I see your point. Let's not forget that John Kelly is the leading rusher so far in the league. Not saying we win, but come on dude. Get your facts straight.
I figured every dawg in Athens wears red and black, not just the new ones, spelled out in ALL CAPS :)
I do too man. I expect a hungry, mad UGA team like the one I saw in Neyland in 2001. I'll be there however, and I hope the 1998 Vols show up :)
Seems to me like if someone is going to criticize the defense, it should be one of the best players we ever had at UT. Not sure why you guys dislike someone voicing their opinion so much, especially a dude who actually wore orange and white on the field.
More like, hire Fulmer to get rid of Bama :) He knows how to do that better than anyone.
Every single team should do this, so that it forces the NCAA to ban it, thereby setting Nick Saban's ego into orbit. Bring yo popcorn.
Totally. He better not end up at another SEC school.
"The former Alabama running back rushed for 127 yards and two touchdowns on 18 carries in the Volunteers' 45-38 double-overtime loss to the Aggies. He also caught eight passes for 161 yards, including an 18-yard touchdown with 0:41 seconds, which tied the game and sent it to overtime." Done nothing? Not true. The problem is he isn't given an opportunity to do this every week.
We've still got a lot of kids hurt, and this is a road SEC game...
I can't stand this kid. Too much BS involved with him. "Pterodactyl speak" at press conferences, fumble-itus in clutch situations, accusations against the school, his Mom would try and blow up the volnation.com forums, plus he played for Houston and I'm a Titans fan. I wish him all the best, but man, this kid was a disappointment for me.