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I'm an Alabama fan and I think this is stupid. They shouldn't be in the playoffs this year based on the 2 losses, no matter how close they were. Plus if they somehow made it in, they'd get skull-drug by UGA based on the way they're playing defense. While I'm sure there are plenty of other fanbases around the country that would find joy in that, I for one, would not.
This is kind of a ridiculous take. I realize there are plenty of fans in every fan base that make ridiculous criticisms. Like when, I don't of teams outside of Alabama want to paint conspiracy theories about refs being in Alabama's pocket. But realistic fans looking at the performance of a team and being critical of play-calling is hardly out of the ordinary. Fans are aloud to say, "Hey O'Brien and Golding aren't that good compared to our past coordinators. I hope Saban fires them soon and hires guys to get it done." I view this more of a situation where a Florida fan is being bitter about the fact that Alabama has owned the college football world for years, so Bama fans aren't aloud to complain when they have a season not as good as those previous.
This is ridiculous. You act like Hugh Freeze or Lane Kiffin can't recruit compared to Deion. I'm no Auburn fan by any means, but I would be blowing up Hugh Freeze's phone (and burner phone) like crazy right now if I was them. He is proven as a head coach, he knows how to beat Saban, he can put together solid staffs, and he he just took Liberty into Fayetteville and beat Arkansas.
Agreed. For all that went wrong when we played Tennessee, the game was somehow winnable in the 4th quarter - only because Bryce went full Bryce on them.
Gotta love that backup Qb, "John Milroe." Come on guys, at least get the names right.
I'm not a Klatt or Cowherd fan by any stretch. But I don't think what he said is wrong. Yes, the defense should've played better and Golding should be on the hot seat to a degree. And yes the offensive line got owned for a lot of the first quarter. But Klatt is right - those two red zone series could've changed the game entirely. I was losing my mind when they called 4 pass plays in a row on the one series. Especially when Brian Robinson had picked up major steam as the game progressed. We will always be armchair coaches and quarterbacks and hindsight is 20/20 and all those cliches, yes. But why not run the ball?
I concur with this assessment. And I'd honestly be ok with it.
I agree. I was at the first Iron game and watched every AAF game on tv this past weekend. It's a lot of fun to watch.
So far, the AAF is a ton of fun to watch. The fact that we're getting more football in the spring is great in itself - but the product on the field is actually good. I hope it doesn't face the same fate as the rest of the Spring leagues they've tried in the past. #ForgeOn #BirminghamIron
Kevin, this was an incredibly well written opinion piece. One of the best I've read on the situation. Well done. The pointing of fingers and shouting "Hypocrite" is used far too often. And no, there is no excuse for the behavior he displayed. But there's no excuse for any "bad" behavior coming from any believer. Christianity doesn't give its followers license to claim perfection - it gives them freedom to ask for grace. The secular worldview can't really wrap its head around that though, so the easy route (shaming hypocrisy) will remain the norm.
Cool. I wonder how many times they'll almost win with those on.
ESPN always has to be different. They are the only recruiting service that has FSU ranked above Alabama. Rivals, Scout, 247 Sports, and CBS Sports all have Alabama #1. Alabama has anywhere from 3 to 5 5-star signees on those sites.
Crystal Trophy doesn't exist anymore, but I understand your point. Anyway, I'm a huge Bama fan, and I love Henry, but I don't see the Heisman going home with anyone except Fournette unless he has a serious injury. He's just been that good.
Great stuff as usual Murf. I was elated to watch Bama's secondary look like they have in years past yesterday. There's been a drought of sub-par play the last couple of years. Minkah is going to be a superstar the next few years, no doubt. One of the most interesting things to me this year, however, has been Eddie Jackson's move to safety. He has looked like a different player. I'd love to see a brief breakdown from your perspective on why he is excelling so much at safety where he seemed to struggle at corner. I realize a lot of that can be mental, but since you played DB, I'd love to read what you have to say about it.
Not to mention, since MSU was undefeated until they lost to a top 5 team and considering the resumé of the other top 10 teams, there is no question they should remain ranked in the top 4. And I'm a Bama fan. In fact, I think there are still a few teams left in the West, even outside of Bama and MSU that would destroy FSU, Ohio State, TCU, etc... These people just don't understand football.
Yeah sorry the video again. He stayed up and kept running after the first contact. No forward progress call there.
^^^ This is the best argument I've read about the "logic" behind the CFP Committee rankings. The "1,000 3rd grader" example is spot on. I don't believe that FSU deserves it, which seems ridiculous to the rest of the country because they haven't lost. But that's the predicament that we, as SEC fans, always find ourselves in. Sometimes I feel like we are the only ones who "get it" when it comes to the level of competition. And for so long it was proven on a national stage as SEC teams kept crushing whatever team they were put up against in the BCS National Championship. But this is the way it is now. And I know that we haven't even gotten to the CFP Championship yet, but we all know that, in this case, an 8 team playoff would solve a lot. All of that said, the committee will almost surely move FSU to #1. Alabama SHOULD rightfully move to #2, but I can also see the putting Oregon #2 after a bye just to make some kind of point. Either way, Oregon's in. BUT - NO ONE in this country can tell me that there is a 1-loss team (after those top 3) that is better than Mississippi State. I am a HUGE Alabama fan. I was at the game on Saturday. And while I thought it was a great game - I still think if it had been in Starkville, Alabama would've lost. I just think if MSU plays TCU, Baylor, Ohio State, or others - they absolutely annihilate them. MSU deserves the #4 spot. Hands down. And as scary as it would be to have to play them again, I think it would be awesome to see a rematch in a playoff game in New Orleans.
They haven't "proven" anything yet? I guess beating the #1 team in the nation isn't enough? Having 1 loss to a contender in the best division of the best conference in college football must erase everything in your analysis. For the record, I don't care if Alabama is #1 or not, just as long as they are in the top 4 at regular season's end. But to say they haven't proven anything makes zero sense.
This article was fantastic. That's writing like a Champion Mr. Walsh. Well done. And Roll Tide.