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Florida, please don't retread. I am tired of the same mindset from the AD. Take a good coach and he will be great because we are Florida. How about take a innovative or hungry coach because they will make Florida great. With that said I say stay away from Urban and Stoops, I don't think either one of these guys has the hunger. As to Herman, he is a offensive analyst with the Bears, where there is no offense. Lets be smart and let someone else waste their time with him. Now as to Matt Campbell, I have kept a side eye on his teams perform well but not exceptional. Nothing tells me that he is going to be something besides what we see, great for Iowa State not for a Power 5 top tier team. I almost forgot about Bill O'Brien can anyone explain why he is considered a great candidate? He did adequate at Penn State and recruited fairly well, but the implosion with the Texans and inability to connect with the players tells me he may be okay short term but don't expect long term success. And people who clamor for Cristobal, think of this with the success of recruiting and lack of domination in the weak Pac 12 what makes you think that he can do better in a tougher conference. He is a good choice for a ACC, PAC 12 or Big 12 but not the BIG 10 or the SEC. My top Four: 1. Luke Fickell (No chance he takes it, a Ohio guy and then you have to battle USC which is probably more tempting being one of the only big name schools on the west coast but you have to ask) 2. Billy Napier (a young coach with a creative mind not just looking for glory, wouldn't mind seeing Geoff Collins come with him for a defensive coordinator, if he is let go at Georgia Tech) 3. Lane Kiffin (can't believe I am saying this, but he is petulant and wants to prove everyone wrong. He still has moxie, fire and passion.) 4. Dave Aranda (A young defensive coach who learned from his time at Wisconsin and LSU, translated to changing the fortunes in a tough situation at Baylor. Think of Muschamp but less arrogant)