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Yeah, I get that. Kingsley admitted after the game it was a heat of the moment foul. He may not have intended the hit to the face but the contact was intentional, same as Hannahs' check.
Oh and as far as Malik Monk goes, who cares? He made the right decision. He has the best shot at winning a championship and getting recognition to get to the NBA at Kentucky. You Hog fans acting like you are only drives that point home. It's the same BS as when Tenpenny and Frazier went to Bama and Auburn, respectively. KJ Hill to Ohio State. My goodness. Get yourself together.
I'm a Hog fan through and through, I absolutely hate Kentucky, but I can admit if we'd had refs from another conference we still wouldn't have won. The refs are not responsible for our scoring droughts, our guys jacking up three-pointers because we can't or won't drive to the basket. They're also not responsible for our lack of rebounding and defense. Kentucky was the better team. There were some bad calls but that's not what cost us the game. Kentucky is just damn good. Last month we were dead in the water and today we were in the SEC Championship! Celebrate our perseverance and be happy we're somewhat relevant in something other than track and field again.
Agreed. They put it at #2 then run it down. It's meant a lot for both teams. More for Arkansas, usually, but I recall going into that game in 2006 my Hogs were #5 and hoping for a national championship berth before losing 2 (then the bowl game 🙁) in a row.
I agree. Had two sets of downs to punch it in and got stuffed, fumbled inside the five, turned it over on fourth down inside the five. That fourth down call was ridiculous. 6 vs 8 in the box then two edge defenders on the side we ran it. Allen got hit way too much, regardless of how good A&M's DL is. Couldn't get the running game going but the passing game opened up anyway. Our OL has been suspect this whole season and they got worked today. It should've been more like 45-38 but maybe our defense wouldn't have quit had we finished those drives and given us a chance to win. I still think we're in a great position. Bielema will make adjustments and hopefully work out the kinks before welcome Bama. Our defense has played well. Better than I thought they'd play.
I didn't ask what he meant. One-sentence insults without any explanation are juvenile and lazy. If he thinks his comment is idiotic he should mention what's idiotic about it. Simple.
I live in Utah and watch their games...Coach Whit is a class act. His press conferences are kinda dull so I'm surprised to hear him say something like that hahaha
Georgia barely beats Nicholls and slides 3 spots while Tennessee dropped 8 after barely beating App State? Come on, now. Clempsum oughta slip, too.
Absolutely Mowins deserves that criticism. I understand she's trying to make it in a predominantly male profession but her voice is annoying as hell and she insists on dominating the broadcast. She rarely makes sense when trying to explain or comment on something sports related. Doris Burke is the same way. ESPN reassigned Mike Patrick from the ACC tournament a few years ago because they received so many complaints about his sh!tyy announcing. Why don't they do something about Mowins?
That doesn't matter. Plenty of teams with less "talented" (although well-developed) players beat prominently talented teams regularly. LSU is a perennial top 10 recruiting school but for whatever reason can't get it done lately. To the OP, it's pretty arrogant to say Louisiana kids don't go to LSU because they weren't offered. Louisiana has a lot of talent lured away by big-time schools. Plus Baton Rouge is a s***hole.
Seeing Ohio State not #1 gives me a "healthy Chubb". Zinger!
Or her stupid "A" symbol. Good God. She's almost as annoying as Mizzou fans.
Hahaha we'll see. Way to get that hype train moving.
Yes, because Alabama loses so much. What a stupid reply.
"Liberal fascists" "usually they are homosexuals" hahaha what? I don't think it's too much to ask to not allow racism at an institution. I'm not black or homosexual, I'm just a person with common sense. Your comments on this article show that you're a little bit off your rocker.
Or popcorn balls with razors inside.
Not yet. Ole Miss started hot last year; an egg was bound to be laid, just didn't think it would be this early in the season. We'll see what Florida is about when they take on LSU.
Hahaha now that's funny. Hurts, but funny.
I agree, D-Line-U. That was a major disappointment.
Thanks for the unnecessary insults. I bet you felt pretty satisfied with yourself after writing all that. Good for you in holding onto your optimism. Some of us are pissed because our team didn't play to its potential. I was frustrated after all the hype for Arkansas but I'm back believing we can still make some noise. But I'm not going to have someone tell me to stop watching or take the logo off my profile. Take your self-serving BS elsewhere.
At least they don't whine like Missouri fans. "We don't get any respect! Waa waaa waaaaaaaaa"
So much hype for my Razorbacks. Bielema's arrogant ass deserved this. If we couldn't get the running game going against Toledo then it'll be a long season. Texas Tech will come in and spank us next week. I guess it's time to wait til Bielema gets canned and we welcome in another disappointment.