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Three to's and points off all. Better see if Mauer or JT is ready. JG hit his ceiling and may need a week or two off to see if that fixes the issues.
Saw the play live. Yes I am a #VFL...but here's what I saw. JJ hit himin the field of play. No way to really stop after that. He took the Vandy player down and in the course of that action, his helmut came off. JJ was getting up, did NOT look down (which would tell me the cleats to the head was intentional) and he accidently stepped on his head. Those of you that did NOT watch the game (probably anyone but VOLS fans) would have seen the Vandy players barking at the VOLS players all night. Remember these are kids basically. They do not have the restraint we older folk have learned over the years. Get over it. Nothing egregious happened, save for a competitor making a play.
MIZZOU will be defeated. They are on the losing streak from hell...and we probably still have Dooley's playbook around somewhere....
You should just keep cupping hitlers balls and Heil-ing him and STFU. Being that gator players are the picture of saintly-hood.
Here is also a big reason Barnes should stay: Taxes.....5 million at UCLA is like 6 million in Tn. No state taxes. No pressure at UT to produce a winner year after year. You can have an off season and no one blinks. UCLA they expect you to be the next coming of John Wooden.
Well, as a former NCAA official, I have to disagree with most of you. When the offensive player puts their arm out like that, AND the defensive player has established their position, it can be called. The ones that I saw that were called were legit and they probably let a couple others go. I've always said it needs to be called more, and the D putting hands on the O needs to be called more. Defending the brothers in stripes.....
Boys and girls; don't let who his father was influence the decision. Yea, the Baylor scandal was bad. VERY bad. But usually unless someone is a TOTAL moron....they don't make the same mistakes twice...unless they really want to sell insurance the rest of their lives.....
Please let Butch get that job! we can use that 137 k a month we are paying him for other purposes....
She makes more than he does anyway I think....LOL
TM's wife won't leave the west coast. She has the strings in that relationship.
Just reading other sites comments on the search. Never discount anything...Lane Kiffen may not have been invited to the Fulmer house for Thanksgiving, but if Coach fulmer thought he could help TN win, and expressed interest in the job, he would be in Knoxville. Now, I don't see that happening, but it would be interesting.
Rats fans should stay in the background when it comes to football talk. Stick with what you pay good money for. Your basketball team....Oh wait, they suck this year too. VOLS go 3-0 in football and BB this year against Kentucky University.
This coming from an expert at being at the bottom of the SEC. I think you should just keep your comments to yourself. Remember THE VOLS schooled the RATS last week...or did you remember that?
Don't reply to trolls.....it just feeds what they want. People to notice them. Besides, hes a gator fan. Every time they lift their arms, it looks like they are saluting Hitler and cupping his balls at the same time.
I think the whole thing is about consistency. There have been plays that were way more obvious to me as targeting, but were not called. Until they refs get their films and graded a few times, it's difficult to get it right every time. As a basketball ref, we all make mistakes and miss calls. But with the replay guy up there, they should be few and far between.
I would be throwing stones here. UK got a GIFT from a Back Judge...who saw 1/4 of a play. UK receiver was all over the defender AND the ball was uncatchable.
This situation was the whole purpose of using replay in the first place. Get the call right. Should have been reviewed. Just as bad as the PI call in the UK game. Clearly a no call or an uncatchable pass.
I agree. He seemed to get the ball out quicker and make decisions a little better. Don't get me wrong, Jarrett has played very well behind a sub par offensive line. But I think he deserves a chance. With our big receivers who can go get the 50/50 ball, we need to be pass heavy, then that may open up the runs more.
Considering you had two coaches in a row in that category.....they will eat those words next season....when the VOLS get better and FLA remains the same....
I think we already have some quality RB's. Chandler is a burner and the others have shown grit and determination to get tough yards when they can. But I agree that one more good one would not hurt.
One of our last three SEC games are the only chances for one win. Might be KY or Vandy, as the end of the season nicks and bruises hurt a little more by then. We have no place to go but up, and we will see improvement every week. Probably not enough the next four games, but regardless of how bad teams have been, the UK game is almost always close and Vandy the same.
Well, it the spread isn't really out of line, I'll be betting your dawgs this weekend. I love the vols, but I also love winning money. #VFL
Great way to put that information. Having the team we have now, coupled with I am sure is a top 10 strength of schedule (probably the #1 for the next four weeks), as I have said on other threads, means we go 4-8 tops. We might pull off a win that I don't expect, but that's a long shot.
There is no doubt we are were Kentucky, Vandy, Mizzou and maybe one or two other teams in the SEC were just a few years ago. At the bottom rung of the ladder. I have no illusions when the season started and knew that the BEST UT could do was 6-6. We will have losing record..we will not win and SEC game. I hope I am wrong, but facts are facts. All you haters can pile on, cause y'all been were we are, and more times than we have. #VFL
Wrong we will beat Charlotte...1-9...... :-)
Rome was not built in a day. This rebuild will take time. Looks like no bowl this year, next year 7-5 or 8-4. 2020??? That will be the year of the VOLS. Who can wait with me? Been a vol for 42 of my 54 years...nothing will ever change that.
Things usually have to get worse before they get better. Pretty obvious that the team is having a harder transition to Coach Pruitt than any of us thought they would. Things will get better, but not this season. Remember, Even Saban had a rough first season at Alabama...so we will get this done. #VFL
Living in Lexington is tough....even when my boys (I am a Tennessee fan) play well. That said, UK fans are already yapping about going undefeated, having a Jeisman candidate (I guess he meant Heisman???) and winning multiple QB awards. Please MSU fans, burst their bubble this weekend. Get takeaways, sack the QB and just make my life more tolerable. Thanks!