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I appreciate the sentiment, but I fear I have committed my faith too quickly. I shall withhold judgement until the time may present itself to be ever sure what the character of this team eminates from their souls.
This is an official notice to inform you that, any fandom you have had past, present or future for Tennessee Football is now invalid and hereby revoked.
A coach with experience? Oh like Tom Herman or Rich Rodriguez or
Say what you will but Pruitt conducts himself like a coach, which is refreshing considering where we are coming from. Check out Saban’s first year at LSU or Alabama, it takes time.
Offensive line and secondary....Oline was abismal and secondary looked confused. I would have liked to see another qb in there but hey I needed a dose of reality. Kids didn’t give up and looked more disciplined. I am really happy Texas lost......
It’s actually a biblical reference to David...You know us southerners and the Bible......
Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke... Pruitt is a man after my own heart
He is our guy.... Even if he loses I will always like him better that Lyle
Since Finebaum went to ESPN he has really gone downhill. I could care less about the coach knowing or not. It’s not his responsibility. Finebaum is the James Carvill.
How in the world does this have anything to do with Republicans? How many times a day do you think about Trump or”tthe right” or Karl Marx or Margaret Sanger or whatever it is y’all obsess over? 2018 has everybody thinking they are working to save the world and Trump is the evil overlord. You are not important and no one cares. Sad!
Why would cops just show up? Why did they search, smell? It’s pretty much a tie between UT and FLorida for most arrests.
Maybe so, I’m just ecstatic to have a football coach and not Lyle the mattress salesman.
Without being in camp, I doubt he will be any use for a large part of the season in any kind major role.
West Virginia(W) ETSU(W) UTEP(W) Florida(W) Georgia(L) Auburn(L) Alabama(L) South Carolina(Toss up) Charlotte(W) Kentucky(W) Missouri(W) Vanderbilt(W) Delusional hah! I’m not even drunk yet!!!
Thanks for the correction. I should have looked it up. It’s been a long 10 years...