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Seriously? Among the bottom in pass attempts but among the top half in yards and you think he's not top 5? That's why he is 4th in the league in QBR (insane to think top 4 in QBR could translate to top 5 QB, right?). He's extremely efficient with what little pass attempts he has. And his running ability isn't even factored in with his efficiency. Which again, is top 4 in the league.
I agree. The dude is good. I just don't understand how Matt Corral is still number 3. He threw 6 ints in one game and 3 to a walk on. Basically gave the dude a scholarship. Any other QB with his stats after throwing 6 ints drops to 7 at least. Don't understand this guy's ranking system at all.
Let them keep everything in front of them. Trask and Florida's offense is too good. Let Trask throw 50 dink and dunks and he'll end up with 5 TD's because of Florida's physicality. Florida will eat Arky alive in the redzone just like every team they've faced. They just need to get there.
Florida is 3-2 ATS while Arkansas is 6-0. At 17 points, this is probably the most tempting line in the nation. Especially if you look at all the matchups. Florida will probably need to steer clear of Arkansas' safety. For Florida to cover, they will have to do the opposite of what they've done all year. Don't go for big plays. If they do that, look for Florida to cover. Going for big plays has only worked once against Arkansas. When their safety was ejected in the second drive vs. A&M. Arkys D is is held together by that dude. If they steer clear of him they should be fine.
LegHumperU I wouldn't necessarily say that. Treylon Burks is probably one of the most gifted in the country. I would go as far to say that he's better than Pitts. At 6-3, 235 running a 4.3 40 on top of making insane catches, he's a mismatch on every single play. There might not be as much depth as Florida, but there is definitely talent at WR. The problem for Arky is their Oline needs to catch up. Teams can bring 3 or 4 and get to Franks or stop the run. Which helps the coverage out tremendously. Even then, every team still has had a problem with Treylon Burks. 5 catches for 95 yds and a TD is his worst game. Unless you count the game where he got injured in the first quarter vs. State.
Hmm. Franks transfers to a school with less talent. He has the best season of his college career. But you can't say he's better at Arkansas? Seems legit. Someone hasn't watched him play this season. His only bad game this year was a game where his Oline was manhandled on every play. Can you say that Franks only had one bad game each season at Florida? If so, then that would make Franks the same QB he was at Florida at the very least.
Are you sure about that? Cause it seems more like Franks has just improved every year. I could be wrong, but the numbers say otherwise. If Mullen was the reason for Franks success, wouldn't Franks be worse at Arkansas instead of better? Have you watched Franks at all this season? Having a top QB on your team isn't always a reflection of player development. Trask was going to be good no matter what. He was extremely underrated coming out of high school due to the fact that high school coaches will start athleticism over accuracy any day. Florida was playing the waiting game with Trask. They knew what he was. They just didn't want to take a chance and put him in too early and end up with something like Franks' first season (trial by fire). He still would have eventually upended Franks for the starting job if Franks never got injured. Franks has been grinding. Anybody who thinks his success can be attributed to Mullen is vastly mistaken.
How is Corral ranked 3rd on this list? He threw SIX ints in ONE game! Do you know how many other SEC qbs have thrown six ints on the season? One. KJ Costello. Corral is Costello with padded stats from better offensive weapons. This list is garbage.
I'm right with you. A lot of these teams lost a lot more talent than Arkansas did. Arkansas gained a lot of talent and depth in key areas and got rid of the kids who didn't want to play in this system with these coaches. Last year the head coach said the buy in to the system was at about 50 percent. And it showed throughout the course of the season. This year he said 100 percent of the players have bought in to what this staff is trying to do heading into fall camp. I'm not saying that this team is going to win 5 more games than they won last year. But beating Ole Miss, A&M, State, Mizzou, or Kentucky is more likely this year than it was last year. Once the season play out, I think razorback fans will be more at ease with this team. Even if we don't go bowling, games will be closer. And this team will look more competitive and another step closer to bowl games and national rankings.
Idk. They came close to upsetting a few teams last year. They also lost some close games that should have been won. That terrible team last year wasn't too far off from 4 or 5 wins. With better fits at most positions and upgraded talent, I doubt they lose a game in non-conference. Especially given how easy the schedule is for them this year. Upset a team like you should've last year. Beat either Ole Miss or Kentucky. That's your bowl game. If they lost a non-conference game AND didn't win a conference game, that seat has to start getting hot for the coach. 5 wins in two years is Kentucky and Vanderbilt bad.
I have to agree. There are two teams in college football that are obviously better than everyone else. Clemson and Alabama. Doesn't mean either one can't lose. But those two teams will tougher to beat than any other team in college football. When comparing schedules, you have to give the nod to the teams that has both teams on their schedule. Doesn't matter if the games are away, home, or on neutral ground. They are just tougher.
Brandon Allen was unreal Saturday. If only our defense would have showed up at some point...