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Yeah no room for Great Heart anymore, just W's!!! Ugggghh. I feel like my inner 10 year old just saw his dog die. But yeah I get it. College football must be about performance, just like every corporate overlord we all end up working for. This is the big show that makes the colleges and universities tons of money. Commitment to an actual individual will not be tolerated, only performance. Being a Georgia sports fan has taught me a very important lesson. You lose together. Quit your negative business and build somebody up Georgia!!
You do have the SEC network right? If not you need it. Lose that other trash coverage.
I said the same thing, and the I remembered who actually coaches UGA, Kirby Smart. Its his call and there must be a reason. My guess is perhaps Dwan Mathis is lacking in the leadership dept. He seemed very nervous and very easily rattled that first game, and maybe he hasn't got over it. Or maybe Kirby is screwing up. I thought the same thing though. Let the guy, Mathis, get in there and get some reps. Maybe just maybe he is keeping them for a full surprise measure. Remember when Tua Taigaviloa came in and wrecked us. I dont remember seeing him at all earlier in that season. It helps to keep those guys off of video because coaches study everything.
If Biden wins it goes away because the media doesn't write bad stuff for Biden. If Trump wins the death count will be discussed every day. There will not be any explanations of the science on the vaccine. There will only be outrage, if the current trend continues.
Ok. I reserve the right to complain about Gary when he shows his bias against Georgia. I mean no matter who Georgia plays against it feels like he dislikes Georgia. But I think this is starting to just become bandwagon griping about whatever seems to cool to gripe about for a few fleeting moments
the fact our last touchdown was even reviewed was a joke!! The guy took 4 steps in the endzone!!! I thought somebody had to lose a timeout if they challenged a play. But I think the refs initiated that one which means Saban didn't have to. It just goes to show a bias on the refs for Alabama!! 4 steps. Everyone knew it was a touchdown.
You guys saw the bad calls that always happen at the right time again right? Call them out!! I am so tired of people not making them a big deal. They are game changing calls.
Look into your crystal ball and tell us what they said Joe Burrows and the hype about Kyle Trask and how does someone like Jared Guarantano work. To me he throws a lot like Aaron Murray, maybe better. Aaron Murray took us to the NC game where we were robbed by Alabama refs and a great Alabama team, but the refs played a huge part as they always do. I like Bennett. He has earned the spot the hard way and he has performed. He shoukd at least get one more chance to prove in the next game. If he is still crestfallen or whatever 2 weeks from now then be quick about replacing him, but I think he is going to do fine. Also is it just me or were there some clock shenanigans going on in those last 8 minutes of play in the GA Bama game last night. I hope to see a rematch
I dont see why the team can't decline it? I don't follow the logic of why that wouldn't be allowed to be declined.
Been there. Dawg fan here. Arkansas screwed . 2 seconds isn't immediate enough I guess. Bias plays a part in quick decisions and the bias fell towards Auburn. If the Bias had been towards being a neutral observer and calling a game fair they would have not blown the whistle and would have been confirming the correct call of a fumble when reviewed. There was an obvious muff of the snap which means live ball. Can a QB even legally spike if the ball has touched the ground? Got to look that up.
Agreed. I saw a meme in the making when that other player , not sure who it was sitting next to him, gave a look like "Dude, really? While Pickens thought it was the funniest thing.
Double Deuce. I noticed that too and thought, God Gary Danielson is such a jerk!! It was a joke about his height yeah.
as a Dawg fan this is hilarious because we always feel the same thing. Maybe it's just Gary. Actually today I thought I heard him going out of his way to say a few positive things about GA, which he never does. Hearing Vol fans say this makes me think the guy just has a way of getting under the skin. Go DAWGS! Bennett is the man. He has earned his chance the hardest way. Waiting in backup forever, goes back to community College, gets back to UGA and then steps up BIG!!! I DONT CARE WHO YOU ARE, THATS AWESOME FOOTBALL.
Absolutely bad officiating. Yeah I am a GA Dawg fan so I admit some hate and bias, but I also watch a lot of football and the number of flags thrown alone in this game were questionable. There was one where it was called a blindside block against Ole Miss. If it was any other game all day, it would have been ignored ,but not against Bama. Controversial first down call when it was clearly half a yard back, and the chains were already moved. Conveniently gives Alabama an unofficial timeout. Najee Harris touch a own was not reviewed, not even questioned when it looked like his knee could have been down, but not even given a thought. Would have been reviewed in any other game today. I do think Saban plays some shenanigans with 2 false starts in a row with 3 :16 on the clock. Pretty savvy if its true but also deceitful and I hate that kind of play. You fall back twice in a row and then have a quick call that works perfectly from that yardage. Complicated but yeah I think like that. Pass Interference against Ole Miss when the Bama player clearly stuck his hand out and made it look worse as if trained to pull the foul. A freaking Offensive Pass Interference against Ole Miss when it was just football as it had been all day in the SEC. Offensive pass Interference takes a clear and blatant move to make that call but this was barely a tap . Normal contact. OLE Miss QB makes a great touchdown and the thought is that He FUMBLES, are you kidding???? It was absolutely in, easy to see in real time!! No need to see it in slow motion. Bad officiating. Same old Bama. I hope Kirby has plenty of plays ready from 25 and 35 yards out because fake penalties will be implemented. We can count on it.
except yall wouldn't have been that close had it not been for the immediately prior penalty call for the pass interference against Arkansas. It was definitely not pass Interference. Arkansas was robbed and the frustration of that messed up Bo Nix spike is distracting everyone.
everyone on here is making a big deal about the spumble, or maybe the fike? The really bad call was the pass Interference that got Auburn up there to begin with.
Yeah that Alabama cockiness is spilling over to Auburn. Yall Auburn fans starting to sound a lot like Alabama fans, making excuses and enabling bad calls for the win. Loss of honor.