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I don't know if you've ever watched KJ but he is VERY smart with the football, only 4 pics last season. His only pick this year was a great pass that got dropped. But I don't see that approach from Pittman. They might take a couple of shots, but he will want to assert dominance in the run game. Should be a nail biter
A lot of the sacks happened when we were only rushing 3 or 4 lol
I would venture that all 4 Razorbacks mentioned here are equally important to the team in different ways, but them sanders boys really have the numbers to back it up.
Games like this, it's good to remember, Chad Morris would've gone down by 17, laid down, and got blown out. WPS
We all know what really happened lol
I petition to exclude QBs from this list. They are automatically the most important players on their team, and they get their own power ranking every week.
I love my hogs, and I'm proud of them, but we're not a top 4 caliber team. 8-15 sure, but that gap is huge
The cats defense was STOUT last night, and so was the ground and pound. Good win in a tough atmosphere.
I watched the better part of 4 other games today, and guess what? Not a single hands to the face penalty. If these refs call a closer game like that it will completely decide the winner. Maybe it's just because the hogs have lost a couple games in the last few seasons due to incompetent officiating it gets me fired up. And for the life of me I can't understand with all of the money and tech in college ball why they can't have a better standard and consistency of officiating.
Because I thought the refs blew it? I didn't just disagree with calls against arkansas. Did you think that was intentional grounding for a touch back? I didn't. But I also disagreed with a couple hands to the face penalties, and a pass interference call.
The zebras were terrible, at least a half dozen bad calls.
I saw close to a dozen dropped passes by ucf in that game, a terrible holding call that negated a touchdown.
Bad wording on my part. We don't want the love at all. Put us at the kids table, and we will play harder.
I think the hogs are getting more than enough love, we like that chip on our shoulder. I think the reason why these articles are pointing out the hogs is just because they have to pick out another team in the west to be a contender, because tamu was supposed to be that team ever since Jimbo came to town and they haven't delivered. Arkansas just gets the pick this year because they have the least question marks in the west other than Bama.
Hopefully the Pitboss sticks to drinking a col'beer and listening to the jukebox, and leaves them motorcycle, blondes, and burner phones alone
Lol that's what I think we should do every game. When we try to get cute is when our drives stall out.
I have to agree with sloppy, mostly on defense. Those injuries really hurt and we were trying to play man instead of the zone we have played the last 2 years. On the other hand we played a playoff team from last season, and though they lost a lot they still had several returning starters. As well as a transfer qb that threw for over 3k yards last year. I think as the hogs gel it'll really clean up. I think that's the problem with the new transfer portal Era.
If by the end of this it means the championship is on an effing Saturday it'll be worth it.
Unless 5 is notre dame. Well it might be over by halftime as well, but in the opposite direction lol.
Amen. Join a power 5 or get out of the playoff conversation
It's the ONLY reason I come here lol. They be wildin out
I definitely feel like he was never given a fair shot at Denver. They are so unwilling to let quarterbacks play to their strengths going all the way back to Tebow
I really like Aranda, and I feel like he should definitely be on this list, but I think that arguably Pittman and arkansas would have been playing for a conference championship in any other conference.