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It’s Daniel’s last game, not Davis’. Daniels was to whom the authors was referring when he made that statement. The sentence is worded a little awkwardly, but is grammatically correct. Still threw me off for a minute as well.
That's one of the things that makes it tougher for a team like UK to build a program....we don't have a wealth of HS talent in-state like most SEC schools. That's a far bigger cross to bear than "being a basketball school", which is mostly just a BS talking point for fans and crappy broadcasters. Ohio St., Michigan, Florida, Texas, and plenty of other schools have been successful at both sports. The difference is schools like that are in populated states with much better HS football scenes. Which is why Stoops was such a sneaky good hire from a recruiting standpoint....tons of connections in Ohio and the Rust Belt, so if you're a good recruit there come play in the SEC school right next door and all your friends and family can still come to home games easily. He's had some learning experiences as an HC, but after a few years in that role he really came into his own last year (and the year before to lesser extent) as well. Stoops is a really solid, good HC - I hope we can keep him in Lexington.
Big Matt has been really disappointing, unfortunately. Maybe he can pull it together and have a big senior year, but I won't hold my breath.
Not Jerry Tipton is frigging hilarious if you follow UK sports.
Stoops is making some things happen in Lexington. If he can get his coordinators/assistants lined out and gets enough time right the ship, he will start winning some bigger games with all of these prospects.
This list is total garbage. We deserve low marks for performance, but anyone who has ever been to Lexington in the fall and pulled the Keeneland/UK football game doubleheader will testify that '238' for 'fan experience' is a not just joke, but frigging ridiculous.
He already abandoned the Cats as a player when some new blood came in to push him as an RB, so it makes sense that he would do the exact same thing when it happens as a coach.
It's not like you powered your way to some dominant win in a statement game. This was anyone's ballgame, right down to the last series. I'd imagine they'd say, 'We weren't far off, and if not for one or two different breaks we would have been spot on. Get used to this game being a dog fight, in case you haven't learned anything the past two years.
Oh, Please. You're talking about the difference in pulling 1-2 upsets as opposed to a truly horrible team winning 6 games, 2 of which would have to be SEC games. Teams get upset all the time....besides by the second half of the season starts to shake out, some of these games might not be the 'upsets' we think they are at the beginning of the year.
No kidding....this QB competition is a competition only in name. Towles started well last year and then took some lumps and had a bit of a learning curve once he encountered the big boys in conference play, but he looked very good in spots for a RS Soph and very bad in others...exactly what you'd expect from a first year starter on a bad, but noticeably improved, team. The goal would be to make another jump and try to work toward 6-8 wins. Not saying that will happen, but that's got to be your goal, if you're Stoops, and it is certainly possible. Barker is RS Frosh with off the field issues who has natural talent but is nowhere near ready to take over, whereas by all accounts Towles busted his butt in the off-season to keep improving. The O line will improve with experience. These guys likely won't become instantly great, but they've had a season's worth of games now, and another year to get bigger/better. I think it's funny that he lists the secondary as an area of strength. The safeties are pretty good (especially Stamps), but our corners got routinely burned, and unlike the O line, the secondary is generally a position where you don't improve as quickly if you don't have the talent to start with. Tiller and Quinn will hopefully be better, but I bet dollars to donuts the corners won't be nearly as improved as the O line this year.
Stamps is a beast. He could end up being the best safety in the league.
Read on Kentucky Sports Radio today: "...after the game was over, UK fans chanted “Just like football,” which I’m sure Steve Spurrier just loved." This warms the cockles of my heart. I hope he was still hanging around that long. No offense SC fans, but losing like 20 games in a row to that guy sucks. It's nice to have finally picked a up a few wins against him these last few years.
I really want to see Bud Dupree go late first round to a playoff team. After the great career he had at UK on some bad teams, he deserves to experience some team success.
I think Kentucky has a solid chance of beating either UT or Louisville to get that sixth win. I'm not predicting they'll win either game, but they've definitely got at least a puncher's chance against both of those teams. Our younger guys really need that extra month of practice, especially if we want to make another leap toward being competitive next year.
Brock hard does a good job and is a real up and comer. I'd like to hear him call a UK game soon.
Well, to be fair that 2nd TD came on blown coverage of an onside kick inside the final three minutes. I don't think I'd use the term 'nearly upset' either, but I also don't think it was quite as easy a win for MSU as you're making it out to be either. Patrick Towles flat out-played Dak Prescott, and Prescott had a great game. If we could field any kind of semblance of a run defense that could have been a much scarier game for State. Hopefully that will be the main area of attention for Stoops in the off season.
Money won't be an issue. But some of the same advantages you mentioned that come with being in KY, like proximity to Ohio, would be pretty similar to MI. But, I think what he was saying is that if he wants to go to a 'big name' football school like Michigan, he'll go regardless. I hope he doesn't though.
You made me tear up a little there, brother.
Thanks, buddy. I'm OK with his assessment, as much as he is talking out of both sides of his mouth. We're not a traditional powerhouse, so we have things to prove. That's essentially what he's saying. There's a boatload of opportunity on the horizon, both this year and in the years to come. I think we've positioned ourselves to take advantage of the ipportunities. Here's to hoping we do!
I'm pretty sure that speaks to credibility of these predictions, friend.
Wow....this is pretty bad. The hype train has been in full effect for UK, and I don't think we'll finish in front of Georgia or even Florida in the East, but to not project us to win a single remaining conference game is some weaksauce, buddy. UT and Mizzou are both very, very winnable. We've got a puncher's chance against LSU, too. I'd think at this point it seems far more logical to jump off the Maty Mauk hypetrain then the UK one. I could easily see both us and UT taking them down rather than the other way around. They look like a dumpster fire the last few weeks.
I feel the same way about the Cats. We have a reals hot at 6 wins, but will need two more conference wins to get there.
Never go full Jameis. You just don't do it. SMH.
Can't wait until some of these new recruits Stoops has brought in and their hard work start equating to some wins on the field. The future is looking good for UK, for once!