Zone 3

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LSU you people that boy can say what he wants and go where he wants you recruited him now you hurt and mad very classy school Maryland going to love him they doing very well
Here the thing I think Florida can win with the defense it just Florida offense must score and for the guy that think Florida can beat the Bulldogs no they can't Georgia to smart they can beat you up at the offensive line and there defense is very smart fast and strong you can't fool that defense Georgia have learned how to take 1 game at a time think about it
I love herschel but dam you can't run the ball the time good teams will stop that plus ga Bulldogs got great receivers dammit they can catch
LSU not even Auburn is ready for Alabama cause there Quarterback going try to run cause defense going to be on there ass tuna and from going to take their time and put you to sleep
Lol ga people don't believe I believe in picken swift from and deus remember that that old ga defense
Stop being so scary and get some ball ga dogs should win that game cause those boys no they lose no playoff Bulldogs defense win this and defense win
Ga win by no.takeaway on offense and beat them on defense cause that Quarterback going to run the ball make him pay