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Oh yeah also Florida is 2-5 last 7 against mizzou why do they keep getting picked higher than us. Lol
Only problem with your smack talk is ky couldn’t touch us in 13-14 then y’all got you some now back to us gettin some ky is not the same team last year or two and you got one lucky call to try to score again last year S.C. it took a monsoon to beat us by 2 so easy killer oh yeah does anyone remember the years mizzou won a lot of games it was always with a running qb lock didn’t run till last year really I’m glad to have a runner at qb again. Brad smith chase Daniel James Franklin Matt mauk. Ky. S.C. not this year buddy
The place looks awesome my grandpa would so approve Rip em up TIGERS
Mizzou has always succeeded when we have a running web Brad franklin chase some lol I’m anxious I love and will follow lock as I’m a bronco lol got lucky there but I’m ready for a runner again
Carolina and Kentucky we owe you for last year lol Question if Georgia well anyone but specifically Georgia loses to mizzou would that keep them out if playoffs ? With only that loss