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#2 best program???? That's funny. #2 in the East? Maybe... Maybe... but in the whole SEC? Not anymore at least
Ooooooo yeaaaaaaaaahhhh…. We keep up the classes like this and we are gonna compete!
Lol, Florida man. So blind, and hilarious. All Mullen does is run his mouth and under perform. He literally whined about A&M being loud and how unfair it was. He tried to fight a mizzou player for a playing physical legal football. He just Whines Whines Whines… typical of the vanilla ice wanna be Florida clan.
Could be like DGB all over again, but better... and without the added drama please...
Jeffcoat was 1st Team All SEC, with like 3 practices under his belt... not in the top 25???
This team will be successful or fail all based on the middle of our D-Line... you want to focus on anything going into camp, it's that. We really need an unexpected depth piece (or two really) to step up and make a name for himself. Without that, Byers and Whiteside are good, but they cant play every rep, especially for a full SEC season.
Georgia fans sure do spend a lot of time worried about little ole, Mizzou, lol. Butt hurt and triggered, looks terrible on them. But somehow it fits, too!
4 star rivals, 3 star 247. btw "offense".... that was the spelling you were looking for UGA, lol. Typical GA education.