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You're point being . .? Oh!!! You're pointless. That would mean you're possibly obtuse. Probably obtuse. Btw, I didn't call you fat. That's obese. Hey! Look at me Im not even an alum! But I thought my retort was "sharp". Let me fill you in on something slomo. Fans refer to "their" teams as "we" . It's long tradition , and you didn't even have to attend there. It's widely accepted across the universe as proper speak. One time on Neptune . . I digress. But are you able to pick up what I'm laying down . . slowly?
Wow! How many times do i have to be called "white boy" before i can just be called sir. Its not about color as much as it is about an diseased culture, a tainted view of right and wrong, and ignorance more so in black communties than most, though not all. I absolutely love and respect my black friends that act and speak in kindness and truth. And i hope some day to be seen as the type of good men they are. Because good and bad people come in all colors. But as a missourian it bothers me quite a bit to be labeled as such as a racist state. And i probably live in the most racist part of the state. The last black man to be lynched by a mob in the US happened here. But believe me brother i take you or leave you by your heart and your actions, not your color. And this suit is stupid and so was Staley's. Anyone remember how mike anderson didnt hire or recruit whites?
Nothing new here. With the o-line back, experienced and deeper, two solid proven backs and real competition for a third spot eating some clock shouldn't be difficult. But you gotta have lead to do that. We cant start with TOs and eat clock. And after our slots and the one really fast wide out I am not sure the speed to get behind defenders is there. But solid play by Brown and Ofodile could keep the O on the field. If Lock can be more composed he certainly does throw the most beautiful extremely long dime I've ever seen. But short passes lack . . Well, a lot. That may be the key to success for the O. But outside of the middle the defense is terribly questionable and even more important to the Tigers success. I dont believe stats alone will ever make Lock a Heisman contender. A really competitive season by Mizzou could. I hope by time we play the Dawgs and a NC contender no matter how many teams are better Tide, we are still relevant. Btw how many tainted titles is that now for ESPNs spoiled brats? Hey ESPN quit ruining the NC. OSU 2012, Central Florida last year. and Mizzou to the Orange bowl in '07.
um, no. in 07 Mizzou played 7 games against bowl teams. 4 games against bcs bowl teams. 5-2,2-2. lost to only one team. rose bowl, illinois, orange, kansas. And Oklahoma, sugar I think. stoops had pinks number but we beat more top ten than we lost to. hey we are not Alabama or any one of espn's darling teams that get special attention. pushed ahead of legitimate teams who won their conference ,for the playoffs. no worries, soon it'll be ND again and bama won't get to play for championships w/o earning it.
we should have the deepest and as a unit the best DTs and NGs. outside no depth at all except the guys in the middle are good enough to play outside too. it's a lot of unknown quantities on D to know how good they may be. a lot of underclassmen who actually have starting expeeience. But must improve over last year and should.
and the majority of all years on between the top two teams in country were generally Big-8, the toughest conference hands down ever in college football.right until 96 I believe. if you wanted to be champ you had to beat the big 8 champ.
and you should troll goliath teams being one yourselves. we're just davids looking for rocks and a rebound to the top of our division.
yes. they all played. all that graduated at Mizzou played pro ball. either NFL or cfl. And that's 4 for 4. Mady didn't graduate at mizzou. only one has remained a backup his entire career. And one became an all purpose player.
I wonder if we had two bites of the Apple like mega powers Clemson and Alabama how easily we could of been national champs in 07 and 13. nothing like backing into a playoff spot, with ESPN paving a path around more deserving teams than those two.
it sounds to me that you're trying to sell half of your favorites that rank you ahead of TBJ. And for you to say he plays with an inconsistent motor is ridiculous! it takes a constant double team to go where he's at or keep him from the QB for any more than a 2 count. I doubt 3 sec DL men go higher than Terry on draft day.
Locks sec record is skewed greatly by an incredible o-line that collapsed in an unimaginable even more incredible way. then, a no defense shoot out season where teams with leads could bring extra pressure before the first quarter was over. And finally another dysfunctional defense last year. But this offense is loaded with depth and talent at most every position. and the defense looks talented though young. MU could surprise a lot of teams and has early on projections to improve. no one we beat last year beats us this year. And Purdue and Cantuck will lose too. And lock's arm is the hugest, shiny golden arm I've seen . . .well . . ever. And that will be displayed no matter what short passes or mid range passes fall on the turf. But in defenders hands can kill his draft rating
I know Sean and William were really impressive in their first yr or two in Atlanta. And Brad Smith was still the best of GPs boys in the NFL when used properly. for example jets make playoffs when they had Brad. And didn't when they let Buffalo get him. But Buffalo did. Hmmm.
I'm not sure who is still playing, but if these guys are surely their impact in the NFL should bump some of these. like back up QBs. Willie Mo, Weatherspoon, Brothers, and did Mac finally fail to be picked up by anyone as he does a final years tour thru the league? And how about a list of best former players in the CFL?
as normal we will lose one that bites and win one as a slight underdog. a loss that hurts and an upset that really wasnt. I think 7.5 is about right.
Man! I didn't watch much NFL after KC quit for the season. But after a fantastic rookie season wtf happened to Kony?
You have my full support young Master Porter. i truly enjoyed your efforts to play any role your team asked of you. I pray that any decision concerning your future is right and God blessed.
I think it would be better to see B Scales at blocking back since that's what he was signed for, that's what he does.
I'm positive that Martin does so well on in state recruiting and wins more than loses. he'll outlast Quin and Mike A.
well with sunvold I guess book would be the point. And he could. what if traitor Ford hadnt? would he be good enough to make it on the best list?
no it's not. Stevie and John, yes. But no way pressey even makes 3rd team. peeler, dooling and o'liney are all way better than phil. Crudup at the 4 because no one was better at holding the defense on his hip while Booker gave him ball over and over. And the 2 is Melvins until someone else puts a pre season all-american center from okst as the conference's 2nd on the mvp ballot. Or until norm, who never before said anything to promote his best players until Booker, says so.
as a matter of fact I'm still pissed about Power's firing.
and only one quarterback worth a hoot while at Mizzou. And a ton of Missouri high school coaches whom he soured on Mizzou. not a Larry fan. Or woody, or bobby.
actually I should credit Martin for getting the ball rolling in the right direction. But senior and his family certainly gave it immediate momentum.
we were a better team when senior took the asst job knowing recruiting at Mizzou just hit the lottery in home state and kc and stl area recruiting. and you cant be ad at Mizzou without student athletes with the greatest talent crushing what if dreams. bad luck with the best talent, unbelievable results from overlooked talent. that's us. someone at sec country and many others say we're known as a bball school. tell that to Devine and Faurot. btw, did bama make a helluva of d-line coach hire?
no. the jags were terrible. terrible blocking, terrible routes. I'm surprised he's not maimed from his seasons at jacksonville.
Yes. Plays on special teams a lot it seems. But represented Mizzou well before he ever left high school.
Yes. This why journalist types should have attended MU