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I'm glad Kentucky's run is over. What did they accomplish? I don't remember them going to Atlanta. 3rd in the east was their apex I believe. At least tennesee accepted it was not their destiny to he a year in year out powerhouse. And I doubt they get as mouthy this year and it should be their best year in a decade or more.
You guys still have the one brother at coach who's best year is he beat Missouri. With how top ten recruiting classes did it take. Don't look now but guess who's recruiting better than who.
SURPRISE!!! Currently recruiting higher than Alabama and A&M. I think we bowl this year. And finish no less than 4th in the east.
Drinks energy is contagious to say the least. I hope the D stays solid and improves on the outside but the offense becomes a huge headache for the sec.
We never got a 5 star that was a surprise to anyone. We got a homer 5 star. That shouldn't surprise anyone. We have what has become normal here approx 3 4 stars player committed. And the volume is not surprising at at all. The difference is higher 3 star players hardly any thing less.
I wasn't aware that there were different styles of rioting. Are there a lot? could you explain the difference? Which do you prefer?
I tell you what boys, Drink is gettibg it done! He already is preparing the gauntlet for a throw down in recruiting. I was anxious about the hire but he's really connecting on so many levels. He enjoys the media and they him, he seems to already ahead of the game in his staff with a team of barely knowns that fit together seamlessly and to be so far behind the eight ball in recruiting and to come out swinging with purpose and intent. Pinkels total wins record at Mizzou may be jeopardy in a little over a decade. We will know more when and if figures out SEC coaches abd they lag in figuring him out.
You are right Booch. And I wouldn't say it would be hard not to exceed expectations or succeed overall as you see how poorly the head coach assesses talent.
Sam, Ray and definitely Garrett were all 2 star players. Garrett received a last minute offer from Mizzou and was his only BCS team offer. All of his other offers were 1AA or lower. This young man is projected to play in the NFL, has been identified by 247 as 10 best inside linebacker in the country and is rated by them as a 4 star. And I'm excited he chose Mizzou and about how he may blow up like Bolton. Welcome mean dude.
Fantastic! Considering the delay in the hire and subsequent filling out staff this is a better than average class for us. Throw in limited time before things shut down in person recruiting and this is great sign for recruiting on the future for us. Top ten in the SEC is nothing to sneeze at. Added to underclassmen talent and we may be putting together an impressive secondary. Welcome player I'm so stoked you came here.
If Mizzou doesn't flush opposing quarterbacks with some consistency and get sacks I think 6 wins is wishful thinking. And the DE depth is pitiful. With Swinson returning and the other TEs it's time to ask Parker to return to DE. He is as good as we got and I don't see anyone on this roster with the motor the skill the speed to do the position justice. If Chris Turner is still a starter at DE kiss 6 wins goodbye.
Lock as pinkel would say is a real dude. Not afraid to play anyone. Never expecting to lose to anyone. Takes blame and passes credit. The best kind of QB you could ever want and that's why the young yet to be NFL stars and every team mate ever follows this guy into battle ready to fight. Expecting to win.
Lock has never had a lack of confidence. Too much is more his problem. He will hit the receiver in the hands , face, chest consistently. They just have to catch it. Something that was sadly rare at Mizzou.
I see Lou, BYU and vandy as close wins. Not sure wins. Kentucky keeps its edge one more year and UT advances past us and more. But state flounders. And we continue to beat the 'backs in oval ball to balance their dominance in roundball. Florida is not so good that we can't pull off another ridiculous upset. Especially since ut and Kentucky will be nipping at their heels. This should be Kentucky last hurrah before landing back near the bottom of the East which is only right. And tennesee will ebb and flow for a while. Rising and falling without reason or rhyme. 6 wins will be tough but 7 is not impossible.nor nor is 4.
Problem you mean. I didn't know Dal was a huge problem. But if any owner deserves issues it the butthead from spfd MO that denies being from here. Shove it Jerry no one that remembers you likes you.
I don't see any of the three staying in the draft. Since only one may barely be considered this year. Get their degrees or nearer to them, fill out some and one or two would possibly play d league with a shot here or there in the bigger game.
Simple. It's a gun. Shoots bullets. Bullets travel at high velocity and most likely have the potential to penetrate your nut sack. As opposed to a night light that shoots light at a high velocity but won't penetrate your nut sack. Fear the wielder of a loaded gun. Not necessary to fear the wielder of a night light. Unless he throws it a great velocity and can hit you in the nut sack. By nut sack I'm not necessarily referring to each of you who posted previously . Not necessarily but actually.
Of course you cut jeudy! Duh! Dumbest comment ever! If they cut Drew Lock . . . . if they cut Drew Lock you move football out of Denver and into Cheyenne.
I saw a kU article touting 5 times kU tharwted the tigers season. One being 1960 and saying it would've been out only NC on football. Well it was one. Retroactive per NCAA 1960 and 2007 we were awarded NCs.
You mean he'll end up flopping like manziel?? Because Johnny had one truly overrated season. Reslly really overrated.
Players get a trip to the beach once more on the University dime in the winter. We don't have an ocean here locally or beaches that are warm in Oct. If Im choosing between Nebraska and Mizzou I'm looking at an extra trip to Florida over one to Idaho.
Wolf is also right that except for this infamous rivalry no one would pay any attention to kansas in football.
Wolf is right about how every former big 8 team was a stark rivalry though. Kansas id big because of how many times they sucked and we played them last needing 1 more victory to be bowl eligible during the dark era between 1984 and 2003. And Kansas would snuff out the light at the end of the tunnel
And of course you want at least one or two players who play so well as to draw more national attn to your team when your not a blueblood.
It's a matter of what you do with what you have. If rankings were ever a real measure of what you should do then Kentucky should be a much bigger force in the SEC. As long as we can continue to finish higher than expected more seasons than not I don't fond it too difficult to be a Mizzou fan. Minus those stupid curse things that is.
Actually I knew Rountree was the career leader in yards returning. He and Badie make a formidable pair as any this coming season. Especially with the new HC
But think of this as an opportunity to do what no one has done. Look at ND. The TV market would invade and split the B10 market. You would have to get them to be a full member and then you add the southern dummies' favorite northern school West Virginia. I still Lmao about the argument Mizzou was a union state and WV a southern. It would be a nice rivalry for KY. Missouri and ND have had some history although most of it in basketball. But picture your team playing in northern Indiana. It's like traveling to a Bowl game. Oh wait you guys hardly travel very far. And I foresee a 4 conference double division 20 teams conference playing 9 in your division only winners play a championship and a 4 team playoff actually making sense with the possibility of top two with a bye and next two playing a wildcard from the 4 conference and letting the best independent/next level team be the other wildcard