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That some good stuff but I Tell you what. This frosh QB has already proven more to me than our supposedly really good secondary and still no threat to the pass d line. Is our secondary any good. Who knows when the QB can fix a sandwich while his receivers get open. This is going to be a huge challenge to win let alone cover.
I'm late to the LSU hate fest but glad to be here. Kidding. Burrow looked every bit the hype he's getting and then some. His arm looks to be every bit as strong as Locks but his windows seem somewhat larger. But even if he's not throwing in as tight a window his receiver seemed to always have the onky opportunity to catch it. With Burrow I expect this team to finish with rather highly rated
I think perhaps one of the schools in Florida but I doubt they change anyone this season. Unless MU takes then to task agson
I wonder if this guy has heard of him. But I think he was overblown early late in his freshman campaign due to an inordinate amount of TDs the last several games that year. But he does run a really nice route for his size. Has good hands too.
Agreed. .08 is for most an unreliable marker for impaired.
I'm sure whatever it takes to get bama in. Which blows! Lmao about vandy, ky, and SC, but no Mizzou. Is this guy watching this season or just mailing it in?
I think Dooley will be here one more season. Let's see how Robinson vs Bazeliak plays out. Developing a third QB will get him better offers but I'm sure he's already received some. As far as being surprised about a 7-1 if your not at least surprised by who the -1 is you're lying. And with that then you would have to surprised at 7-1. And yes I believe if our DC doesn't have marked improvement this season then it's time to help him find his next job. I just really like how well these coaches operate together.
We have one. One writer that is an alum but more importantly isn't hyper-critical like those in love with Alabama are. Who cares about a team that gets that many free passes to the championship. They've won two NCs since 2011 they should have never been considered for. We didn't get to play for one in 2007 but it's as legit a NC by the NCAA as one of Tennessee's seeing how the NCAA used the official pollster to announce an official champ. We played 4 games against BCS teams and 7 against bowl teams. I doubt anyone else played a schedule like that that year.
If you knew the history you would get it. The history you get at a high school level or even higher is the history of the victors. Lawrence was not the victims they were stronghold of the criminals
I do believe when they mesh at game speed itll be a better team but That's a few games and hiccups away yet.
And i hate that. I didn't expect that much drop off from Lock to Bryant. But Lock and Beckner carried us more than I like to think.
I'm not sure anyone had a great game but like Bolton they all had opportunities. Some didn't miss. Most times. But better teams won't hand them out as frequently and instead will jump on the ones we're leaving lying around. It still feels as sketchy a season as the second Quarter played this season.
Since Brad Smith I mean. After Powers firing only Ronnie Cameron ever impressed me. Not Adler, not Farmer, not Powell.
No. I have no confidence in Powell at all. And I've given him all three years to show me something. Anything. I knew every starter Mizzou has had would be ok early on by just a couple of plays that told me they have it. Taylor doesn't have it at this level. Lindsay did. Come on Connor!
I really thought Bryant woukd be better. Seldom does he pass with his feet set. And his aim makes for a loose window. But his strength , speed are assets that need more focus. Abd I hate to see receivers that are proven unable to get that connection from Bryant. Mot everyone is Lock granted but everyone should be as goods as Franklin.. And Powell is not a game day QB or anything more than a " shut off the lights and lock the doors" type .
Exactly. Trump on sports. Tries to control the story but can't relate to truth.
Something's missing. It just feels like a fluke. Not the victory but the crushing victory. By both Wyoming last week and us this week. I can't put my finger on it but I have a bad feeling flukes will be flavor of our season. Savory and bitter.
True. So true. Texas has brought two amazing conferences low. Although SMU may have been the school that infected Texas who now travels around various conferences spreading their own brand of plague
I'm still trying to figure out when was UT all that to begin with? I know when MU was in purgatory late in the Big Eight dominance period and early in the Texas 12 plague I sorta pulled for the underdog vols. And I would welcome some competition for middle of the pack champs other than Kentucky who think they'll be here for a minute. Tennessee at least has more fans that never lower expectations or passions. But Phil is way too old, it'll look like Paterno when he had the title but not the real control of the day to day stuff and was mostly and barely the face of the program. What about that old Arkansas/Louisville coach? With name recognition that escapes me?
Stoops vs Muschamp is a lateral hire at best. Looks at how nice recruiting classes Mark has had and has yet been a threat to win the division. Marks had good seasons before but generally only one before it's all comes back down to earth. I would watch close SC because I believe he's descending soon. .
I honestly thought Scott looked better this year's spring game than Powell. I feel for the young man who many of us thought could be the starter before the portal opened and out popped out some pretty good and tested D1 QBs. Best of luck Lind. Hoping you make to the next level should you like. Thanks
Never am. But that was . . Idk. Why did Kelly not run. It looked as if there were short gains there. Why did our running backs not get theirs. Why did the oline not get substituted a lot. And why is Walters still there. Those were all questions I just didn't go back to put the correct punctuation. Because that's more effort than I saw Saturday. The worse thing is I can't make fun of jayhawks fans. What a terrible world it has become.
I haven't looked at anything until now. Because for me it's over . you blew the season the very first game. Thus is not something any of the Mizzou fans hopes can recover from. No heisman talk, no conference title game talk.no playoff talk as if that were going to happen. You make your own breaks or you let them break you. It's unacceptable. No more locker room antics . no more hype videos. You need to tuck your broke ass tail and bury your face. You put your head down and do your work. You shut your mouth and take instruction and you try your very hardest not to be the embarrassment to yourself., your school, your fans like last Saturday again. Shane on you. Shame on your pride. Shane on your family at school and at home. Shame is how I feel right now. Thanks for that.
I know to most fans AOk seems critical to offense but I don't see a complete repertoire for a tight end.i like the use of more TEs in the game but I think anyone in the current position group woukd not be much of a drop off. Although he is a great improvement over the previous group. McCann and special teams will need to mesh. And thus 425 D needs to get any hiccups worked out by the end of this game. Those three and as mentioned the Bryant /Dooley MO.and the inebackers are my top concerns
First it's Mark not Bob. Huge difference. And secondly no to 10, no to 9, no to well you know . . after all its mark. My opine
First it's Mark not Bob. Huge difference. And secondly no to 10, no to 9, no to well you know . . after all its mark. Nuff said.