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And I apologize to a Wolfman for the autocorrect they keep changing it to Wild Man like there's a difference that it needed to be auto corrected. I got to where I just absolutely am disappointed all the time in Google they used to be good
News flash for tigurr and Wildman specifically. Without looking it up and I am an aging fan. 2014 was an amazing year for our overall defense. So much so you have to credit the defense with the second division title. Then came Odom because the DC wanted to be a head honcho. I meant we haven't had much of a defense since or an offense for that matter. as a matter of fact we shouldn't have even been able to compete in the SEC since. But like I always said the SEC is overrated in comparison to what was the big eight. Not 12 but eight kick ass take names teams
I didn't see much of him after the first game and though we had some great stats and really look more polished at the end of the year in that Mizzou game there just seemed to be something missing about that guy and I never thought he was as good as talked about but we'll see
First off TD "age well" was perfect line. When QBs began rolling off the board like there was a fire sale on them I figured they would have to stand pat with Lock. Now they'll have to move carefully to make a trade. Although I think it would be wiser to find a better coach with better tailored offense
Freshman of the year doesn't mean that much for instance Michael Sam was D player of the year and couldn't even make a team
Until they beat us again I ain't scared of Texas A&M they've only won one of the last four I think
If defense doesn't take a step back we can win 7 games if we can improve some on defense and offense
So there you may get your wish another four-star wide receiver from Ohio State that is originally from St Louis area
Considering the coaching the interceptions and touchdowns lock is still the best they got. And I'm sure he'll be a star long before anybody from Alabama is in the NFL or Kentucky. After all every one of our previous 6 quarterbacks has played at the professional level the only one that hasn't was a transfer. I have a feeling Connor will too if he still starter when he graduates
Thank you. I thought no way no one else doesn't see this. I too am confident in the entire QB room except I know nothing about the walk on. But Brady has the best looking spin on his passes of the three and so it really seems more precision. I love Connor demeanor and confidence and I love the pure athleticism that Tyler brings. I wouldn't mind a multiple quarterback play book like we started out last year with and let us really see who comes to the top
I'm not going to judge I have no idea what the reason is behind and neither does anyone else commenting here. It could be a tragedy it could be a mistake it could be ego it could be so many different things. Nonetheless I wish the young man well.
I think everyone's looking at the wrong end of the passing game. Sure Connor did a good job last year. I expected him to. Did a good job but not a great job. And I'm not too sure he could get the ball to a speedier receiver. Besides that, Mookie and Lovett will fill the gaps in that role and then some. As far as QBs go Bazelak rates under Franklin in my book. Both the 2 and 3 string QBs in whatever order you rank them are so close imo I'm not sure we have the right one starting. Last year's backup at the end of the season was clearly a better passer. Macon is clearly a better overall quarterback. And you keep pressing Badie as the 1 RB and most all of us fans would agree but I'm not too sure that Drink does. And that bothers me because he's really never said this was going to be his guy this year. I wouldn't be surprised to see Cooper get as many carries from the WR. I think the only Improvement you're going to see on office is going to be from Lovett and Cooper it will be limited in Connor's Improvement. But defense! It all kinds of new potential there. From the interior of the line depending on how quick we can get these four star DEs up to speed maybe the entire line. To coverage scheme.with LB being the biggest ?.
COME ON ADAM !! Quit the 247 b.s. Macon is a legit 4 star and 247 rankings seem to short change Mizzou recruits more than any other sec team. Their composite can be 3 star when they actually give a 4 star.
We would like to invite any Arkansas fan to feel extremely welcome south of harrison and Hardy but not one foot north. And I'm the guy that taught peanut Adams to be almost as talented as I.
ITS MO ST. THE END. For Mizzou to be that petty and use its bully influence over the other cow schools is ridiculous. But when Garland put the hurt on the Chevious led tigers followed by Larry Hughes going to SLU and losing players to the ACC half a dozen at a time Mizzou fought tooth and nail to keep Spfd U from dropping 2 directions to hopefully enhance their recognition nationally. As far as football is concerned it backfired majorly. As much as I hated Petrino to come here this town deserves a football team again. But more so the school deserved the new moniker if for no other reason the girls basketball team going to two final fours. That's two more than Mizzou men or women. And Robin has a higher recruiting Acumen than Cuonzo and is not getting it done as well as the current bears women. Sure it's not the SEC but a sweet 16 still speaks higher than 80% of the SEC.
Missing Parker jr, Martez Manuel, Jonathan Johnson.jablani williams
Some Americans are responsible and considerate of others . Some are dumbass Trump supporters selfish and unkind. Foot long before Trump Knoxville I thought was always a nasty unfriendly place. From Knoxville to Asheville North Carolina to the Northwestern part of South Carolina just unfriendly people arrogant low class Hillbillies. Where as the Ozark hillbillies are a kinder more confident better edumacated bunch with syphering and reeding and even some righting books and such.
It would definitely gone up if he committed to a blue blood
The last big man from Redmond turned out to be pretty good too Justin Britt
But actually they're pretty pitiful! So yeah I hope there's somebody better waiting I have an idea that George or Robledo will be. But we've had a lot of guys that were supposed to be but haven't worked out yet
Hes certainly been one of the few guys on the interior that's been around a while and probably played more than he should have. I would have thought his stats would been better than that
Well he's a Jonathan Johnson only he's not. He was fast he was good but Jonathan played with a little chip on his shoulder well maybe a big chip. So yeah Two of a Kind sounds right and then slot is an overfilled position
I'm definitely relieved! And I'm not going to berate SDS for the story. In the off-season we are the least written about team. While there is so much fodder to be written about and programs like Alabama A&M etc. They can go two weeks here without writing anything about Missouri so I'm grateful for a little fodder
With JJ and then Knox last year as fast and as Dom was you knew we would never know how good he might've been with more game play. I for one appreciate his letter and will look for him in late games. It would be awesome if he is all conference his first year
After seeing what we're missing out on and what cm us settling for I'm terribly dusappoInted in what seems like a lack of effort on the coaching staff to recruit. As far as I'm concerned one step backwards for Mizzou is two steps toward a new regime. After all as far as basketball goals we belong near the top in this league. That's our history we may not be the best but we're among them or we should be. We should have more success in basketball than we've had to had in football and I don't think we have. I'm getting terribly impatient with both Sports