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Boone has size and speed and high expectations. So thats rather disappointing along with Buford. But Im really bother by Massey. I believe he was a 4 star with more star potential.
And I apologize to wolf for the autocorrect error as I meant wolfman, I typed wolfman and as usual my phone has no idea what it's doing when it comes to autocorrect or voice commands etc.
I'm with Wildman. I'm not conceding anything. I'll be watching with great hope that the offense shows some out of the box ridiculous shifts or some trickery to get the d out of place and hike the ball quickly. Some thing brilliant and not stupid to where you lose the ball. But if I were putting money on it I would have to tease the score and put my money on the bigs shots. But as a fan I also can talk myself into taking some solace in " finishing better than the expectations" with some consistency. Sad but a lot of us would. But I'm saying we blown then out before when they were just as good as now. So we got a chance.
Odom wants to win like anyone but just because you react like a child with anger I think like most of the rest of us adults don't let emotions dictate or even influence what we should be doing .
So here's what huge hypocrite Bama time said. Who cares about '13 '14 etc . so dummy who cares about last year either. You base theory on last year we base theory on many bounce back seasons like from '12 to '13. '06 to '07 and the history of poor years that we still beat the socks off top ten teams like Ohio st, Alabama, Notre Dame, and Alabama again. Not last season last decade after deacade
I don't like saying it but it's my nature to be honest. Vandy is never a gimme W for us.
The one issue I was going to have no matter what you thought the WL record may be is that if you have what in your mind is a close choice sds will always give the benefit of doubt to our opponent. But Mizzou has been overrated by your writers twice. And underrated the other 6 times. Trends show you still haven't grasped the complexity of the Tigers. When we get SEC retreads (transfers) they aren't always what they were advertised to be. One disappointing stat is we can have identical records with both M st and A&M and they both will be ranked in the top 25 and we won't get a vote yet we played a tougher schedule in the end. WTF?! Some of these teams are going to be surprised and some will have seen it before but considering our record since joining the SEC and clearly making it the Premier football conference (you're welcome) against teans like UT, UF, SC, and kansas jr Wildcats should not make any of those games automatic. And overall vs state and ole mess and the pigs should put a stop as to how tough the West is on us let alone anyone from the east. We definitely need a talent upgrade and it seems to be coming. And with rosters being fluid week to week if we get a more positive situation than our opponent it could spell disaster for the ranked because they're west division SEC teams. Many are paper dragons anyway.
I agree 100% on Parker. But we've heard nothing about Swinson, Hea, and we always hear about Logan before football starts and then he fades into background. But Turner doesn't belong in div 1. Best scenario let Parker play both part time.
Great? Hardly. Compared to his other quips which were indeed entertaining this seems more stress related
Savant is the hope of Mizzou nation. Nothing would excite us more than if we can come out firing and hit Bama in the mouth stunning them with a quick two score lead. Win or not it would still make the game much more exciting to get them on their heels for some of the early first half. Surprise until they see it is our best hope for a decent season.
I would've drafted Sutton, Juedy,and Lock if available if I had found a ffb league. I think they will be solid fantasy players.
Never will I be so stupid to call saban the best of all time. Anybody and anybody has won NCs with blue bloods. Nick didn't build this one or the last one he coached for he just benefited from being hired here. And there are 2 titles he never should have had played for. One was when okst got snubbed and the other was as a third place finisher in the sec. I don't believe any conference should be represented by any team other than its champ in a championship. Those to me are cheap stolen NCs. Let saban build a blue blood and then I'll give the overblown ass credit. The coach from Florida who went to SC then retired is a better coach than Nick.
4 stars. Don't mention that Keith ol buddy.
I don't know where the article came from but skinny through here I found an article about the 50 worst college coaches and Bo Pelini was on the list and they said he won four big 12 titles. Not while Mizzou was there. We won 3 North titles out right and I think tied with them twice winning the tiebreaker at least once. I hate piss poor writing
So what no stars? Seems like he must be at least a 3*. Thanks young man. Seems like playing for Drink will soon be more popular than Saban
I'm liberal because anything else is damaging to America. I'm also more conservative than any Republican. Nonetheless, Steven A is a total A. And im happy they got rid of his counterpart skip. And now shannon can go asap please. But I can't stand house cleaning due to age. It's wrong and it's the most difficult thing to prove.
5 north div. Champs is mid tier? Plus since joining the second best conference since the Big 8 we have added two more div titles. Which 2 more than you. Pig mouth.
Only one time did I get a little weary of pinkel. But I've supported him, his vision, his process etc the whole time . But here is where you separate die hard fans from other times fans. I DO NOT CONCEDE THE FIRST GAME UNTIL THE FINAL WHISTLE. It's not a popular bet but I never bet on mizzou when it is. I'm looking another ridiculous upset of the pacoderms or water boys whatever they are. You tell me because they dont have a mascot on their uniforms. Our Bs is how I hope to call them this season.
If a player feels he's reached a personal pinnacle they will almost always go. No one that's getting drafted wants to risk career ending injury. If he feels physically he as good as he's going to be until the next level then he should sit. Besides we are just now finding out that surviving covid19 doesn't get you out of the woods. There has been at least one reoccurence and now serious secondary health issues are beginning to surface and it's believed they could've any way but that this virus is causing extreme acceleration into these things. What a monster this thing is.
This is how I saw it. I think I'd ban Odell from team games and functions, including practice or anything football related for sure.
I'm not conceding anything yet. I don't believe he'll put anything out there that coaches haven't seen before but I have a feeling with the quick play calling and the way he mixes it up and like a magician gets you to focus on the right hand while the left hand is where the magic happened, I think he can get just about anyone on theirs heels for a bit and how long you can keep them on their heels will be how well we do. I expect an upset or two somewhere in this schedule and if we don't show out this year I bet we create buzz for the next one.
It's just like #1 or 99 , easy to spot. As far as more marketable better stats is the best way to improve that. Become feared like Golden and Ray. Ealy and Sam.
I think Shawn starts as starter but I wouldn't be surprised to see bazeliak s skills demand he play a lot too. The best thing we can hope for is drinks offense sinks in real fast with the players and hard to figure for a while for opponents. I don't care who we're playing a .500 season is where I determine good or bad season one for drink. If we don't run onto every field believing we can win let's not waste the money to show up. I don't care if it's mo st or lsu.
Like some jackass said about covid19 the other day. It is what it is. And it is. It does not make sense to dodge anyone in tbe SEC unless your goal is just wins and not who you play. We need to now early on if there's anything Drink has for the machine and their stand in. You want to see some actual competitive game planning from Mizzou. A game (either) that no one is comfortable with until toward the end
Um probable starter is a transfer. Sorry you spoke out of turn.
You are who your history says you are. And though not claimed as I mentioned below we have 2 NCs according to NCAA.so nyah!