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I remember how sutherland played hard nosed and not dirty always being aware of possible retaliation and prepared as he came up. But that Oscar winning performance by his low down dirty opponent always playing the victim after making what I thought was a misdemeanor assault on poor Jason.
I don't believe it was cheap at all. That's competition at its best. Yes it was slick but prefer to call it smart. I had a friend who taught me that. He had many of the gifts an athlete. But his competitive somewhat dirty play impressed on me the only rules were the ones enforced when caught. If I tried to draw a charge he made sure to charge me hard. Or he would wrap his arms around you while fake falling pulling you into him making it look like a charge. Or if you tried to make him shoot around you in racquetball he would drill the crap out of you. What I guess I'm trying to say is I believe Allen knew exactly what he was doing, the consequences of getting caught, and how it would crush us if not. I also saw how often, but not too often, the number of feinting injuries the ky defense had too. How is not everyone doing that to slow our o?
OMG! People's crazy! But that also is old news from the time we realized they elected Trump. Thanks for re-informing us idiots. Because we couldn't understand it the first 30 times its been rehashed. I'm sure its still as good as cud to a cow.
Rogers has never said a positive thing about Mizzou and is in a job that is way beyond his cerebral abilities.
Of course Rogers said that. And I guess a first down reception that ended when the Ky receiver coming back to catch the pass traveled untouched 4 yds behind the first down marker was tackled 3 yds behind marker and still given a first down with ball advanced to where he first caught it. That's bull. And that should've been 4th down.
Is it ok when using a stiff arm to shove a player continuously in the face mask? When a player catches a pass across the first down marker but steps 4 yards behind marker under his own power and before anyone touches him and gets tackled 3 yds behind first down marker how is that a first down? If ky takes this crew to every they are easily national champs. Cheaters!
That half laugh huge smile cantuck fans had has turned into an uncomfortable sphincter tightening cracked grin. But I feel a victory will only prolong hope and agony.m
The vast majority of qb success at any level can be attributed to blocking, and Jacksonville never did.
I never thought Jones record matched his recruiting. And I can see vols tiring of nothing but some bowl games. And orgeron surprised me at first but both are exactly as I thought. But the nose dive Missouri took is so frightening because the last time it was this bad, it was this bad for 17 of 19 years. As a mu fan the nightmares have returned. And I hate to say it but I'd take Jones right now. But never Ed.
The story was on Mason not Lock. And I hate to lose that much speed and overall potential. But unlike 2 yrs ago we can spare one. So 2 deep may look like this, Moore,Collins Johnson, Floyd Hall, Brown with wingo as extra slot when they run 4 receivers out. As for lock, the speed of the game may be a bit much or the receivers. Aren't getting open quick enough and when they do they seem to travel right into another defenders closely guarded area making defended passes easier for opposing Ds.I would like to see TEs all over the backfield and line. Block then roll out for pass.
I agree with Dilf. That is if you can believe he would show that talent with consistence, on a better coached team.
Correction. Rivalry since their big 12 days? NO. Big 8 days? NO. Big 6, big 7? NO.NO. how about since they became a territory? Yes. Its a bad place. With bad people. OMG! I sound like our imbecile President. Believe me. OMG!
No way is ellerbee any good. No push whatsoever by the o line. Walters guys are making all the tackles. Both times
I don't care if odom wins out, I'm done. Even I am surprised at how fast he got me to give up on him. My other heartbreak Kim A has taught us not to be anywhere near patient when it looks this bad. No waiting Jim, make a move. And watch Stec to see if he's got it or he's at his last job. Who is coaching Memphis? Fuentes Jr?
And lets not kid ourselves. Nate could've made it to the nfl. If only.
That's sucks! Its more than losing a really good option at RB, it was one of a very very few instances where there was a positive ending at Mizzou for an esl footballer. Now instead opposing coaches can yet point at another failed relationship for esl players at Mizzou. I really liked Strong and his commitment to still come to Mizzou. And I have to wonder if my coaches are taking enough time away from football with the entire team, mentoring, helping them to resolve issues that now more than ever seem to abound at my sole favorite team. Just investing some of themselves into all of these young men. Especially those from at risk situations. Some who may be still searching for role models. I feel myself beginning to release my commitment to favor this current staff. And this is solely a head coaches success or failure. Good luck Nate. Victory for my team is not something I pray for. Victory for these young men is something I do pray for.
Cocks played well. They got punched in the face early but instead of shrinking like MU does they came out and showed us we weren't in the same weight division and promptly thumped us. I saw more to build on that last year but we were basically the same semi ready team as last yr. We're good when teams let us do what we want. But what happens if they don't? We lose. Unless other teams get worse week to week we don't have a bright outlook this year already. I hate it when the season ends early but this has me letting up on support for Barry. Seriously Bare you were pretty much groomed for this job and I can't tell the difference between Kim Anderson and Odom. I like a lot of the guys he has brought in, now teach them to play together. Is defense on the same page? Is anyone coaching special teams. And what about my man John John? Are you out all night before playing? Maybe ko returns but no more receiving punts for you young man. I've seen enough to try Wingo, or Perkins or anybody else. I don't see results you would expect if the team is working as hard as they say.
I expect SC to get better each week in case that's not clear.
This game will be defining for at least one team. I think a loss by MU will hurt us more. I think SC is just beginning to find their groove and will be tougher week by week. A win or a loss may not be a season ender for them. But Mizzou could easily pack it in with a loss. I expect more seniors and less freshmen this week.
They didn't avoid embarrassment. Surely they felt every bit of it. But they were able to mitigate some of it in second half. Hopefully it won't be every game like last yr. But I honestly think in a lot of games Mizzou's defense won't be the only defense that gets embarrassed. And FYI Tucker ended with a decent % for the day. And Springfield Teachers college has changed its name more than once. And for people who are older than 12 its still southwest. It was for many decades and here in town most still call it SMS. Not of disrepect, but from doing it for 50+ years. I love Ali but I still call him Cassius. And screw them gumps from bama. Hell! If dumb ass saban hadn't changed OCs they could of had another title. Right.
Well that blows. I really like Finis for how much he and Paul Adams promoted Mizzou to other recruits and he was quoted a lot by media. And he was the first name Odom mentioned as possible replacement. But from what I saw last season this young man needs great improvement on D although he did well on special teams. And congrats to Adams for his selection as one of the team captains.