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I hate kansas I loathe texas. If it came down between the two I honest to God would pick kansas. Forgive me God and Missouri. But lately it's Texas that raided and killed things we love. Like the big 8.
Is this the same writer that picked Bazelak 12th amongst the SEC behind QBs that have never even played in sec? The same one that said basically the same thing about Mullens and his quarterback as he did drinkwich and his quarterbacks and though both are known to develop QBs only one receives extra marks. Hey Mikey look at Eliahs history with QBs. Then tell me again why. You suggest he's successful developing RBs but don't notice the QBs too.
So it's finally accepted sports wide. Texas is a conference virus! And F(lorida) all you who think texas and ok won't be susceptible to the same beat downs we give Florida on a regular basis. Or I mean your reputation is put to the test here more than anywhere. Unless your Mizzou and then all those upsets of Bama and Florida in decades past. Along with thumping Ohio st and Notre Dame some. when the big 8 was the top conference and we finished 3rd in a conference that regularly had the two top teams. What I'm saying is Texas is a conference killer and if we can't have Oklahoma without Texas I don't want Oklahoma either. I'd rather have Houston or SMU. Other than that we need to pull in from another state not currently in the SEC maybe West Virginia or Virginia Tech. I'll take Nebraska Over Texas anytime I'll take anybody over Texas anytime I can't stand Texas. I hate Kansas I can't stand Texas
Not only am I excited about woods and Jones I just as excited about the other jones commitment this week. I like the class Martin has coming in as freshmen not real excited about the transfers but most excited about Christians commitment and he may still be growing.
Just saw a video of this junior in high school squatting 611 lb. Oh my!
If Drink can coach as well as he recruits then we're in for an amazing season. Hopefully the staff changes were every bit as good. And apparently we don't need Georgia recruits as much as pinkel thought. Though I expect them to begin to show up here more and more with every successful season. I liked pinkel a lot. I loved Powers. I never cared for coaches who succeed here only to go elsewhere like Notre Dame or Arkansas. But I'm falling hard for Drink. He just needs to translate his success into Ws.
You see, I disagree that our secondary would be so bad as it were. Carnell is a real blue chip dback and with kobie back and hopefully for every game that should've eased the extended time dbacks would have to defend a route. And as mentioned before we have a real athletic yet new to the position player at safety in robinson. Two blue chippers (possibly 3) DEs coming in and it's not hard to teach them boys to git after a QB on obvious passing situations. If Steve's scheme pans out just a little I see massive improvement on D. Btw, the returning experience and Aldridge really alleviate a lot of Boltons absence.
Norm Frank Quinn even Mike beat KU but Cuonzo hasn't got the chops in the heat of a tight game yet. Let alone one like ku.
This is getting real now. And every time Drink gets a recruiting win or sec win it angers me more about our AD and close to being a blunder if we hired his first recommendation. He practically mailed it in. I'm not sure who all to thank for rallying the schools leadership to take that flight to north Carolina but thank you so much.
What's cool is we don't have to beat you to win the east. 2014 . we just gotta beat the team's that do.
So I wonder which SEC team will be the first team that upset Georgia with Mizzou being the second
I think he's saying wilks will be more impactful in his plan and preparedness than Walters and that his defense will make us or break us as much as any superior or inferior player. So I don't think he thinks wilks is as poor a coach as you think Walters was.
I just think a 4-star incoming frosh has more upside. I didn't say we didn't need him, I certainly didn't say we couldn't use him. We're looking for INTs with this regime. Remember Missouri either set a record or the closest team to the record in 2013 with the most consecutive games forcing at least one turnover. And they really seemed key in those games. Game changers. That what i was expecting , a game changer not manager.
I seen his PR stuff well that kind of hype I spectated better stats sorry. And let's remember it's Tulsa not Oklahoma state not Oklahoma didn't they play in the league with Missouri state for a while?
I get tired of hearing Florida and Georgia we're not as good in 13 and 14. It's true they were not as good as Missouri. But if you're not winning the east then you're not as good it doesn't matter which team you say that about you can say it about all of them that don't win it. They're not as good when they don't win it as they are when they do it's just ridiculous to keep repeating it.
Start? No. I'd rather see the 4 star frosh from indiana I think. Higher rates than Rakestraw was I believe and im quite happy with him.
Doesn't mean the CB was the reason they didn't throw to his man. Maybe the QB had no confidence in that WR. He didn't intercept or break up passes a lot (3 break ups no ints) 29 tackles isn't bad but come on. These are shut down corners? Or did the team's they play run a ton? Just sayin. Really just asking.
I'm not sure we do. I thought so but those aren't the stats I was looking for. Maybe it's the other cornerback that we need
I think Carnell may come in and start. It'd be nice if he could he and rakestraw would be around for a while
So it's hard to disagree with you
Well he should be they've been talkin him up quite a bit. But those aren't very great stats.
I think it's very important we land one of them and a season changer if we land them both. I disagree about Carlisle starting at corner with a 4 star kid from Indy coming in college ready according to some outlets. Get the Tulsa kids, get Ford and 4 star montgomery ready now and the mizzou commit and Missouri Gatorade POY and all of a sudden we become almost respectable on defense. Like I mentioned earlier these transfers mostly provide a second chance to recruit and likely improve. Can't wait to see who or if we get ready made started hi
??? Seldom does Tigurr make a point let alone a good one. Knox was inconsistent at best as was Ruth. The only ones that really hurt were Ware and Perkins. And it hurt I don't care how you frame it. But Rakestraw ain't no joke and neither is Carnel. But relieving them very well may be or worse replacing one that's injured is a season killer.
And that can be more than upsetting to Veterans journeyman who are used to knowing they're ahead of others