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I mean come on! They had to play as the visiting team in a game supposedly at a neutral site. How neutral to LSU is new Orleans? That's like Texas in Dallas or mizzou in KC. It's hard to imagine a couple of hours from any college is considered neutral.
He's done this coaching thing for a while and became a celebrated position coach who probably after pinkel got him doing what Gary expected it may have seemed along with the celebrity he had free reign. And he probably did as long as he was doing the same way Gary wanted. Now that swelled head may have gotten a little cocked now and then.
I was expecting a higher rated player. Usually run of the mill 3* don't get headlines.
I'd like to know what he would in the NFL . it's hard to break into the league as equipment mgr.
Not so many hog fans ad when MU was in the middle of 17 losing seasons. Pre pinkel. And I'm do happy because I worked hard to send them packing.
It would be quite a feat if petrino could possibly leave it in worse shape.
It's also known as the Queen city of the Ozarks and is held in much higher regard than Rogers, Bentonville and yes even fayettevol. Also the home town of a very much respected and loved fan of MU who often opines in this very site. Home of Peanut Adams and DGB. And where Larry flint was incarcerated for a while. Where cashew chicken was invented by Leong and NBA player Winston Garland played along with former women's NCAA record scorer Jackie stile who took state to a final four for the second time. The area where MLB pitchers Scott bailed and Jim. Mickey mantle begun his career here. Wild bill to cook shot a man on the square etc. An hour from where MS wilder wrote her books. Just a quaint little town that as far as the Ozark hillbillies go is Queen.
Just rattle off the nameaof the 4 or 5 guys currently in the league that are nearly indispensable to the teams they are on.
I didn't read it all but I'm sure after reading the first two paragraphs that King Negan was going to be as correct as anyone who has posted and is not me.
Of course no Egnew and even if so he would not before Coffman, Rutger or Winslow.
Witter and Augusta Would've made an incredible I formation backfield. Hell! A Dlineman wouldn't know if Ish was even back there.
unlike A Ok who did nothing to get better. These guys deserve mentioning also . Harold Brantley and Mr touchdown himself the undersized fullback Josh Augusta.
This guy was so far out of place in the sec I had to look up his name to remember him . but I remember hating on him for 3 yrs+ and his senior campaign I could not find enough space to take back the cuts and give him praise for the work he had done to get ready for his last season.
usir.um James wilder.wwilder.wait! Tony Galbreath.
STOP! STOP RIGHT THERE!. No way do these 5 players get on this list anywhere. J'mon Moore??? Mr I heard footsteps a mile away so I'm not going to catch this one. Braylon Webb. Played second fiddle to at least 3 new safeties. Albert O?? Omg! O stood for overblown since his freshman season. Never as good as people thought. Is cale Garrett any better than Scherer? Or Newsome? DGB absolutely not. That was just stupid. Never the top receiver not even 2nd . not DGB and not Washington. Or Hall. But here's a guy I just could not stand for 3 years at RB . too small. Too slow. Omg way too slow. Too weak. And then . . . he reinvented himself. He got stronger . he got quicker. His carries actually made some positive yards finally. He became the sheriff of the backfield on offense and his senior season was so good that not one time while he was blocking did the first rusher through the line get to the quarterback. Fellows let's not forget what this do nothing did. Mr Ish Witter had a perfect senior campaign. And kept our QB as untouched as any O lineman or blocking back ever had anywhere I can think of. Does he belong on this list no. But if anyone deserves a very Honorable Mention it's Ish! Hat off to you sir.
Actually I think hiring Venables would have been a better hire but no one can pry him out of Clemson grip or their OC.
Chase Daniel was a highly regarded recruit who committed to mizzou because Texas came calling too late. After they swooned McCoy Chase wanted to play somewhere to beat his nemesis in both Bradford and mcCoy
Coaches from widenhoffer to Larry Smith burned bridges in stl. It took Pinkel half of his career at MU to mend fences . it also helped when mizzou kids began coaching in stl.
No it wasn't Steve. What were 2007 and 2013 if not national prominence seasons that still left mizzou short on stl kids. Fact is stl is the sole corner of the state that does not breathe Mizzou with every breath. There are not dreamers for the glory of the state as much as glory for ones self in stl. It's not all in for us it's I'm here for me east coast city attitude. Keep fishing the vast talent of the South. The kids that get overlooked because the other 13 teams can only take so many has began to pay dividends. And pinkel wasn't any better with game plans than Odom has been. It's our Achilles tendon exposed to the enemy every week. Throw some curves at us we won't be ready not can we adjust in game.
Wrong! Two. 1000 us running backs alone prove you wrong. Btw. Where's texas? South that's right.
Is it possible that Alabama doesn't get automatic national champion again this year. Twice since joining the sec I've seen them get handed a ticket to the play-off once in the fall practice period I think.
Franklin started off as the fourth seed quarterback by the end of the season he was a starter and I think he that he led them to a Grey Cup that's not bad
It was Florida. That Texas 2011 too tragic to mention. Josey was leading the nation in rushing I think or at least power conferences surely. That would be a career year if not for the injury. And Henry is one guy I will always remember as my favorite What I couldn't fathom is his pedestrian 40 times compared to the elite but his explosion out a scrum at line was spectacular and I don't remember anyone catching him from behind.
I'm not sure I'd pick OU as my favorite of the last decade. No slight to Georgia but that game was awesome. I believe we had a new untested unproven QB starting that game with Franklin hurt and we were on pins and needles wondering if the fantastic start to the season had come to an abrupt halt. But on the second or third play in the game and Mauk throws a dime to Washington for a TD I'm sure like me every fan cane out of their seat screaming estatically and letting any one in earshot know we were a badass team. That play was no 1 in my book. Slightly ahead of every time Josey would burst out of a stacked up line like he had a head start shooting thru like lightning. And what a contract to the previous season. Beating Manziel was sweet too. But that's because until joining the sec we hadn't beat a&m very often but had beat then 2/3 going into that game. And of course they get an over abundant portion of love from the sec where we were criticized as not belonging. And I knew this johnny dude was a paper tiger.
Sure with all the success kansa has had we definitely need to get in on that. I wonder if he could give me tips on relieving whiplash that I got from Jake's segway into how Mizzou hasn't won 8 games since . . talk about a sudden change of direction. And Im sure that he's a fine coach but I'm beginning to wonder if drink has any knowledge about the history of there's two schools and how real the animosity is for him to hire a coach from kansas
No sir. People expect he t checking by those reporting.but only a journalism school graduate might be aware of how important that is or maybe just anyone who reads.shameful Adam.