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You used to see it all the time only a decade or two ago.it used to make me cringe to watch an athlete give an interview and sound and seem so uneducated I just shook my head wondering how the person was accepted in any college. How he may have graduated high school. But today its greatly improved. Black and white alike. Poor and fortunate. Seldom are sayings used totally out of context anymore. So what ever they are doing I for one am pleased with the improvement. Now with that said I can't wait to see what effect the bad press has on the NCAA decision. Without it I doubt Mizzou would even get a hearing for an appeal. And for the uga troll if the majority of the fans from all over think it was unfair well have you heard a billion Chinese can't be wrong?
This has got to be the most nationwide media coverage Mizzou has ever had. Its the type of thing that trips Mizzou to fall on their face but maybe not this time. Odom, after all those local fans wanted him gone early on, has built the strongest atmosphere and winning attitude I can remember after picking the worst time to become a Mizzou fan (post Powers) . I'm loving it. As long as we don't trip. I think Odom could easily be greater than Devine. That traitor Devine
You love quality men like Kelly being the face of your favorite team. We've won already even if nothing else goes right.
I liked that too. Especially its green where you water it. You know almost every team has that camaraderie, but it really does feel, as a fan , really special more so than ever.
This is tough for me. Mizzou "luck" tells me if they overturn we fail to reach expectations. Its a curse that sucks more than being left out some times. But I would rather the seniors have the opportunity than to use it as "what if" argument the next decade. That hard pill to swallow argument has lost its flavor.
And of mine trumped yours. While my focus is narrow my opinion is irrefutable. But alas most of them never made it also.
NC is not as similar as you think. They invented a class for players to assist in GPA averages. But it wasn't necessarily fraud because the class was available to the entire student body. As much I hope they lighten up its not in our DNA as mizzou fans for us to get a break.
This is ridiculous! It probable to me now that the porters reached their apex in High school. You can't be this young and be this prone to injury and expect to have any type of role in thecnba
Bama time I know my history and I know my team. When Devine embarrassed Bama that was when Bryant reached out and asked Dan about any situations with black recruits. The next it might've been Ohio st that beat bama with black players making the most impact. And then he recruited some himself. Wallace was governor and made it difficult for Bear to consider recruiting black players prior to that. And I saw it because that's the first time I saw Mizzou on tv. I think onofrio was the next coach to pull a major upset over Bama but that wasn't the only top 5 team Mizzou whooped up on that year but still finished at around .500. But you probably consider WV a southern state and Mizzou a northern. But for all intensive purposes Mizzou did attempt to secede and that had as much to do with the union troops protecting Kansas raiders. History is written by the victorious which is you about Lawrence being burned by Missouri militia but 2 years prior to that Osceola Missouri had quite a bit damage from Kansas raiders burning it.His fyi, West Virginia didn't want to secede that's why it separated from Virginia . that very reason
ViK I too see a 9 win season as possible but not necessarily probable. Florida is really improved talent wise SC should fall some but they are like kansas in that the team that's the underdog like our games against the red legs has won too often. Any way, less than 9 is a disappointment and more is wishful.
No two dbacks currently have been as good as Willie and pig. But they could possibly.
Tigger you're wrong about pinkel if you want to give kuligowski undue credit. It was GPs system of recruiting and coaching that kuligowski was able to receive undue praise. He's not as good as those fellows made him look. How long did he last at Miami.? No Gary did it his way and had a decent amount of success. Craig did it Gary's way too.
Your a third place conference team that went to two NC games unfairly over better teams. Id be lmao myself if it weren't f-ed up. There were a couple of times im sure back in the day when all the Bama haters were laughing at the whooping bear Bryant got by Mizzou. I'm still smiling about them.
I agree wtf are auburn and Oregon either one listed? Also Bama did whoop MU but like each time we played Bama either we lost an entire Oline to injury or the home team sec ref throws out one of our best players and a few bad calls. But we were plagued with bad calls last year. Right Kentucky? SC?
I trying to understand where UT is better. Oh that's right they hired a new coach. I guess they get benefit of somebody's doubt. Not mine. And I love that 2nd in the West is what an A&M fan is having onto. They only lost 3 of the last to Missouri. And 10 years ago we of course didn't finish second in the West. But last both state and A&M had identical records to MU, both were ranked and neither of course played a SOS anywhere near MU who had the toughest regular season. Schedule in the conference. And of course were not ramked in the top 25. Because we were in the east or maybe because we were supposed to be the new punching bag. Well I like the east. More class that's for sure. And I don't expect anyone considers a punching bag now. We had a couple of bad decades, decades ago. Other than that we've been a legit threat to anybody at a time. But I guess we're not better than 10 years ago. Kentucky is though. Yeah right!
BO hasn't had the DE talent Pink had. Not even close. But Pinkel didn't recruit them that good he got lucky and molded them to be good. Only two recruits were supposed to be good Eaky and Aldon Smith. The rest were developed. From Brad and Michael Sam to Jaquise Smith and Golden. Every year. Speed and tenacity.
The defense will be better just because the offense will take more snaps and be somewhat more diligent in scoring, possession time , etc. That was easy. But we must get some pressure from the edge. Sure we get by some games without it but who wants to get by in games you supposed to win and not in games you could've won. I expect the hybrid LB/Safety will be used to create a numbers advantage for a while until teams learn what we're doing and stop it. But nothing beats speed off the edge with brute force up the middle. And Eliot should fill TBs role for that. TOs is something we fell off of drastically after the Idk if it was a Mizzou record but turnover every game streak ended. Nothing, again, is a game changer as much and we know how negatively it impacts a game as we were victimized a ton by them.
I actually was bewildered and angry at Dooley hiring. But I have to say he's as good as anyone we've had. I hate to think what replaces him as we all know he will get another HC job.
247 actually ranked him at 4 stars as a service but the composite is still 3.
Many of those will be gone before wren ever steps on campus. But this class is showing potential to rise a lot in ratings. A lot of high 3 stars or guys getting a 4 star rating from at least 1 service. I don't to expect to dominate those teams mentioned but I expect to be dominated by the top team every year either. But I expect to be as good as Tennessee thinks they ever were. Or Kentucky ever will be. Or SC for that matter. There it is. I just threw it down
I don't get everyone thinking tamu is better than fair. And why SC fans think they have Mizzou's number buy not a&m. We beat them fairly consistently the last several meetings and helped our overall record vs a&m which was pretty lopsided for a long time. Sure that coach has had some success at his previous program but he hasn't has time to prove anything in the sec yet. SC will be a game Mizzou fans will be at. We don't like the thorn in our shoe that SC has been to us. While if ky beats us this year I think many will become Memphis fans. Ky shoukd always be battling vandy for 6th in the east. And not aspire for more or you will seldom be satisfied. UTs recruiting has dropped but it's crazy how well they do and you have to think someone will someday get all that talent to mesh at least one season soon. Meanwhile Mizzou still has some things to find out about themselves to be a contender for the east about 50% of the time. But not this year. This year we have the pieces. Just don't lose any and we should push for at least 2nd in the east and 5th in conference. Maybe good enough for a new years 6. I don't see SC doing much other than more of the same as far O goes. Click and they win don't and they lose. Untimely turnovers will be their Achilles heel again.
Considering the number of 4 star recruits Tennessee has compared to Ole Miss how in the hell is Ole Miss ranked higher? Anyone? Anyone at all?
Lovies not movies. And I saw it was correct until I hit post. This dirty sneaky Russian infiltrated phone
Whoa wolf. Easy big fella. He currently is attending East stl. Still that's our area as well as movie's. But the thing here is his offer list and how again it's bloated with blue bloods. Still doesn't rate as high as bleeding gold (and black). Excited to watch you play Kevon. And thank you.
We're the team that embarrassed your school into desegregation. Put that in your pipe any smoke it.
And Florida is bragging just not about the way Mizzou b slapped them as often as not.
I tell you which school knocked you off your mountain top when koala bear was coach. Twice. I believe.
It's the dumb stuff that gets us on trouble. Never any thing blatant. Buying a kid an airplane ticket to attend his grandma's funeral was why ky got Travis Ford. T One kid that was on the deepest talented roster I've ever seen at Mizzou. Included Doug S. AP, Booker, Crudup, I think Heller and another big fella. A team that went undefeated in conference play a couple years later and coild have been a final four. But you guys took the traitor and it's hard to like him or you.
Well I believe Dooley will make Bryant better. Respectable at least. And if Bryant isn't great statistically I just need him to be a smart leader. But Athlon , the worse and most regional magazine with a reputation better than deserved is a curse for Mizzou. Every time they pick us for a top 15 finish we flounder and every time they dis us we make them look stupid. Steele seems to be closest to nailing us. Here's hoping Bryant's WL record is the one stat that says he's better than Mond.
I'm sure. Stoops surprised me with improvements for two years . . .in a row. That's not Mark. Out of all the stoops he is the worse. So for Ky to think he a good coach means he has changed his star. I've watched him for a while before he became coach at KY. And I never expected him to be a threat. And without a flagrant ky biased replay booth call last year KY would barely be a top 25 team. But the dream is over wildcat fans. And last in the east is more likely than 3rd. This writer is more about wishful thinking than facing the hard facts. Without the blocking back for snell, Snell himself, the center and guard your rushing game is doa. And your passing game has yet to be conceived. Bring your replay official with you but I doubt he gets enough bad call opportunities to help you this time.