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And how about Robin's women's team? Two count them two transfers coming in. Pretty good score from Tulsa and Texas Tech and a top 50 former recruit transferring from South Carolina. Oops!
Is jontay goes in the first round I'll be totally surprised. Not that he doesn't have the talent actually I think he's better than his brother. But the family's injury-prone Michael's injured was injured Jontay is injured Cierra's injured. I believe if I was the owner of a basketball team I'd have to look at that and consider durability.
Strong believer in the seat next to the coach filled with the red faced player that you just pulled for a teaching fest.
Agreed. Coaches in general. Tough lessons make tough players and determined men. And I wish he'd work the refs. Strong believer in lobbying refs during the game
Television coverage has decreased attendance to where everyone is losing unused space. I don't think we're selling out tickets like we did when we played in the best conference . the big 8. But since we let that crap hole Texas join and spread that conference killing disease . . . well you know.
If they tell him to press Drews uniform then you get to be the highest paid maid ever. But you're under contract and have an obligation to do what the team needs you to do
He's supposed to do whatever they tell him to do. If he's the better player then he plays if he's not then he focuses on getting better. In the meantime you mentor your teammate.its not a new concept. It's what you do when you play on a team. It's called being a team player.
What! In basketball?! We snagged a couple of 4 stars and you're telling me that's just so so. Or below 11 other teams in the sec?! I have to look this up
Does it really matter? He left. His roommate has been charged. The reason given for both is ample enough not to do something as stupid as this. O agree this will not age well and hurts everyone involved looking to play at next level or intern, or job hunt.
T Doesn't seem to be a lot of depth of something from former Auburn players. Is it effort? Skill? Character? I'm just noticing the trend of how short lived their careers are
I hate that some teams lit him up. Or the crazy tight spots he would try to throw the ball. Ok not really . I loved the confidence and cockiness but hated the interceptions. Especially when it would hit the receiver in the hands and bounce to a defender. That was maddening.
Does anyone know of Evan yerkes and Brooks Ford are still on the basketball team? Did either of them get to play last year?
Idk wolf maybe since that's basically where seating decreased will decrease the amount of foot traffic at the elitist end of the field. But I love this video much more than the previous one released. It shows more detail and explanation and I'm much more impressed than I was last week
Yeah that's what it is. The perception. Because in reality it never . . . what? Oh it is real! Not perception? Reality. That bites. Somebody
O wouldn't be surprised to be in or near the top 25 schools with players on the league year to year. Since pinkel era.
Is Madison done? And surely Ray will be back. Is Goodwin done? Franklin is having a nice gig in the CFL. Better than Manziel. Remember sec hype master Johnny football? I told you he was a joke then.
Nice save . But Mitch and Justin are going to have greater careers than Sheldon. I thought Zig was still playing. And you're absolutely right about Sean. What about the other Smith brother? You know we had so many smiths in the NFL. But I thought Jaquies was playing at a high level not long ago.
How do you not know Marcus? He and Shane Ray just killed it one year both went pro and ended up playing opposite each other in the Super Bowl their rookie years if I'm remembering correctly. Wasn't that 2014? When they left? played Bama in champ game and of course like always the home town ref threw Ray out of the game on first D series. Every year we play Bama our best D player gets tossed early. kudos Adam for being among first to print. This fellow really became a fine man in his time at Mizzou. Although I thought he was originally from KC area.
Dont forget being part of the noise from the crowd. It's not as much as view as being par of it. Remember the old news adage "you were there" ? But the best stadium for football has to be KC. You go way up but you're still right on top of the game. The distance is vertical as opposed to what horizontal I guess. And this is nice but I'm not sure how advanced it is. It looks as if it could be dated in no time. A&M still looks more luxurious. I hate to say.
Worse than that. It's become everyday news so e eventually they move on to other new news. It's been ridiculous for so long in Chicago that I'm as a non resident up there would think certain areas should have a curfew or better yet martial law with national guard posted on corners. Maybe with some non lethal weapons along with their regular arms. Its sad that one race in particular is committing so much self genocide. Well maybe I shouldn't say one in particular. There's a lot going on near and in Mexico. But there's not a race who's latest generation I feel particularly has not lost their ever loving minds. Condolences to family and friends of the young man.
The biggest difference is Lock doesnt throw bombs he throws missiles. He doesn't have to heave and put air under it. He just fires off another missile.
The receivers for Flaco won't be the receivers for Lock. Lock is best in an offense that stretches the field. Like Favre, Hart, Marino.
It just reinforces the " we do more with less" line I use a lot. Look at state and A&M how much more talent they had. Thry were both ranked ahead of us even we had identical records and a much tougher sched.
If he stays healthy abd performs as he has he will get a payday soon enough. Maybe Daniel takes him under his wing.
Congrats to you Bamatime clown. If we could only play Bama without a partial ref in the replay booth. The last two times our best d player was ejected on questionable calls. But bama cheats everyone. Not only are they the most consistent with top 1,2,or 3 recruiting classes every year, ( how do you pay so many a not get caught) they are the precious baby of ESPN who else finishes 3 rd in conference and still passes more qualified teams to get a ticket to the college playoff? Or gets a second bite at the Apple when LSU the sec champ should be playing just about any other conference champ especially ok st? Fan of cheaters. I'd rather be a kansas fan. Even though their cheatimg costs us an outright NC. But NCAA granted though not claimed posthumously. To my fellow fans . yrs I said it. But again for effect. Though I hold Bama as comtemptible
I can't even remember what I posted here yesterday but I know it was mostly opinion based with some facts sprinkled in for effect. So I'm sure no need for apologies any where. Best disagreements I've had without going into ass mode for quite a while.
This was fun! And I still havent read all the comments.
Stats and wins do not measure one player on a team. Teams adjust to stop the biggest threat. We had a nice RB duo plus but those guys didn't hardly get a look from D1 let alone SEC. Oline, D line , LBs, DBs, all outside anyone's top 300. Remember Locks class was next to last in the sec, and not in the top forty of recruiting. Also Who played the toughest schedule last year in the sec and a top 10 toughest sched countrywide. That's right. Mizzou. So a bottom sec recruited team played a super tough sched and still won a few. With an entire team that averages 2 stars less than the top half of sec teams in recruiting. Mizzou steals from the next 5 whike the power 5 love to come after Mizzou recruits because until Mizzou offered some coaches have never given guys like JJ, Crockett, Roundtree etc. So how many wins was one super star supposed to carry us to. How many dropped passes count against Lock when the ball is on time , on target? Brett Favre played at Southern miss. How many bcs bowl games did they play? 50 yards tight Windows, on the run, extends plays . what else do you need to know this real quality talent?