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And by the way the no call at the end of the Alabama game was because there was no call to be made. Alabama can fabricate themselves into a championship they don't belong in in football but they're not the end-all be-all in basketball
It's where Mizzou should have been for a week or so. Considering how many quad 1 teams they played and won how many top 25 teams I was shocked to see them still sitting in 18 last week. How many losses does Alabama have now? I thought they only had one or two and if so they should be higher. I really like the team Mizzou has but you expect this from upperclassmen. I just think before tournament time Martin needs to go much deeper into the lineup up and get those fellows ready. When things are tight he relies on the same 5 too much they could be wore out in the first weekend
I had to Google it that is how important a player he is it was Darren McFadden that might have been back in 2007 I don't remember I just know we stomped you
Since you brought it up who was that running back carried Arkansas Mizzou first join the SEC what was his name I know I don't remember it. I want to play Fantasy Football last year not this last season video before I don't remember his name being on the list of running backs what was his name is first name starting with a d I think
That error was made by Google speech-to-text. I get tired I have to go back through and edit it all. They don't even seem to understand the grammatical difference between then and than. They use both in error. Finally, hands down you're the dummy! The difference in understanding that a transfer does not count towards your class rating and a misspelled word is like comparing apples and dummies.
Well back during the big eight if you wanted to be Champion you had to play The Big 8 champion. And now since it's the SEC champion will you notice how that just started soon after Missouri joined you're welcome
I got some heart breaking news for SEC fans and Tennessee you weren't all that to begin with ever! I remember when I was younger I became a Tennessee fan for Year too because I felt sorry for you it was nice that you were finally a winning program. Mizzou was always better except for the two decades following Warren Powers firing. Which was the stupidest thing that ever happened at Mizzou. Don't tell me about NCs. One that you claim is the same as one that Missouri won't. Where the official NCAA pollster pick you. We have two of those. Don't claim either. That's right they are NCAA official pollster Championship picks. Look it up. And Jeremy Pruitt really not as well known as Josh Huepel. I don't know what you smoke there in the Smoky Mountains I thought it was just mist. But like I said you had top rated recruiting classes that should just run circles around Mizzou but you don't. So really historically which program has been more consistent and much better. After all we were a factor in the greatest football conference that ever played the big eight and the SEC could not carry our jockstraps back then. Much like today if you want to be a champion got to play the SEC champions
Oh I know what I meant to say the transfer offensive lineman from Oklahoma will not count towards this class that's why he's not on the list tigurr you dummy.
247 composite and Rivals rank Perkins as a four-star why in the articles earlier is he refer to as a 3-star? And pearl is not further along than Ford he's not even ranked as high as Ford and his ranking I guess it would have counted in this class. Forget it. We already got to four star defensive ends coming in anyway. This recruiting thing just seems to be too easy for Eli. I just hope the upgrade amounts to more victories on and off the field food seems like there's going to be almost too much competition at cornerback. I hate losing good talent because it's crowded but I like the fact it's crowded with good talent. I rather enjoyed the all-sec schedule this year too
Definitely get him going. But design better plays for the outside
Maybe Steele. But if it's not going to be Gibbs then let it be somebody much better much better. Not equal not slightly better but much better
Out of these for no no no maybe Gibbs. But let's go get a rising star like we got a coach. I agree the bar with these four is set kind of low I am willing to give Gibbs a shot though but none of these other guys whatsoever
This is ridiculous! And I'm getting fed up with Cuonzo. I didn't want the hire to begin with but recruiting the Porters and overall recruiting the first season softened that for me exponentially. But I didn't want to Missouri State coach at Mizzou. And now this. It's a basketball team not that many guys to keep under control. So keep them under control Martin! I mean if Drink can do it with 80 plus players I expect you to be able considering you have barely over a dozen players. It better be a good season because I'm ready for another one coach that is
Roundtree though one of many class acts at Mizzou certainly sets a high bar. Thanks Larry for your each and every high standard you set at Mizzou. From game performance to dedicated extra practice and character that is proven by actions over lip service. You being the leadership Council representative from Mizzou was easy choice by your teammates and any NFL team would be lucky to have you if for no other reason than your leadership and character.
We had a nice season with some nice wins but I wouldn't call it a good season I wouldn't call but one or two a good win. There's a huge difference between a top 5 team and a top 25 team especially this year. In a regular year I don't think we make the top 25. But we know this guy can coach now and we know he can recruit. And those two things you'll need to win the division. Going to need more than just that. I look for a better product on the field next year but that doesn't necessarily mean a better record.
There's a Great Divide between the top and the bottom in the SEC this year. And we just ended up on this side by the skin of our teeth. We were definitely a better team last year's records and play. But I think we've hit our Apex. That is with this class. But we got better classes coming in. I don't see any reason we can't finish third in the East next year another bowl game maybe on the 1st of January. And much more competitive with the top teams in the next year or two
We're in the top seven in the SEC. I doubt that we finish 5th.
And he'll be an incredible addition to any locker room. Watching the Georgia game today and seeing Larry bark at one of the Defenders and the defender barking back I wouldn't be surprised if they're barking Bible verses at each other. He's a quality man give a great interview humble kind intelligent and not a bad running back
First of all I completely disagree his success has gone unnoticed. Larry will be a late mid-round draft choice probably
First of all I completely disagree with that Larry three sticks success
Well at least it wasn't tragic for us or anyone for that matter. However it would be absolutely wonderful if Bolton could be reinstated for the full game against Georgia. And as many Talking Heads on the SEC network or making the statement the Bolton might be the best player in the SEC best defensive player Etc why isn't anybody promoting this guy for husband why isn't the University of Missouri hyping this guy?
I think we have several players many of them young underclassmen that qualify for all sec maybe not first team maybe not second team but definitely all sec. And why is it Nick Bolton being hyped for Heisman beard he probably would come close to winning but he might be in the top five. He may be a top 5 pick this year too
I wonder if John Cooper's comment was held for moderation
But what about Larry Rountree oh my goodness what an awesome interview that was. That man needs to be drafted by a team if for nothing else the character he brings to the locker room. What an awesome kid what an awesome man
Rakestraw. Ennis is the top rated player. Mevis is a walk on. I used to cringe when players would give interviews decades ago especially some of the black players but now almost everybody seems to give a coherent interview, until these two white guys play for us. And I'm beginning to cringe again I really don't want to see any more of those
Rakestraw. Ennis is the top rated player. Mevis is a walk on. I used to cringe when players would give interviews decades ago especially some of the black players but now almost everybody seems to give a coherent interview, until these two white guys play for us. And I'm beginning to cringe again I really don't want to see any more of those