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as normal we will lose one that bites and win one as a slight underdog. a loss that hurts and an upset that really wasnt. I think 7.5 is about right.
Man! I didn't watch much NFL after KC quit for the season. But after a fantastic rookie season wtf happened to Kony?
You have my full support young Master Porter. i truly enjoyed your efforts to play any role your team asked of you. I pray that any decision concerning your future is right and God blessed.
I think it would be better to see B Scales at blocking back since that's what he was signed for, that's what he does.
I'm positive that Martin does so well on in state recruiting and wins more than loses. he'll outlast Quin and Mike A.
well with sunvold I guess book would be the point. And he could. what if traitor Ford hadnt? would he be good enough to make it on the best list?
no it's not. Stevie and John, yes. But no way pressey even makes 3rd team. peeler, dooling and o'liney are all way better than phil. Crudup at the 4 because no one was better at holding the defense on his hip while Booker gave him ball over and over. And the 2 is Melvins until someone else puts a pre season all-american center from okst as the conference's 2nd on the mvp ballot. Or until norm, who never before said anything to promote his best players until Booker, says so.
as a matter of fact I'm still pissed about Power's firing.
and only one quarterback worth a hoot while at Mizzou. And a ton of Missouri high school coaches whom he soured on Mizzou. not a Larry fan. Or woody, or bobby.
actually I should credit Martin for getting the ball rolling in the right direction. But senior and his family certainly gave it immediate momentum.
we were a better team when senior took the asst job knowing recruiting at Mizzou just hit the lottery in home state and kc and stl area recruiting. and you cant be ad at Mizzou without student athletes with the greatest talent crushing what if dreams. bad luck with the best talent, unbelievable results from overlooked talent. that's us. someone at sec country and many others say we're known as a bball school. tell that to Devine and Faurot. btw, did bama make a helluva of d-line coach hire?
no. the jags were terrible. terrible blocking, terrible routes. I'm surprised he's not maimed from his seasons at jacksonville.
Yes. Plays on special teams a lot it seems. But represented Mizzou well before he ever left high school.
Yes. This why journalist types should have attended MU
I think I saw that game UGARMYret. Drew did look good that one minute of that game. But then . . well you know, Defense didn't make the trip. And UGA didn't get burned down field very often . It's like you guys actually scouted us and said keep safeties waaay back. Because half of MUs scores were when teams didn't respect the speed of all those receivers. Which really padded Locks stats.
If we take any more lumps the tourney may end up being NIT. We need someone at the end of games to not wilt under pressure. Maybe Mike wont. But I don't want Mike and four spectators in Mizzou uniforms on the court like at OU.
True. In NW SC, west NC, and east Tennessee were the ugliest unfriendly people In the US. I hear the closer to coast it was friendlier. But this seems like bs to me. Only one coach is making noise about Mizzou's hard nose play. Too much from and only one other that seem to agree the Tigers were too tough for them. And that's what it is. Anything else gets a whistle. Quit being whiners and accept that sometimes your reputation alone doesn't win the game. Sometimes an opponent wants it more. Missouri may not always be this good so this team is taking what SC believes is providence. Fight on the court not in the coirt. Not fight, I mean wipe your tears and play ball.
Mike will be ready. And so will Mizzou. But will they blend together that quickly?
My comment is being held for using a adjective describing that no matter how "crappy" either team was they still posed a threat to any dream season the other had going on.
Yeah. There's not a lot of confidence for fans here with those type of statements especially from another state. But I will admit that players from Tennessee have stayed and added value to field and to the locker room here of late. And with that said, let me say . . . HELL YEAH! FOUR STARS! FIRST COMMIT! and of course MOMENTUM let it roll. But it's way early. This kid may be my first ever Twitter-ee that I follow. No snap chat, no Twitter, and shortly no Facebook. Just a complete waste to sort through everyone else's thoughts and feelings when you have build a background just to figure out why they are so . . Let's say odd but the same and it's generally that they are stupid. With their choices based on not working to find the facts. Preferring ignorance over rationality. You know like bama fans. But here's hoping we have to open more gates and raise the ceiling for the flood of top recruits that may follow. And that somehow based on a system that can't go over 100 that 1000% is actually better.
They have teams as NCs that averaged closer to 3 than 4 stars. Especially in the poll system. Which was better. The longer shot clock was better. When baseball manufactures runs with only 1 or 2 hits and steals. And double steals. Was so much better than big swings and not a lot of action on the field as they watch moon shots now.
Um. . . With Sherrills graduating and Prewitt I believe is what? Still being investigated? And Cheadle gone too, these are / were the next man up. So yeah there goes the most downs played . Those 3 versus the rest. Why? Who did you see starting and seconds?6
Yes but you have to have the ability to do your course work. Which seems to be 2 or morevguys issue.
And we're off and . . looks like we're going to start in quick sand again. 3 players from the same position group and from the second or possibly 3rd most deficient group on our team. With DE being #1 need, dbacks, both safety and corner are uncertainties starting this spring.
Again I'm late to the party. But Jesus look at the size of this kid. And bamatime you're just like every other Alabama fan I run into across the country. You're snobbish. And as the kings of football currently, you believe it's Providence like every other king in history. But there for a while Nebraska was the kings of football. And USC were the kings of football. And Notre Dame were the kings of football. And Texas and Florida State and so on and so far. Someday maybe it'll be Missouri
As much as coach Martin's higher Michael Porter Jr has turned this program around on a dime that's truck driver speak. However what I saw in the Kansas scrimmage, realizing that chemistry on a basketball floor does it react as fast as chemistry at the lab, I saw some of Oklahoma and Trey Young's problems. Where when you have a superstar basketball player that can score pretty much at will it kind of leaves other players as observers more than there should never be at any level basketball NBA included. Which is why the NBA sucks. I think Mike could only make this team better but I don't believe it will happen instantly and I hope there's enough time for it to happen before postseason. Because the sky would be the limit if that would have happened. Michael can do just exactly what he set out to do and that's make Missouri a final four team. There could possibly be three first-round players playing on this team if Tilman and jontay both decide to come out early. And they can both go in early rounds. Was Robertson and Barnett possibly playing in Europe this could be the best team Missouri has ever assembled as far as post college players go. It rivals the team that had Doug Smith Anthony peeler Melvin Booker Jevon crudup and Travis Ford before he became a traitor and went back to Kentucky. Jevon crudup was one of the best power forward post up players I've ever seen play college basketball. When he got you on his hip he had you locked down and all he needs to do is receive a pass. Kind of reminds me of how I thought Tommy Frazier was probably the best quarterback I've ever seen in college football and never played one day of pro bowl that I remember. But I digress. I believe if there's enough time for Michael chemistry to blend with the team that we have now Missouri could be a very dangerous team in March and April. And I hate how losing to LSU this weekend kept the women and men both from appearing in the top 25 for the first time ever at Missouri.
I like Mike. I love what he's done for Mizzou basketball. Wait! He's done this without even playing a game. As much as
Yes but the chemistry is being built and roles and such are being established. What they do now they do as a team. I don't want it disturbed. Not now. As it stands there are possibly 3 first rounders in the freshman class this year. And 2 seniors that will play after college at some obscure local I'm sure
Unless he can return rust free it won't do anything but hurt him and possibly this years team.