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He started out of attrition but wolf knows I never thought he belonged in D1 football . . . until he showed me he did. I agree with wolfman and I said sometime ago how impressed I was with how he finally built up some strength and an ability to side step defenders in the second level consistently which was a new skill for him. If witter was anything he was assignment solid. All 4 years. I knocked him for 2 years and praise him for the last 2. He deserves Mizzou fan respect for his determination and how well he knew his job and did it. No matter where the rush came from ish always met the first one to come through. There are a lot of players that are fun to watch on offense but I tell you ish witter is the one who made the largest strides in his game and the guy I appreciate the most.
The Texas transfer will replace AJ. Elliott I think is his name. Tre williams and Anderson will probably be 1s until unseated. Not sure Parker will but I completely expect M Thompson to play right away. Act and Holmes at corner with prewitt and after last years "lets all take a turn" it won't be the same guy any 3 weeks in a row. And sure brown is ok but I wouldn't be surprised to see one of our speedy slots to play wide more often than not.
Big if. He red shirted his first yr but I thought he had a high ankle spring too. And injuries kept him out last yr.
Would it be interesting if inside 10-15 yds they send out AOK, Blanton and Justin smith? That's 2 TEs and a WR all 6'7".
That's Michael Thompson not Antar. Although Antar is one of 2 coming in in the middle that will play early.
When you see Mizzou's dline is stacked 3 deep in the middle with 4 returning and 2 really good players coming in, now is the time to go 3-4 or at least 3-3-5 and unless we get Thompson we're even more depleted at end.
Also this BS about how Lock only perused half the field. When he knew where the advantage was why look elsewhere. The speed of receivers is still there and adding HB3 will only get faster. So don't waste time looking and then escaping. The sideline throws made DBs play close until they got beat down field. And they got beat a lot. Locks best passes were 50yds and absolutely beautiful in flight.
What's funny is how two of Mizzou's biggest critics, vk and tigurr are supportive of what universally is considered a huge miss on hiring an OC. I'm not sure if they're really fans or jayhawks disguised. I would most like to know who turned Bare down and why. I will absolutely be pissed if the defense improves ( and it most certainly will, both on the line and in the back. Except at DE possibly.) and the offense fails. I also wonder how long Brick and Joe Jon stay.
I guess I don't get it. Where in that article did he tell us anything?
Let me bend the subject of tennesseeans. The western half of the state are . . Well let me start with the eastern side. The closer you get to Knoxville the worse the people are. Dumb as rocks and complete jack arses. And it leaks some into the western tips of NC and SC. Compared to them the west side is quite pleasant.
We were all ready for a 8-9 win season next year considering how many starters were returning. Not only that but how many 2s were returning too. And special teams. But then we got Dooley-ed
Please someone tell me which states are able to shut down their borders. Blue bloods have all access thanks to ESPN. And do players want to be in the national spotlight? I'm guessing yes. This is a good move so leave it alone with your constant criticism. Are you sure your one those low down piece of crap jayhawk fans? Let me apologize in advance if that was inaccurate as there is nothing worse than calling someone one of those.
And a huge shout out to those thugs playing on the women's basketball team. I don't see why teams think my gals are dirty. Gritty is not dirty.
I may be wrong but I thought I read where as an assistant on the field allows AJ to recruit outside of Columbia..so I took that as being on the administrative side limited his personal recruiting to local only. But I'm not sure. I am sure he can recruit.
Idk of Dooley's successes. I do know he was let go more than he left for a better job. But I can not fathom this guy calling the plays or coordinating the gameplan. But I couldn't see Witter ever helping the offense either until he did, and proved me and many many others wrong. And now I give Witter props. But Dooley? He better prove it now because he has a complete offense returning that was great against losers and sad against winners and Kentucky and their personal refs.
But to think that has anything to do with why coaches might not want to be here is difficult for me to believe they were worth it to begin with.
You are wrong. The team strike was an attempt to highlight anothers protest nationally. I know that many times Blacks cry wolf (not you wolfman) but I also know profiling is real and racist. And most police contact with minorities is in general more tense and requires elevated safety maneuvering. But with Blacks it is much more than that. And we all know it.
I know he has NOT been a winner at any level in any job.
Without knowing who Odom spoke with and who may or may not see MU as a step toward their career goals, here are a few.. 1 Cornelson, OC at Memphis when Bare was DC. Norvelle, Kinsgbury, Legg. Do see anyone you like Wolf? Legg and Kinsgbury would have been very similar to what we were trying to do the last two seasons. Shoot! I would have liked Joe Jon at least slighfly better than Dooley. Check that. A considerable amount better.
Hey virtualkelly stop being dumb! You're reference to NFL players and Dooley is pitiful. Dez wad going to be damn good in the NFL long before Dooley was used as filler for a position that the front office secretary in the Dallas organization could coach as well. These are pros and not guys that Dooley could teach anything to. Except maybe how to shower. And I doubt he can teach kids needing to learn a ton anything no matter what position they play. I already feel stupid about next year. And I'm pissed when you look at all the returning talent to waste another year with a joke of a coach.
Geez wolf, there were 31 other OCs and offense guys who are recently tearing it up. Why did we not get one of them? Especially when you look at how much this clown is getting paid. If you look at all the coaches that Odom has already burned through its easy to say hiring the right guy is not his strong suit. As a matter of fact let me be the first to say he is terrible at it. And this may be the one that finishes him. What a lousy hire.
I haven't paid much attention to your posts but enough to wonder if you're a fan or just a complainer. I have no love for this hire especially when there is so many more talented offense guys out there. But I have no reason to believe Odom won't be there for years. Except for this hire.
And then Lock shows out instead of lowering his head and heading to the side line like it was nothing. Like its what I do. Play great humbly and people will love you.
The largest issue here is leadership, coaches and players. The players were chippy and adolescent. The coaches needed to reel them in quite a bit and failed to do so. And when you're getting your tail handed to you then you stay humble and you focus on doing your part perfectly. I don't believe I've ever seen a team that seemed so new to post season and caught up in everything except football. Please put a stop to the jestering and display of superiority period. But even more when you're losing stupid! I love my team but they really lacked some class this year.
After reading a few comments. Very few I thought I was on the huge idiot Rush Limbaugh show. Missouri is not deep red thank God! Nor are they radical left. In our two cities Dems rule and in the rest of state ignorance does. Republicans call mistakingly call social security welfare. No. Its a deduction from my check every payday and then give billions of dollars for corporate welfare. Good job. We voted to not raise taxes for new crime lab shortly after the banks criminally caused a world wide economic crash. Then chided congress into using my taxes to bail out the same people who most likely wouldn't loan me a dime. And they took bonuses. Wtf! I would prefer we did the fdic thing and took the licenses away. Anyway, after voting no on the crime lab our republican senator got an earmark on a bill for 1/3 of the costs and we built it anyway. And now we (taxpayers) owe the balance. That's not a democracy. That's what we had 250 yrs ago. Nothing changed except the titles from duke and king to CEO and chairman. You would of thought after Burr shot Hamilton democracy would have won out. Now to the game. We were beat by a better team with better athletes who were better prepared and certainly more motivated. Out of the two teams only one acted like it had been here before. It feels like Pinkels first bowl games. Winning looked new to our guys. They forgot to pack focus for the trip and seem to forget what they were there for.