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With him and brown I really like this class that they brought in. He doesn't have to play center hopefully. He would be a great 4.
Dude! You're right where you need to be coming along very nice.
It's unfair to the athletes who chose MU to lose two years in opportunity to play in the post season. I can see further punishing the University for not being as lackluster as Miss st but not the athletes who didn't violate anything.
That's not true wolfman. The only class recently I can think of where Missouri's top 10 were all 4 star was the one with Daniel Parker. Occasionally sure. But seldom do we have more than a few 4 star players from miz
So what? Look the only reason anyone knows AOK is the incredible number of touchdown passes he caught in the last few ganes of his freshman season. And that my friends wss the highlight of his career. He seem to disappear at crunch time or drop critical passes or something. He's a good TE I'll give you that but I'm not sure he's elite. And on sure he as good as most that are there. His speed is faster than I would have ever guessed
I wasn't all that excited about his hire. But I liked him better than any coach named holtz who woulf wind up at ark anyway. Or anyone running a wishbone. His offensive style set him apart. Let's see if He can keep the D trending on becoming more than solid. And his recruiting chops are better than we've had for a while.
But no one goes as long as Mizzou without something. 4 days and counting
Actually they are saying he's the best recruiter. Paul said it and herbstriet too
Yeah but you have to deal with Georgians and Atlanta and the combo sucks.
No. It's not. It's recruiting. It's a no holds barred competition. How many mizzou recruits were poached by Odom when he left. That's gamesmanship at its finest. And most likely true. And you know it . because this is the sec where you cheat where you can get away with it. And then schools like Mizzou can take the punishment not only for what it did but so the rest of you can shake your heads and say it's not right but you know good well we're the sacrificial lamb for the entire sec sins
Is there another school in the SEC that goes 3 4 5 days without an article written about it on Saturday down south I don't think so. Truly disrespectful
I can't think of many that should be trolled more.
Universities are the breeding and testing grounds for new everything. This is why they are mostly considered liberal. It's where young people are most likely to open their young minds to possibilities outside family influence. Therefore being liberal in nature it makes perfect sense for the adnunistration to take such action to avoid a negative PR situation in a period where racism us front and center the battle of the day. But what if he were a brit or germanic?
Not as impressive when you consider a minimum if 2 times they were just handed a shot at the title over two more deserving teams
Its either Scott or Thompson that runs track also. Whichever it is, and I believe it's Khamari, I'd rather not lose that one. However if you've neen here two years and dont stand out yet tben good luck to you and I hope you get what e we youre working toward. Not what you think you deserve.
I will admit stoops has a little more staying power than I would have ever given him credit for. Mark and Terry Bowden both are able to move a program forward but imo have never sustained success after ariving there. I expect both Tennessee teams and my to gave occasional success but I just don't see them matching Mizzou in the long run. And although stoops is actually keeping it imteresting I still say he can come crashing down.
Wow, what a misleading title to an article to say the least. I don't think any of those records for via text or anywhere close. This year What a lousy season the writers for Missouri are having. A lot like the football and both basketball teams. I guess that kind of goes hand-in-hand.. I believe on offense the transfer receiver and Nick Bolton defense you have really great years. Even though it's a tough position with lot of competition. Bolton Could be an All-American.
Personally I like it. There actually is some rivalry here in the queen city of all the Ozarks. Including down there where if you find a straight stretch of road anywhere it was most likely an accident. And if you remember Peeler vs Day & lee mayberry. They got all the press until peeler went there and school them. And of course at that time we had a transfer from there. A top player named Bryon Irvin , and my next door neighbor kid ended up playing there. Gary peanut Adams. And mo at would play Arkansas in bball too.
Now I used voice to text so you'll notice some misspellings and I'm not going to go through and try to correct them because of this site has a glitch that just starts doubling and tripling everything
Not anywhere near a high rated recruiting class but the eye test says it's better than rated. If you look at the Young Talent we have now with Jelani Williams Manuel Marquez Connor basiliek Messiah Swinson Daniel Parker and then you throw in guys with not a ton of stars but speed and talent that really looks good like Johnny Walker Jevon Hester any Ennis rakestraw and I know I'm forgetting a couple that are already on roster if you can get all these guys on the field playing at their best we can become pretty competitive pretty fast. Anthony Watkins is one of them I forgot. It's there let's see what coach can do with it. Plus I cannot wait to see what he can do with a full season of recruiting
Geez! I'm watching his hudl tape and he tracks the ball better than a laser GPS and has no fear hitting the big boys, TE, FBs etc. Nice speed, lays out, goes high, not worried about landing just gets the air required. I'm stoked.
Local writers said this could define coach's ability to bring top talent here. Mr Rakestraw I believe your commitment means more to Mizzou than we are able to appreciate yet. Thank you.
Can anyone explain to me how much better our basketball team is? How is losing with better players better than losing with Kim Anderson's players? I did not want Martin until I read what he had done at the 3 stops on his way here. 20 win seasons , NCAA tournament, 4 & 5 * players. And when he landed the porters I jumped on the wagon. But this ride blows. It was more than disappointing that Kim couldn't recruit or game plan but Martin has recruited and we still are still losing too too much. More important than recruitinv is coaching your team to win. To learn a system well enough to implement with success. Success is measured easilist by wons
QB reads to WR. The kind of burst and experiencd at various positions makes him valuable in a Drink O.
It's been alluded to since his arrival and he seems to get the kids he wants so far. He's added strength to weak spots. This kid is an edge rusher and we really need one or more.they got a solid receiver from Vtech and we really needed one. He was able to bring Montra back into the fold etc. How much more do you need to see from someone who's had to start from bottom , now he's here!
I concur with wolf. The only real issue at Missouri is whether Bazeliak will be in the mix by fall or not. But QB is not the issue it's receivers and was the OC. But that's changed dramatically. And I don't think could ever take someone who starts his call letters or name with lsu seriously on knowing much about Mizzou. And a&m is always overrated year in and year out. Same thing when they were in the swac not so much in the 12. I can see the linebacker positions greatly improving even with a newcomer pressing for minutes. But I don't see us moving up much in our division from last season. Tennessee is moving up and Kentucky has lingered near the top longer than I ever expected. Much longer. I think until Kentucky plunges back to norm and they will. mizzou will ride in the bottom three of the eaat.
I honestly thought Dooley would have continued success at OC but now I wonder if perhaps after watching a shackled Bryant if maybe Lock was throttled also.
I havent seen anything, whether it's innuendo or assumption regarding what the issue may have been. I'm curious.
Spmebodybput put a leash on Bryant because I saw him avoid crossing the scrimmage line too often with nothing but Prairie in front of him.