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I don't see why this guy's not getting the Heisman hype.
Imo it is a rivalry game. But the rivalry is on the other sports. Basketball was a huge one for a short time. Nothing beat peeler coming to yetville and schooling both todd day and lee mayberry.
Odom wasn't mentioned. Wasn't there. So wtf are you? He was a true son.an awesome linebacker and loves MU and is a highly regarded DC. So who the hell are you to mar his name? You are an embarrassment to MU fandom is all you are. And Barry is liked better here than you ever will be so get lost. Jerk
Is A & M really going to be that good I quit watching them when Johnny Football was there because I never thought he was that good. And I got tired of them and State always being ranked higher with identical or less records
So third in the east. Considering where most thought we would finish I ain't mad. Kind of stoked for next year. But what happened to the Tennessee that whooped us? We were predicted to finish fifth at best in the east mostly 6th. I feel for Robertson but I knew Bazelak was going to be the man. I just didn't know how long it would take.
I blane you non mask wearing trump supporting bubbas. Unlike the pro basketball bubble there's needs to be a bubba bubble with all you in it.
This is turning out to be a cluster f thing. With the protocols they should have started earlier to allow for multiple weeks of postponement. At this point bowl games will be pretty much obsolete and most likely a college championship. So rankings are pretty much a joke too. Per usual.
We can also lose all five. Other than Georgia, any of those teams can bite Us in the ass. I think Vanderbilt has more success against us than any other team. And they have certainly bit us in the ass before
Ridiculous! It's genius! It's the thing this season needs in lew of fans. It's home court advantage!
Idk we beat UT. That line mauled us pretty good.
I guess initially the head is what turned the defender around and the constant contact forced into the ground I'm grateful we didn't get a flag there though. Those coaches were quick to get ahold of those players and back them up
Just kills me to see coaches try to fit players to a scheme instead of scheming to fit a player. Worst case I ever saw was Trevon Bryant who was a much greater talented player then Arthur Johnson but Quinn choke the game out of him wouldn't let him shoot and he was a great shooter a great pastor and a great defender and queen wanted him to defend and rebound and we lost a lot of points for that. He was an incredible passer he needed to touch the ball all the time and he hardly touched the ball on offense
This is where a hybrid safety/LB is supposed to be just that. Big enough to cover high passes and not get trucked off the line and fast enough to stay with him. We have big safetie/corners but are they ready to play?
However 3rd degree domestic means there was some evidence of physical struggle and being domestic usually means same residence or ongoing relationship. And that's enough considering past transgressions by athletes and the black eye on how the University handled thosr
4th degree and 3 rd degree are minimum charges if I'm understanding and the only 1st degree charge is pertaining to property. So I think there must be some history in his relationship with the staff.
Could you possibly quantify that statement? I'm not sure I understand who you're taking aim at.
That's one portion of a game plan I imagine. I'm surprised about it being on the alt. At this moment it's big game for both.
I did not like re first choice for coach I thought we sold ourselves short. And it was a risk with drink but I jumped on that wagon right away. I thought we had to gamble, go all in. And we are players already this season. Not next but now. And next and the next to come
At this point I would consider both teams a danger to the hierarchy going forward this season. Kentucky is not going to roll over now. They've had it that way all they want and we're wondering how diverse and solid we are now that there's a complete buy in to a still and ever developing game plan. That seems to be fluid in how it's able to mold to fit each opponent. If 3 wins come next then look for 4.
It's mostly the territory. When you set high above all others you become the target of all below you. As the winningest coach of any era has and will .
We spent two weeks figuring it out. Ish week who our coach was and 2nd week who did we want to be. Answer our coach is a gamer! And we want to be winners! I don't think anyone left on our schedule is comfortable about us now. If we lose to Florida then the stars align like expected. If we don't lose to Florida it's galactical chaos. I think our offense is Mcguiver in that we can be what we need when we need. A Swiss army knife of sorts. And our defense is Remington Steal. I spelt it like that yes I did and you know why. This team is just like how 3 sticks played this week. Dangerous! And after we terrorize the gators it will be known across all leagues and some will be very uncomfortable.
First of all Stoops has reached his Apex. This is as good as it's going to get a Kentucky. Under Mark Stoops that is. They were recruiting better a few years ago with a couple of top 10 or 15 class just I thought. This is the first time I think in Mark Stoops career as a head coach that he has together back-to-back winning seasons. Or so it seems. So he's not quietly becoming one of the better coaches in the SEC I expect it to collapse anytime now. I'm sure drink will come up with some offense. It's if our defense can actually stop the run is going to make the difference. They can it will. we win
You can salt it enough to give yourself high blood pressure for all I care but While still in HS Bazelak was better than Trash, Frank's and Nix. This is more of a. 1 thru 14 list of your favorites not by performance but purely by how much you like or want to like them.
We flourish vs Florida and choke vs Vandy. We have no gimme games this year. And if you say we do I will cringe. There's no way kentucky is not a 10 point favorite. W/L percentages have us favored in one game and it's not this one. Parker needs to play DE and Parker is needed more at DE. Turner needs to play Div2. I don't think we score half as much this game as I believe their D will have time to recover between sets. If we don't force 2 or more TOs we lose.
Did anyone see Finnebaum interview Bazelak. God that was painful. He was like a deer in headlights. And in desperate need of some public speaking classes. Still my QB though probably until we get the next 4 star QB and then I'll have to see.