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Screw ESPN! Who lets you cheat. Where's the pus$ies from the ncaa? How about a level playing field one year. At least one year.
Miller may have been the 3rd back if Badie hadn't had such a good camp.
Really???! Odom was going to keep either Isaiah or LTree3 from redshirting. He wanted another back. Miller was the probable freshman to play until he got injured. I don't remember what kind. But he was considered as good or better than Round Ground.
Special teams has not improved at all in years. The defense was pretty much the usual suspects Terry, Cake, and Hall. Did anyone else play defense?
Sorry but I agree with the troll. Yellow is not gold.I love the gold when it's gold. Hate yellow.I remember vold pants. Gold stripes or borders. Looked good with black or white. Yellow doesn't go with either.
I hope it wasn't as much spin in the locker room and during film review as that was. I hope some guys feel sick to their stomachs for how they played. How they let their team, coaches , fans , fellow students, and the state down for not being ready, not being present , not competing at a level required to play in this league. Losing should look a hell of a lot better than that. We should've lost worst just to match our play.
Both Kentucky and FU are top 25 and Mizzou is not so its premature to think they finish any higher than 4 th im the east. They arent even favored against SC. The very first comment is pretty much correct about stoops. He actually can recruit but his record doesn't come close to his classes potential and never will. He's not Bob, he's Mark. And that is the best way to sum up Mark.
No wolf, '13 also had a pretty fast jimmy hunt and a pretty fast DGB. Other than Dorial all were jrs and srs. But Adam is right, Hall should not have played. He wasn't hardly completing any routes and blocking with a groin injury had to be pretty much be waving at the defender and hoping he stopped to wave back. Its sad that Ofodile is not the star he should be. Or even getting any reps that count. Coaching is not the problem like you guys say so much as the level of talent. Sure we find some guys who could play for most sec teams but we don't really have 11 of them on the field at anytime. I like the trend of both O and D but if anything the turnover in coaches may have slowed progress and I hope there is not as much of that this next off season. But I believe in each of the coaches we have.
Btw. We've been the favoriye and benefited from tilted refereeing also. You have to take championships from the sec favorite sons. They don't dole them out fairly.
I told you so. Oops. Did I just say that? A O is on his way to catch up to his hype but he is not yet as good as advertised. Why play Hall who was never going to produce today? That was a terrible decision. As for the calls today . . we were outnumbered badly like Custer at little big horn. Its not unusual for Mizzou to play against our opponent and refereeing. All teams do that on occasion but I've noticed in the sec it always favors the favorite. And no other school that I'm aware of has to battle against poor refereeing as often as Mizzou. But its been a given in my eyes for the 35+ years I've been watching. And with that said we were mostly overpowered not by Georgia but by us. Yes as is also a trait other teams have experienced on occasion, Mizzou always beats itself in big games. Today we really throttle ourselves. So poor calls or not we were still outnumbered. Cudos to TBJ, and Badie whose efforts were stalwart and mostly singular. And even Palmore made a decent attempt. players and coaches may have "prepared the right way" but they must've left some key elements in the locker room. We're good. Which seems moronic to say after that game. But runner up in the east is wide open now as every one else has faltered. But I feel a '75 Mizzou at Bama revisited on the horizon.
Nothing about this game says uga is elite. I won't bash the officiating because when part of your team is playing with all they have and part of it has already surrendered you don't deserve a clean game from officials. I'm shocked at how we stayed in this game between both the officiating and the half effort by some Mizzou players. Also you guys didn't get to experience the Hall-Lock dynamic which from last year we know would've just killed you. The forward progress call is negated by Crocketts TD which also woulda been whistled stopped. The fluke plays and lucky bounces (and a couple of pitiful calls by refs) made the dawgs beneficiaries of good luck and certainly not the elite team this spin doctor is trying to conjour up. Yeah, we're good. As usual. Your not great or not today anyway. But how good we may finish is not answered yet. We have a chance with SC. And we wish for a '75 drubbing of bama, but even still Vandy and Cantuck have not faded like the script called for. But Florida and Tennessee is no surprise to anyone whose paying attention and not full of old guard hype.
We know that if MUs D doesn't wake up this can not possibly be an upset. But it is our history. Lose to teams that are only there to collect money and beat teams that otherwise would have forgot they played us. May I point out the '70s and Onofrio's whooping a top ten team every year but only finishing .500. Back then the list was Bama, Ohio st, Michigan, USC, Notre Dam.
Seems more like a sad attempt at hilarity. Less than 200 yds, I guess I may have chuckled some but surely you jest. ! ?? Right? Have you seen Lock play? 3 completions can top 200 yards.
Chris is good but way too slow. And 4. Our d has more than 1 sack.
That's hilarious! Vandy and Fla have changed places in the hearts and minds of prognosticating fans. 9 wins probable. Unless Vandy or Ky continue on their upward trajectory.
Like I read earlier. I'd rather win and do it ugly than play great and lose.
Good news Odom bashers. Georgia's d line is worse than ours. Wasn't Smart a DC too at one time? 1 sack for the year so far. And I don't expect they get any this week as this o-line that can't run block keeps their QB upright. So nyah!
It doesn't matter or Dave Matter if the score is 3-0 or 109- 84 the high score wins. Every time. The best D is a good O. We got this. I like the way Dooley changed pace. And I hope the D is hiding something to surprise later. But I'm not impressed with Elliot or Palmore. I Brandon returns soon because the mound of round will get after and harass qbs.
I agree completely about wolf's assessment of Rogers. He makes sense and seems to know the guys like their own fan base knows them. Its more personal. Where everyone else seems to staff it out and really butcher quips and POVs of fans.
Lock is the best QB the sec has ever had if you want to base it on the beauty , distance, and perfection in hitting the bullseye. And his scrambling, ability to improvise and do both calmly like it's everyday stuff. But he must surely lack something I don't see because the sec media still wants to throttle any accolades to Mizzou. The biggest offender to my sensitivities by far is George Jetson's son (Mc)Elroy. This guy was never as as good as he remembers. But totally disrespects the talent at Mizzou over the years. Especially offense. I never had anything against gingers before he came on the sec network. He's a punk.
Why would I let your dissatisfied butt ever influence me tigger? You always are negative. Spoiled I guess. But we're winning and it certainly beats last year's start. As long as we're trending in a closer to right direction be happy. But what lousy officiating. First they spot the ball for Purdue 2 yds past the tackle. And they do it for Mizzou. And then they did it 9 more times for Purdue and this is based on btn's first down Mark which may be way the f off. But the overturned td really looked like he had lost the ball again with his left hand palm down on the grass before he or the ball touched the ground. But on the last replay I saw it is very possible he had his right hand around it. So were even on bad calls. But bad spots gave Purdue extended dribe a all game. So there tigger. There's why stops were hard to by gripy pants. Also the btn announcers were terrible. Called Hall by some strange first name and when referring to purdue's OC as Derek Dooly. So there's two OCs against Odom s D. But I have to admit I don't see us stopping anybody anytime soon.
I'm not so worried about McCann but he does need to keep doing whatever he did last yr to improve. There will be game that his foot either wins or loses. So every kick needs to be a "game on the line" mentality. Defense is scaring me though. Someone, well, 2 or 3 guys need to be known for some kind of consistent threat to opposing offenses. No one is standing out. Do more. And my O-line is not proving any one wrong for not including them in all conference accolades. A OK is good after all but I'm not convinced he as good as reported. And my boy Blanton is finally coming out of the shadows but I really expected more from him in his 4 yrs here. And still no B Scales. A 4* recruit that I thought would surely be better than the last 3 TEs that graduated. I'm can only be hopeful this team has more who can stand up and stand out and will do so soon or even at 8-4 it may feel like we left too much in the locker and not on the field. It would be helpful if they can start the game like they finish. These slow and lethargic starts are going to kill us going forward. I see Purdue and Memphis may not be as threatening as thought based on their performances so far. But based on how we are slow to get out of the gate we are not going to be much of a threat to the sec contenders. I really want a repeat of '75 vs bama. Even though Onofrio was usually barely .500, he upset a lot of top 10 teams. I would love to win those where we are favored and one where we are not. But I don't see it here in this team yet. Heart and urgency are lacking.
Colorado will be fun. This and last weeks game reminded me of how much bigger Mizzou is now. In 2012 Mizzou had a starting o-line that averaged something like 287 to 292 LBs. At a good 17lbs pounds less than most sec teams. D-line in the low 270s. Now we're somewhere at 305-310 , maybe 315 on the o-line and over 6'5". And the D is 25 lbs plus heavier and a good 6" taller too. I wonder what changes CU has gone thru too. They struggled in their new league for a while. For me it would say a lot about the B8 before it was infested with longhorns disease if CU, NU and MU couldPlay in their conference champ
Idiots! All of you. Did you see the teams those QBs played? Cupcakes! And one threw two ints. Lock burned uga for a half last year. And will do so again. Hate all you want. We got no love for you either. But there is the best arm ever playing in Columbia. My biggest fear is he will be the next elway and chiefs killer. Nonetheless, his game is better than any heisman Alabama has had since Broadway joe. So bite me biotches!
Oh. I'm sorry you're right. Sorta. Neither Powell or Wilson were at 2. But Micah was said to have first reps with the 1s. But from Odoms comments it sounded as if Powell was the most consistent.