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LaterGator………Ironic name for a program who changes coaches every couple of years. Reap what you sow or something like that. Right??
Skull dragged. Lol. 2018 was a skull dragging. 38-0. I guess if winning one game every 6 years gets you going crow on rooster. Crow on.
Bwahahahahaaaaaaaaa. I watched the game. I also watched the last 2 decades of meetings between these teams. The 2008 Cotton Bowl always makes me smile. The only thing that stopped Temple from running for 400 yards was the end of the game Congrats Pig. It took you six years to do it. Try not to act like you won’t the SEC West with your Chamber of Commerce crowing over a win against a .500 team that was dead in the water 4 games ago. Most MO fans after the A&M game didn’t expect us to win another. We got beat but not like the rhunoing y’all took in 2018. Enjoy it Pig Fans. 2022 won’t look the same and by 2024 y’all will fire yet another coach and be hunting for the next savior.
Badie is leaving. Larry Roundtree III left last season too and “nobody” was here to replace him. Seems that worked out. You can’t Replace 29 seniors real easy
Humiliation………..like being ranked #10 in the nation and getting beat by the nerdy looking football coach, causing your HC to get fired………humiliating like finally paying off your last HC years after you fired him, while laying him a million bucks per win…….or perhaps spending $26 million since 2014 to buyout failed coaches. All that money, all that talent, all the BlueBlood and still a losing record all time against Mizzou. How Humiliating
I’d say it’s pretty miserable in Gainsville right now. Since 2012 when MU joined the SEC…….we are on coach #3. Coach #7 is filling in again for the Gators. 4 full time coaches and 3 fill ins. A blue blood program with 5 wins and 5 losses in 10 games against the lowly Tigers from Columbia, MO in SEC play. Maybe y’all can fill the old ball coaches shoes………but I doubt it I guess you missed the Arlie record in the SEC the last few seasons. Even Vandy wasn’t that horrible
This coming from the college football team working on their coach #7 in a decade. Granted two of them were interim coaches, but yall change coaches more than your underwear