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Wouldn’t be bragging about being an Air Force vet. Also, civilians can salute too. Thirdly- that “fat ass” kicker almost went and played for Air Force.
This comment didn’t age to well now did it. Ladies and Gents the children of Mizzou and UCF= Florida
You reap what you sow…or something like that? Idk I’ve just seen nearly every gator fan comment that on our post soooooooo….YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW hahahahaha.
and his first sentence is incorrect right off the rip haha.
Now woudl be a great time for HC to go use Casey Woods salary and add to it to get a proven OC/Recruiter
I love how the only people commenting are Arkansas and Florida people. One of them just laid an egg of a season and got their whole staff fired for the most part. The other has played a fantastic season and beat us for the first time in what 5 years and it’s like they just won the CFP
So that year in the Cotton Bowl when yall had Darren McFadden was part of your worst years? You sound stupid. Now im not saying Mizzou is going to win, I actually think Arkansas will get the win this year but to say that Mizzou isnt the better program then thats just asinine. Mizzou is 9-3 against yall ALL time. The last time when Arkansas beat us was when Your defensive coordinator was our Defensive coordinator and our HC was diagnosed with Cancer. Like i said, youll probably get this win on Friday but after that I wouldnt be so confident about future meetings
I’ve never seen so much love for Mizzou on this site.
I posted the same thing and tagged Drink and the AD hahah. Ill take Ed and his baggage for a competent DC/ D-Scheme
I'm just so confused...like what happened. there is no way that Nick Bolton was the reason why we went 5-5 last year. our receivers couldn't catch the ball.
past coaches didnt reaqlly put a priority on STL KC just mainly focused on Texas kids it seems like
I take it you have not yet had the pleasure of interacting with Wolfman. he may already be in the asylum.
Wilks needs to go and break the bank for a proven DC not a NFL washout. This is hot dog water
I just hope both teams go out there and have fun, except Heupel he can go kick rocks and step on some Legos. Still haven't forgiven him for bailing before a bowl game. Just joking I hate Tennessee and hope they lose badly but I don't see it being that big of a win if we cant stop the run. for the first time in Heupel's offense they will have time and possession on their side because they should do nothing but run the ball until we can prove we can stop them. FML
This Defense is an abortion. Wilks needs to go….Boston College with their second string QB….really? Wtf!
You too! Where are you in SC? I’m in Summerville!
DANG 3 for 33 against TENNESSEE! IM DEAD WEAK!