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I'm just so confused...like what happened. there is no way that Nick Bolton was the reason why we went 5-5 last year. our receivers couldn't catch the ball.
past coaches didnt reaqlly put a priority on STL KC just mainly focused on Texas kids it seems like
I take it you have not yet had the pleasure of interacting with Wolfman. he may already be in the asylum.
Wilks needs to go and break the bank for a proven DC not a NFL washout. This is hot dog water
I just hope both teams go out there and have fun, except Heupel he can go kick rocks and step on some Legos. Still haven't forgiven him for bailing before a bowl game. Just joking I hate Tennessee and hope they lose badly but I don't see it being that big of a win if we cant stop the run. for the first time in Heupel's offense they will have time and possession on their side because they should do nothing but run the ball until we can prove we can stop them. FML
This Defense is an abortion. Wilks needs to go….Boston College with their second string QB….really? Wtf!
You too! Where are you in SC? I’m in Summerville!
DANG 3 for 33 against TENNESSEE! IM DEAD WEAK!
Tony- Wilks defense is the Major question in my opinion and I cant wait to see what he puts on the field. Not having a feature back is fine because you can have a Backfield by committee type of thing
itll probably be on SEC+ but dont quote me
I dont think Mizzou loses to BC. This isn't the same team that Barry Odom had/couldnt get prepped for a game. Drink isnt Barry and Wilks isnt Walters
It just seems lazy, Say you got team A and team B with team A favored to win. why wouldnt they write on team A sites on why they are expected to win and write about that team and then write on team B site why they are expected to lose and make the write up about that team? Team A won because of their offensive firepower Team B lost because Bary Odom and Ryan Walters etc.
1- 6-6 would be a let down. 2-Mizzou is not in the west 3-nice job copying pasting the same paragraph that you used for the Kentucky game on their write up. 4-You're high if you think we are losing to Vanderbilt.
Gamaliekid, last year should of been the second year in a row we beat Kentucky with the bogus P.I call with no seconds left in the end zone. #NeverForget
right, but it doesnt matter because we are Mizzou. That win doesn't count because they were not the 2019 LSU.
The color scheme/layout reminds me too much of Iowa.
When i say good sign im trying to say this- Good = competition within the players for starting positions. Bad = negative actions such as players getting in confrontations with on another or even the new coaches/Drink. I feel like Drink is weeding out the players with lesser abilities. When it comes to Perkins, that screams $ or some kind of assistance/ perks from that dirty Florida school. Either way Mizzou is headed in the right direction and that direction is up!
I feel like this is a good sign. To me, it shows that there is an actual competition going on for certain positions and that the cats that left saw the writing on the wall when their reps with 1st team have been cut in half by a young buck new to the system. Rake & Carlise are going to be the starting corners for the next 3-4 years. this is absolutley my own opinion but watch out for these young guys stealing some positions!