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Omg I'm dying right now this is so hilarious!! Georgia State!!!
um why is it former mizzou WR and not former Oklahoma WR... home boy left us...soooo take the blame elsewhere
This is sad, however Marijuana and high speeds dont go together. Yea it may have been in his system but i highly doubt this kid was high and speeding.
might want to add Florida to your little list. Mizzou Vs Florida series is 5-3 in favor of Mizzou with 205-156 total point margin. soooo add Florida to that list up there big guy.
Still hung up great numbers against Florida.....soooooo you know what helps with shoulder pain? If you lick my butthole derrick
Dude......I know but thank you for having my back. I'm just so upset with the ruling I cant even think straight
I doubt it too. I expect mizzou to appeal and ncaa to give in a little bit. Then mizzou will be like we screwed up so I guess that's what we get.
Your 44-43 since us "Yanks" joined the SEC...thos "yanks" are 52-37...
Hey how about that Missouri made the cut, how about that ill take it.
TnVFL911, you should know. You Swallow both, you are at rock bottom and have 5 star recruits that show up at your program. I have no idea why a 5 star recruit would want to waste their 3-5 years of playing time at UT..
Dude you have to be high, Tennessee is not getting better.
And 98% of you thought Dooley was going to be the worst hire ever.