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The color scheme/layout reminds me too much of Iowa.
When i say good sign im trying to say this- Good = competition within the players for starting positions. Bad = negative actions such as players getting in confrontations with on another or even the new coaches/Drink. I feel like Drink is weeding out the players with lesser abilities. When it comes to Perkins, that screams $ or some kind of assistance/ perks from that dirty Florida school. Either way Mizzou is headed in the right direction and that direction is up!
I feel like this is a good sign. To me, it shows that there is an actual competition going on for certain positions and that the cats that left saw the writing on the wall when their reps with 1st team have been cut in half by a young buck new to the system. Rake & Carlise are going to be the starting corners for the next 3-4 years. this is absolutley my own opinion but watch out for these young guys stealing some positions!
I think they are talking about he hasn't stepped a foot into the academic side of the campus. The sports complex is technically on campus but across a major intersection by the stadium.
Right! This guy over here wants to go back to separate but equal...gtfo... WE'RE ARE ALL GREEN!
Right! But This guy wants to go back to separate but equal.....WE'RE ALL GREEN!
mookie cooper...enough said
Im just curious as to why you didnt just type the "n" and the "y" when you were saying iN mY opinion. you typed the "." twice so why not just type the actual letter instead?
listen here it goes like this.... 1-Mizzou 2-Bama 3-Georgia 87-Florida 99-Tennesee everyone ese just falls between 3 and 87
"...I appreciate the time and opportunity that I had at Missouri" That's a lot of praise for a coach whos gluteus maximus was saved during a HC transition. Bye dude, hopefully now we can get a DC who doesn't give WR a 10yard cushion from the DB.
Agree. I absolutely hate with a passion how far off the ball the DB played during Walters tenure. I think this year was a bit better concerning this issue but still overall. you have 4 downs to gain ten yards, why line up 10 yards from the receiver and give them an easy 5+ yards every time!
who you thinking of? i would rather get an experienced DC that can recruit. I feel Mizzou should of learned it's lesson with experimenting with first time coaches. let another team experiment on the coach and then buy him. The DC is a critical position that shouldn't be left to risk. I hope that makes sense.
he isnt big but he is solid 190lbs ish and has 4.45 speed (2018)
Umm I don’t remember landing Xavier Nwankpa yet....???
Dawg, He is just salty and butt hurt that he wasnt cut to be a Marine.
Read Wolfman’s* SDS fix your dang comment section and let us edit post!
I have only came for the comments and to read a wolf and crazy responses. 35-31 Mizzou
man you do take everything literal dont you? You do realize that you are kind of the laughing stock of the Mizzou fan base on this page right? Nobody cares what coaching you have done in the past, this isn't a coaching forum, its a fan page. I'm going to act like you didn't just insult my fellow devils and I with your last sentence trying to compare us to a fictional movie character who kills himself because he was too weak....
this is the most ignorant statement of the day. Why do you have to say stuff like this? It seems like it's people like you who are the reason why there is systematic racism. These kind of comments do nothing but start stuff and make the University of Missouri (you could just be a troll with nothing better to do in your life while you're still in your moms basement) bad. I now put you ahead of Wolfman for the most outlandish comment on this message board. Sorry Wolfman but you have now been replaced and moved to second place, we still love you though but this guy not so much.