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man you do take everything literal dont you? You do realize that you are kind of the laughing stock of the Mizzou fan base on this page right? Nobody cares what coaching you have done in the past, this isn't a coaching forum, its a fan page. I'm going to act like you didn't just insult my fellow devils and I with your last sentence trying to compare us to a fictional movie character who kills himself because he was too weak....
this is the most ignorant statement of the day. Why do you have to say stuff like this? It seems like it's people like you who are the reason why there is systematic racism. These kind of comments do nothing but start stuff and make the University of Missouri (you could just be a troll with nothing better to do in your life while you're still in your moms basement) bad. I now put you ahead of Wolfman for the most outlandish comment on this message board. Sorry Wolfman but you have now been replaced and moved to second place, we still love you though but this guy not so much.
That’s might be a dumb question. Do you really think Nick Saban would go to a kids house if he didn’t have any offer?
Omg I'm dying right now this is so hilarious!! Georgia State!!!
um why is it former mizzou WR and not former Oklahoma WR... home boy left us...soooo take the blame elsewhere
This is sad, however Marijuana and high speeds dont go together. Yea it may have been in his system but i highly doubt this kid was high and speeding.
might want to add Florida to your little list. Mizzou Vs Florida series is 5-3 in favor of Mizzou with 205-156 total point margin. soooo add Florida to that list up there big guy.