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I am confused. The first 3 paragraphs say Eric Crosby and then the last 2 paragraphs say MCcoy. Did I miss something or not read something I should of?
Well I shouldn't say fairy tales of being undefeated because they were. I meant their fairy tales of being the real NC and thinking they deserve a shot at the top 4. The teams in the playoffs this year would beat them by 3 tds at least.
I really hope LSU runs this team into the ground so we all can finally stop hearing this nonsense over and over. They won't schedule any real teams because they know their little fairy tales of being undefeated will come to a end. Put them in the top 5 conferences these last two years and they would of had 3-5 losses.
Yeah I was thinking the same thing, 5'10 just isn't big enough to play QB. Don't think he would be able to see the field when most offensive lineman are 6'2 and taller.
Tough situation. On one hand I think that people should be forgiven and be given a 2nd chance. I think he would improve the Vols offense a ton and I'm sick of seeing them losing. However on the other hand these men are coaching young men who aren't pro's yet and are in a position to set an example and guide them players into manhood on and off the field. Is he really the guy you want the students athletes to look up too and learn from?
As good as UGA is and they are in a place where they can talk trash on UT, they still haven't won a Natty since 1980. So until it happens who says these kids are going to win a NC if they go there? Yes they're a lot closer to winning one than UT and it can happen any year now, but they have had some stacked teams only to come up short many times, many years.
Tennessee is 25-9-2 against South Carolina all time, only thing you're spanking is your monkey.
I'm ok with them leaving out that he didn't qualify at South Carolina, no need to embarrass the kid. However you're right if they aren't going to say he didn't have the grades to get into one particular school then they shouldn't make it out like he turned on them before signing day and decided to go some where else.
Yea it's pretty hard to hate on the guy, he seems like he loves Georgia still and he obviously loves the players. Even though I'm a UT fan and UGA is a rival, I always liked Richt when he was there and still do. I wish he would of went somewhere besides Miami though.
I understand what you're saying, I may say sometimes that I hate the Gators or Bama but really I just mean I hate the overall concept of the team. I don't hate the young men or women that actually play for the teams or their coaches. Sometimes the fans of rival teams suck but you run into that with every fan base with every sport. But you're right it's just a sport and there is no reason to hate anyone. Some people just take it too far, I've even heard some horrible things said to high school kids during sporting events.
Don't agree with what he did. However I have been to many sporting events up and down the east coast and I have heard some terrible things said by fans to players. I'm not saying that the Bama fans said anything or deserved the 2 finger salute but it wouldn't shock me if something was said to the kid. Every team has idiot fans and sometimes idiot players or just kids that do dumb things in the moment.
He might work out, he is a former QB and QB's do have to know the entire offense and what every body's job is. However my opinion is they had a great coach at that spot and should of done all they could to keep Gillespie there. Pruitt has put a good staff together and has upgraded at most spots but not this one.
No way did I think UCF belonged in the final 4 but dam as much as they are talking after the season I wish they would of put them in it. I have no doubt that Bama,UGA, Clemson,and Oklahoma would of kicked the crap out of them. They beat a Auburn team that had just lost it all against UGA and were probably heart broken. They couldn't of went undefeated in any of the P-5 conferences this year,and wouldn't of been a top 4 team.
Put UCF in one of the power 5 leagues and they will have at least 3 losses. You just get beat up week to week in the SEC, Big TEN, ACC. That is why it is so hard for a team to come out of those leagues undefeated or even with one loss. I give them credit for beating Auburn, but put them in the SEC west or Big ten east and they wouldn't be undefeated. They would win some games but they would get wore down week to week.
I was wondering the same thing. Nobody did anything to Lane Kiffin until he decided to flee like a thief in the night to USC. So yea I think the fan base had a right to be pissed about that but it's not like he was driven out of Knoxville by the fans.
Dan Mullen could stay where he is with a fan base that is happy with 8 wins a year. Or he could go to UT and probably make more money but he would be expected to win double digits and a SEC championship by year 3. Would surely rather have him than Butch Jones though
What he means is they plan on scoring a offensive TD sometime in the next 35 days. In practice though
Huge Vol fan and I tried saying that and other things along the lines of Gruden may not be the savior on Volnation.com. I got called a troll and Negavol and a bunch of other things. There is no use Weagle99, some Vol fans are delusional. If they get Gruden I will be cheering all the way for it to work out but there will be a part of me prepared if it doesn't.
Even though Saban has dominated Tennessee, I think he respects the rivalry so hopefully he won't keep pouring it on when the game is out of hand. Yea it sucks to remember what UT was in the 80s and 90s and to look at what they are now. Oh well, teams go up and down, hopefully they make the right hire and get it back on track. I think the Sec is better as a whole when Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida are at the top of their game. When those 3 schools are clicking on all cylinders the west won't dominate as much. Although I do believe this is the best Georgia team I have seen and I think they can challenge Bama this year.
That all sounds good except will they open up the check book to get the cream of the crop? What coach is the cream of the crop and will he take the job? They do have to get rid of him now and announce a replacement and try and save the up coming class. Only coach I would want to see kept is Robert Gillespie. How do you get in the red zone 4 times and not score 1 TD smh.
Other than a 5 yard pass, Callaway didn't touch the ball until 49 seconds left in the game. Freshman qb and you couldn't at least try to set up a screen to the best play maker on the team other than Kelly.
We may only have 1 championship in the last 40 years but prior to Fulmer falling off and getting fired we were always challenging for the Sec championship. Also there was a few years in the 90s that if they had the playoff system we would of been one of the 4 teams. UT is 2nd behind Bama in sec wins and sec championships. And Prior to the downfall we were top ten in wins all time, 12th right now.
I would never want the Vols to lose but It's almost at the point where I hope they get blown out again just so we can get this clown out of Knoxville. Seriously is Butch Jones saying all this stuff just to make sure he never coach's football ever again, not even at the pee wee level because that is what it is starting to look like. I wouldn't even hire this dude to give out water to high school players, he would probably screw that up.
I agree. They may set it aside for the moment to help hire the next coach and do what's best for the University that they both love. However deep inside they both know that the water isn't completely under the bridge and it may never be. Especially for Major's who is the one that feels he was wronged, and probably has a good point.
I'm angry about the loss and the way the season is going too but I'm not burning my gear. Real fans ride with a team through the good and the bad. These dude's need to man up and stop acting like children and be a real fan. You can still support the University and the players even though you don't like the coach.
Who cares about the holding call. How do you let that happen with 9 seconds left? I'm as big as a Tennessee fan there is and I just feel sorry for the players, especially John Kelly for having to be coached by this trio of bums we have calling the plays. We'll let Kelly get us done there but won't hand it to him when it matters. He did drop that pass but he was obviously the best player on the field in the 2nd half and to not give him the ball in the redzone is a fireable offense.
Kentucky football has beaten Tennessee once in the 28 years I've been alive.
A&M didn't beat anyone. Tennessee beat Tennessee. Fumble 5 times, 3 in the red zone and you're not beating anyone.