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Anybody else notice that according to the stats in the link that there wasn't a single MNF game that faired higher???? They need to fix this article!!!
Come on man, you're an Ole Miss fan and I'm not and I know this. Ole Misss may lose a game but they never lose a party.
Sean Maguire sucks I'll be MORE impressed if you beat us with Francois than Maggiewire
Francois is better it's bad news for Ole Piss bcuz Maguire sucked 😂
Lol remember last time FSU started a redshirt freshman?? Natty championship baby.
The one place west/north that's really good to host a championship game is rose bowl, looking at 2013 Auburn/FSU where both teams went cross country and it was still huge.
Lol where's the butt hurt MSU fans!? Ole Miss winning that recruiting battle in Mississippi like the egg bowl champions they are #hottytoddy
I just looked at TicketCity for the Outback bowl and the cheapest ticket is like $90. They show $18 but that's the friggin fanfare thing they do not game ticket lol someone needs to use a little more discernment.
You're not a true Hail State fan because you didn't say TSUN
Nashville has 5 Division 1 schools and a Division 2, does that count? Haha
Seriously? Western Kentucky? Houston beat Temple!!
I don't think Richt to South Carolina would be all that crazy. McGarity was a butthole for firing him and I'm sure Richt would love to shove it back in his face when they play every year. Plus if Richt stays in the SEC he can keep moving up the ranks in all-time wins as SEC head coach.
No way Mark Richt's personality would fit in at the U, that would be a terrible hire