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Conference Championships have nothing to do with being one of the 4 best teams. You can win a conference championship and be a 7-6 team.
Well said, Booches. It's good to find someone who acknowledges this fact.
The resume was not National Champion-caliber pre-playoff; however, the playoff is fixed at 4 teams, which creates a conundrum. (This is why I'm passionately opposed to expanding the playoff. In most years, there aren't 4 teams that have built a National Championship resume). 2017 Alabama was the best choice for the 4th playoff team.
Link me to an article. I honestly don't see how you get to the current state of things based on the data presented to us. There is also very little discussion about the costs of the lockdown (destroyed savings, job losses, economic destruction, and government controls) are worth the benefits. Because the disease is awful, doesn't mean the treatment isn't worse.
Gundy is absolutely correct and one of the few people making sense vis a vis the reaction to COVID-19. The world really is upside down.
Why haven't more QBs refused to play for their draft team? More than any other position on the field, you're career as a QB is a dependent on the caliber of coach and players around you. A QB could potentially lose $100s of millions of dollars in earning by being drafted into a bad organization, with bad skilled position players, and a bad offense line that never allows him to develop.
Believing one political party fought to free slaves and the other preserve it is already a misunderstanding of history.
Don't say Lincoln. It's safe today, but he has too many quotes about being a white supremacist and he was trying to find an island to deport all of the blacks to up through the end of his life.
I got to the 16 team super conference and decided that this was a waste of time to read.
But I did mention the government and Italians. Weather is general pretty good. And you have pretty much everything you could ever want within 1.5 hours. South Jersey, however, is pretty much Mississippi.
New Jersey is an absolutely wonderful place to live, save for the government and Italians.
Mac has already proven he can start and lead the offense. I doubt there will be a QB competition at all.
Hard to imagine a presser to say you're going to the NFL; however I didn't think Lebron would make a spectacle of leaving Cleveland.
Why are so many people enchanted with the idea of creating a welfare program for 2nd tier teams?
I like both teams, but LSU is having a season that deserves a National Championship. Clemson, through no fault of their own, had a cupcake schedule this year.
Love Jalen and happy he's performing so well in Oklahoma. He doesn't get enough credit for his decision to stay at Alabama his junior year and how it set him up for his current success. For those who don't remember, Jalen has regressed significantly as a QB in his sophomore year. He was basically just a running back who occasionally threw the ball. The move to Tua at QB came entirely too late and cost Alabama an SEC title as a result. However, under Enos and as a backup his Junior year, he improved significantly and was a new man at QB. What he did vs. Georgia in the SEC Championship (including converting 5 third downs with his arm on the game tying drive) was not within the realm of possibility just a year earlier. Best of luck to this wonderful young man.
You are both correct, but arguing on different metrics. Either way, Florida is not beating Alabama. Georgia would be close, but only saying that because of recent history.
I definitely wasn't going up against monsters like that in New Jersey High School football.
But that's not entirely true, otherwise Clemson wouldn't be in the top 4 with its resume and Notre Dame (correctly) wouldn't have made the playoff last year.
Does anyone actually believe Florida or Penn State have a better team than Alabama?