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Holy crow! Bama fans hate Gary and think he's biased against them. Same movie. Two screens.
I don't see Ohio State losing a game this season.
He probably wanted to avoid the violence in Chicago. Ironic if true.
College student, like the majority of Americans, are correct to not be worrying about the virus. This is the biggest gaslighting of the American public since the build up to the war with Iraq.
I've also wondered whether the virus is just "magically" gone within two weeks of a Biden presidency. But at the same time, Trump isn't really governing all that different from Obama (despite the media narrative) and having Trump is office energizes the progressive left. However, it might be the corporatists on either side that are unhappy with Trump at the helm.
Looking at death percentages are the sober, rationale way of dealing with the situation. If we look at a sad, individual story and make decisions based on that, this would lead you to shutdown concerts, amusement parks, sky diving, driving, almost anything you can think of, because at one time or another, there has been a tragic story of someone dying. Life is not risk free.
In the Progressive faith, "Science" is just a substitute for God. "I believe in Science." "Science tells us..." "The heretics are science deniers"
I feel like the only sane person in a nation of lunatics. The continued lockdowns and destruction of what makes life worth living is a comically disproportionate response to the threat of COVID.
I guess it's because the teams not playing rivalry games would just schedule a cup cake, or someone from another region and it would be uneven or risk more exposure.
Bizarre that they didn't elect to keep SEC-ACC rivalry games, especially after the ACC left the door open.
"I’m not saying that this is the right move. I’m saying that I’m willing to accept it even if it’s not." Why should anyone listen and give credence to someone who willingly admits he is a person without a spine, a man without testicles, a human without any morals?
The functional definition of "racist" is "that which is not progressive"
Jalen Hurts was absolutely awful his sophomore year with the same cast. If you factor in propensity for injury, you can definitely argue Stidham is preferable to build around. But in terms of raw talent? I'm not buying.
Conference Championships have nothing to do with being one of the 4 best teams. You can win a conference championship and be a 7-6 team.
Well said, Booches. It's good to find someone who acknowledges this fact.
The resume was not National Champion-caliber pre-playoff; however, the playoff is fixed at 4 teams, which creates a conundrum. (This is why I'm passionately opposed to expanding the playoff. In most years, there aren't 4 teams that have built a National Championship resume). 2017 Alabama was the best choice for the 4th playoff team.
Link me to an article. I honestly don't see how you get to the current state of things based on the data presented to us. There is also very little discussion about the costs of the lockdown (destroyed savings, job losses, economic destruction, and government controls) are worth the benefits. Because the disease is awful, doesn't mean the treatment isn't worse.
Gundy is absolutely correct and one of the few people making sense vis a vis the reaction to COVID-19. The world really is upside down.