Billy Napier held a press conference on Friday, and updated various items about Florida’s transition as he continues to hire staff and personnel.

The new Gators coach was asked about Georgia’s national championship, and said, “I’m more worried about what’s going on inside our house as opposed to what’s happening in our neighbor’s house.”

Napier reported that program has more people left to hire than it currently has in the building, but didn’t have specific details.

“There’s work left to do here…I think if you get it right in the front end, there’s less issues going forward,” he said.

Napier also outlined all the phases he sees in building the program, and said that he and the staff are finishing 13-day assessment period of each player on the team. That includes a baseline assessment of where each player stands. Napier noted that in college football each year the process starts over.

“What are the issues, what are the areas we can improve … kind of a starting point.’ … Phase 1 begins Tuesday, titled ‘Foundation,” he said.

In terms of transfers, “there’s more to come” and explained that it can be expected that more transfers get added to the team in the coming weeks.