From weekend itineraries on gamedays in Gainesville to experiences alongside another son’s appearances on Dancing With The Stars, Chad Grier’s weekly diary via Sporting News is a must-read.

The father of three sons and head football coach at Davidson Day in Charlotte, North Carolina isn’t your average dad and his memoir reflects it.

In his latest excerpt following the Gators’ improbable 28-27 win over Tennessee, Grier described his son as having the ‘it’ factor and revealed that he had seen the same charisma and will to win at an early age. Will Grier finished 5-for-5 on fourth down with 123 yards passing and a touchdown on the day to down the Vols.

From Grier’s most entry via Sporting News:

Later, Tennessee led 27-14. I stretched my neck to catch a glimpse of Will on the sideline. I couldn’t see him, but I did see some fans making an early exit — was there a special at Cantina? I hoped so, because those fans were about to miss out on something special.

You know that feeling when know something is going to happen? I’ve seen every game Will has ever played. I can’t tell you how many times that, when things look hopeless, he does something amazing and finds a way to win. He has that “it” factor — he hates to lose so much that he wills himself to find a way to win.

He got hot. He completed passes on three fourth-down plays for first downs. For those who know Will and Davidson Day football, this is no surprise. His high school coach did not like to punt and often asked Will to make a play to extend drives on fourth downs. In the state championship game his junior year, Will hit Aaron Seward (a wide receiver at Carson-Newman) for a 67-yard touchdown on fourth-and-33. My friend and coach Dave Serepca often asked me: Would you rather Will punt or throw it? I like our chances when he throws it.