Dan Mullen on Saturday against Alabama established an identity of running the football against the Crimson Tide as the Gators churned out 245 yards on 43 carries with 4 touchdowns.

Mullen was asked about his ability to adjust to the type of play-calling that might shift for an opponent, or within a game.

Mullen explained that the offense was created when he coached at Bowling Green, then took it to Utah with a lot of success before arriving in Florida.

“We come to Florida and think we have all the answers,” Mullen said. “We have this unbelievable offensive system, right, that we’ve created and it worked at Utah and we get to Florida, and we’re going to have even better players here at Florida, so we have all the answers. We didn’t. It didn’t quite fit the personnel that was here at that time.”

That caused Mullen and the rest of the staff to take a step back and evaluate how to shape the offense around the personnel.

“From that point, it kind of continued to grow and continue to expand,” Mullen said. “The great thing you had in the back pocket was as it kind of changed from year to year, you still knew the origins. I guess you’re fortunate as a coach. You’ve got to be careful, it’s always good, you have new guys … those guys will sometimes come up with something and you’ll say, ‘Hey, we need to get back to doing this,’ and some of the new guys are looking at you like what are you even talking about and you go back and you say, ‘Hey, this kind of fits this mold here of where we are.’ We’re fortunate to have a bunch of years of knowledge of doing this of how to make it fit, all the different styles of personnel that we’ve had over the last 20 years.”