Dan Mullen has plans to stay involved in football, but this time on the high school level in Georgia.

There was some confusion over the weekend about Mullen’s specific involvement, but the school, Lake Oconee Academy, released a statement that was reported on by the Lake Oconee News. Mullen will not be an offensive coordinator, but instead will be a “contributing resource” for the school’s football program. Lake Oconee Academy is entering year two of its football program and doesn’t play a varsity schedule yet.

LOA athletics director Chris Ingle clarified the situation with a statement.

“Coach (Dan) Mullen will serve as a contributing resource to the football program and athletic department at Lake Oconee Academy,” Ingle told the Lake Oconee News. “Coach Mullen’s knowledge and experience in the game of football are world-class. We look forward to him sharing this with our coaches and student-athletes. He will offer tremendous insight and guiding direction into the building of our young program, especially in the areas of offense and quarterback development.”

Mullen, who was fired from his job as the Gators’ head coach in November reportedly has a vacation home in Reynolds-Lake Oconee. He currently resides in Greensboro after he left Florida.

“It is unfortunate that reports of him being named the offensive coordinator surfaced without confirmation,” the press release said. “While he would be tremendous at this position, he will not be active as the offensive coordinator at Lake Oconee Academy. We look forward to him being a member of our community and Titan family.”