Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin is out trying to squash internet rumors in addition to trying to find the Gators a new head football coach.

A message board post in “Alligator Alley,” 247Sports’ GatorBait.net forum, indicated that former Oregon coach Chip Kelly to Florida was a done deal.

The rumor indicated that it was “basically a done deal, but nothing would be announced until it’s signed.” Then, the rumor suggested that Florida wanted to sign the deal on Monday night. It said UF had to get the NCAA to allow the move, and said that has been taken care of. It also noted that an ex-AD doesn’t want Kelly and is pushing for Charlie Strong.

“A reliable Rivals insider with 9000+ posts” apparently had the inside scoop on this “rumor,” which Stricklin publicly denounced on Twitter Monday evening.

“There is a lot of bad (i.e. incorrect) info out there, but this is a whole other level of bad info,” Stricklin posted.

Here’s the exchange, along with the original post about Kelly:

Cody McClure is an SEC Football Writer for Saturday Down South. He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he also co-hosts a midday sports radio show for FOX Sports. Cody previously worked for Athlon Sports.