Florida LB Cristian Garcia is looked upon as a hero.

In his words, “I just didn’t expect anything of it. All of a sudden, I’m getting like a million calls from reporters, literally bang, bang, bang, one after another.”

Whilst taking out trash, he saw a man assaulting an unconscious woman behind a local Gainesville establishment. Garcia proceeded to confront the perpetrator — who ultimately ran off (and was later caught).

President Obama had created the “It’s On Us” initiative two years ago. This effort was made in order to combat the epidemic of sexual assault on women within college campuses. It’s estimated that one in every five women has been sexually assaulted during their college years.

Garcia — along with South Carolina student Megan O’Brien and North Dakota Student Nathaniel Schroeder — were recognized by by the White House. Each earned “Courage Awards” emanating from the initiative.

All three are currently touring the iconic building. They will then enjoy dinner and be honored by Vice President Biden at his home Tuesday evening.

Head coach Jim McElwain granted Garcia permission to experience this wonder once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.