Florida is getting no love from the Fremeau Efficiency Index. The Gators ranked No. 60 overall in the FEI Ratings released by BCFToys.com Monday.

The FEI is a college football rating system based on opponent-adjusted drive efficiency. It considers approximately 20,000 possessions in FBS vs. FBS games. First-half clock-kills and end-of-game garbage drives and scores are excluded.

It also considers several other factors such as unadjusted game efficiency (GE), overall SOS ratings, team’s records against FEI ranking categories — E for Elite (ranked 1-5), VG for Very Good (ranked 6-15), G for Good (ranked 16-30), AA for Above Average (ranked 31-50), Av for Average (51-70) BA for Below Average (71-90), B for Bad (ranked 91-105), VB for Very Bad (ranked 106-115) and Aw for Awful (ranked 116 or worse).

In this case, Florida is considered “Average.” The Gators’ unadjusted game efficiency was .386 and their SOS was .174. In fairness, four other multi-win teams with undefeated records — Arizona State (No. 51), Central Michigan (No. 54), Georgia Southern (No. 62) and Indiana (No. 69) were labeled as “Average” as well.

Still, it’s a huge drop considering Florida ranked No. 19 in this week’s AP Poll. Perhaps the Gators can improve their efficiency ratings this week at No. 14 Tennessee.