An exciting new addition is coming to Florida’s campus.

On Monday, the Gators showcased renderings of the new James W. “Bill” Heavener Football Training Center that is tentatively scheduled to open in December 2021. The 140,000-square foot complex will feature meeting rooms, locker rooms, a strength and conditioning center, the training room, coaches’ offices and a dining hall and recreation space for all Florida student-athletes.

It sounds like an incredible facility, and it especially looks that way based on the video that the Gators released on Twitter:

Heavener, who the facility is named after, has long been one of the Gators’ top donors. His latest financial contribution will help the school build this new $85 million facility, although the amount of his contribution is undisclosed.

When Dan Mullen returned to Florida to be the team’s head coach, that’s when this new facility was brought into the works.

“I just think the world of him,” Heavener said in a statement. “The seasons ahead are going to be good for the Gators. We’ve got a great coach in Coach Mullen and in order to be competitive, we need a great facility like some of the other schools in the SEC.

“We’re certain that with the right resources, Coach will bring us another national championship. I’m excited to be a part of that.”