After Dan Mullen admitted he likes to use spring game attendance figures to troll his rivals, you just knew the number Florida planned to throw out there for the 2019 spring game would have some significance. Thanks to one clever Gator fan/detective, it looks like we know the story behind the announced crowd of 39,476 for the latest Orange & Blue Game.

If you missed it last week, here is what Mullen had to say about using spring game attendance numbers to troll opponents. He used Florida’s 41-14 road win over Florida State last season as an example during his press conference.

“Yeah, if you go 41,140 or something, I don’t know. You kinda do stuff like that. Have some fun,” Mullen said leading up to the Orange & Blue Game. “I don’t want to give away all my tricks, you guys keep asking, I’ve got tricks up my sleeve for the spring game. If I give them all away now, no one is going to be excited to find them out after, you gotta really search for them to see if you see little things.”

So where did Florida come up with 39,476? Thanks to Reddit user Camwhite_guy, it looks like we have an answer.

Georgia’s previous national title came in 1980, meaning the Bulldogs have been waiting 39 long years to return to the top of the college football mountaintop. During that 39-year wait, Georgia has played 476 total college football games. That’s how Florida came up with 39,476 for the 2019 spring game.

Mullen already owns the title of the SEC’s best developer of quarterbacks, but following this move, we may as well crown him as the league’s best troll, too.

Well played, Dan. Well played.