Florida senior linebacker Jarrad Davis, senior safety Marcus Maye and junior offensive tackle David Sharpe were the three players selected to represent the 2016 Gators during SEC Media Days on Monday.

Here’s what the three players had to say:

Senior Linebacker Jarrad Davis 

On the way the end of the season affected the offseason:
“Losing the last few games are a constant reminder for the offseason of what we need to do, what we need to accomplish and where we need to go as a unit. It shows our true colors from last year and how we react to a situation. It also shows a lot of areas that we can get better. Something we need to do to better ourselves is figure out what it was last year that hurt us. We have been working on that all off-season and we are extremely confident in what we can do this year.”

On key defensive spots that need to step up:
“If you look at it the way we look at it, it was kind of a ‘man down, man up situation’. Those guys took it to the next level and we are proud of them for that, they are doing what we all dream of doing. We’ve got a lot of young guys and we are extremely excited about what we can do with them and what we will be.”

On LSU series providing definition in season:
“ It’s always a showdown, all three years I have been here it’s been like that. This fourth year, it’s in The Swamp this time and it will be another showdown. It seems like it’s always the most physical. We are extremely excited for that, it seems like it’s always a mudslide, if you win it is almost something that creates a team momentum. Last year it didn’t go our way but we try not to let it shut us down. If you lose that game, it’s definitely something that makes you want to go out and win your next one and you saw what we did to Georgia after it.”

On defensive goals this year:
“With the defense we had last year it kind of set the standard, it set the bar extremely high and this year it’s the same level but everything we do is going to be centered around taking it to the next level. You don’t want to stay the same in anything you do, you want to get better. Our goal as far as the SEC Championship is to not only get there but we want to win. It is a lot to say that you made it because not everyone does, but we want to say we won it and moved on. It is something that is on our mind constantly.”

Senior Safety Marcus Maye 
On Marcus’ defensive mindset:
“I would like people to go to my side (of the ball), but that’s just because I want to make more plays. Being one of those guys the offense has to look out for, you take pride in going out and working every day but I wouldn’t want anyone to cut away or go away from me because I want to make plays.”

On where Marcus prefers to play defense:
“If you’re in the box, you’re on the ball more, the running game is right there. Being deep and covering is also fine too. Being able to do both is something I take pride in and work at all the time. I wouldn’t say one is more fun than the other.”

On what it’s like to play for Coach McElwain and Coach Collins:
“It’s definitely something that is great for you, Coach Mac, Coach Collins, every day. It’s not just on the field, its off the field, about life in general. They make sure everything is okay with you off the field. They care about you and your family. Playing for Coach Mac and Coach Collins is definitely fun, enjoyable, and makes it a lot easier to play defense.”

On Coach Collins nickname, “Minister of Mayhem”:
“Coach Collins, on the field, he is always very intense. He’s jumping around, he’s on the numbers out on the field with us, he’s excited all the time, lot of energy. Having a coach like that makes you want to do the same thing. It’s a lot easier to play just knowing your coaches are just as excited. He’s about making chaos on the defense and making the offense

Junior Offensive Lineman David Sharpe 
On him assuming more of a leadership role this year:
“Definitely. I am going to be a more vocal leader, a practice leader; any type of way I can, I want to be a leader for the team. I want to be a guy someone looks up to and that they can come ask me anything. I definitely am going around with a chip on my shoulder.”

On Austin Appleby and Luke Del Rio:
“Appleby is a great guy. He came in, we welcomed him and he adjusted. We’ve all welcomed him to be a part of our family. He’s a great guy who I talk to every day. He looks good back there. Del Rio as well, he is a good guy and a great quarterback. He’s a great leader, a vocal leader. Both of those guys are great vocal leaders on the team, so either one. They are both great guys.”

On who has the toughest team to play against in the SEC:
“Definitely Alabama. They have a lot of strong, physical guys on their front. That was probably the toughest game the entire year.”

On Tennessee and Georgia:
“We are very motivated by them. We are ready to play those guys….We can’t wait to play those two.”

On how much their three game losing streak last year is still lingering on their minds:
“We have all talked about it a lot. It was very disappointing to us, we put in a lot. But we use it as motivation going into the off-season. We take it as motivation and everyone is working hard. We are ready to have our strongest season so far.”