Thankfully, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville is fine after Hurricane Irma passed through Florida over the weekend.

However, there was some minor damage to report from The Swamp, and it couldn’t be more ironic.

Somehow, someway, the winds from the storm knocked the letters “O” and “D” off of the top of the stadium:

As you can see, Tennessee is now set to play the Gators at “Fl ri a Fiel ” this weekend.

Again, it’s great news that this is the only damage the stadium seemed to suffer in the storm, but it couldn’t be a more perfect coincidence for a team that just so happened to struggle mightily on both offense and defense — “O” and “D” — during a Week 1 loss to Michigan.

Who knows — if the Gators pull off a big win against the Volunteers this weekend, maybe they’ll wait a while to repair the Irma-caused damage.

Check out the Tennessee-Florida game on CBS at 3:30 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday afternoon.