This was bound to happen sooner or later.

Will Muschamp may be on the hottest of hot seats following the Florida Gators’s 30-27 loss to the LSU Tigers over the weekend, but according to one fan, Muschamp’s fate is already sealed. is a real website dedicated to making current Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen the next head coach of the Florida Gators. Complete with articles, links and even a page designed solely to email Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley, the website is decked out with all of the reasons why Mullen should be in Gainesville next year donning the Orange and Blue.

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From the website:

Now you can’t blame Muschamp for everything he has a horrendous QB in Jeff Driskel. Receivers are dropping balls left and right. But this all comes back on the coach. Treon Harris should be starting I would hope going forward so we will see how that goes. After going 408 last year and this year not looking that much better I can’t imagine Jeremy Foley sticking with Muschamp especially if we can bring Dan Mullen back to the Swamp! AND HE TAKES ALL THE BLAME WHEN HE JUST ANNOUNCED AT HIS PRESSER THAT DRISKEL WILL START VS MISSOURI.

If Muschamp is eventually fired after the season, Mullen would certainly be a popular name to replace him. Not only does Mullen have past experience at Florida (OC from 2005-08) winning two National Championships during his time in Gainesville and SEC head coaching experience, but his Mississippi State Bulldogs are currently ranked No. 1 in the nation. There’s arguably not a hotter head coaching name in the nation right now than his.

As for Muschamp, he’s got bigger things to worry about as he attempts to turn things around this weekend with a big SEC East matchup against Missouri.