Many fans joked (or said semi-jokingly) that it appeared neither team wanted to win Saturday night’s primetime Week 0 Florida vs. Miami clash in Orlando. Penalties, turnovers and other facepalm-worthy errors had both teams appearing to try to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”

So whether you watched the game as a Florida fan, Miami fan or just a college football fan, it’s understandable if you turned off your TV or changed the channel immediately once the game finally ended with a 24-20 UF win. Before the ESPN broadcast concluded from Orlando, Kirk Herbstreit shared his thoughts on the game and how the two teams may fare going forward.

“Obviously it was sloppy plays, but it’s the first game of the year,” Herbstreit said. “The good thing is you go back and look at the film, just like the teams next week will have a chance the following week. You look at tape and the really good stuff you did and the really bad stuff you did and (you say), ‘now let’s go practice and let’s get ready for the rest of the year.’

“Both these teams can have a great year.”

The big question, of course, is how great of a year. With Dan Mullen’s squad achieving 10 wins and a New Year’s Six bowl victory in 2018, many Florida fans and media pundits were looking for the Gators to take the next step this season. As Herbstreit says, last night’s game showed that Florida has a lot to work on in the next few weeks.

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