Aaron Murray knows what it’s like to be the Georgia quarterback, and as a member of the media these days, he also has a read on the Georgia fan base with respect to how it treats the quarterback.

So he went on Greg McElroy’s podcast, “Always College Football,” and sent a message to Georgia fans.

“Enough with the bitching and moaning for Stetson,” Murray said. “Even if he comes out there and is just good through the first 1 or 2 games. Just be patient, enjoy yourself. Give the man some slack for goodness sakes, he is a tremendous leader, both on and off the field. I’m super excited about his season. It would not surprise me if Stetson was the guy at the end of the season is throwing anywhere from 30 to 35 touchdowns, along with 5 interceptions and maybe 5 rushing touchdowns as well.”

Whether Murray is correct in his assessment of the fan base and Bennett will depend on how he starts the season against Oregon, and how the Bulldogs fare in their first SEC game at South Carolina.