There was no way to ignore the very serious allegation involving Georgia football. While it’s obviously secondary to a felony accusation, College GameDay discussed how Adam Anderson’s absence would affect the Bulldogs.

Anderson, who was projected to be a first-round pick in the NFL Draft, was accused by a 21-year-old woman of rape last week. The investigation is ongoing while Anderson, who plays linebacker for Georgia, is being held out of today’s game against Missouri.

“So obviously when you have a case like this, the first concern is with the alleged victim and making sure everything is handled properly from a legal standpoint, a university standpoint but there is football and the impact on Georgia,” ESPN host Rece Davis said. “So what is that, without Adam Anderson who up to this point in the season leads them in sacks?”

Anderson is seventh in the SEC with five sacks for the top-ranked Bulldogs.

“I think the biggest reason we all have Georgia number one in the consensus is because of their defense and it’s elite and its deep,” former Georgia defensive end David Pollack said. “And they rotate guys in and out and they have guys like Adam Anderson who doesn’t have to play 40, 50, 60 snaps a game. So this dents them where they’re the best. And it hurts their depth and it makes everyone else have to play more.

“Listen, they’re a team that wears everybody out. They just wear you down, wear you down, wear you down and now this is a guy on the field who you take off – it hurts you depth. It hurts your defense and makes you less multiple. There’s a lot of things it hurts you on.”