The second round of the College Football Playoff rankings are out, and the Georgia Bulldogs are still ranked No. 1 in the country.

That wasn’t a big surprise.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit joined the network following the release, and he explained this is a tough year for the committee.

“This year, the playoff committee has their work cut out for them,” Herbstreit said.

Herbie can poke holes in everyone’s resume despite the rankings, and he thinks the committee will have some tough decisions to make this season. Specifically about Georgia, he brought up the biggest question he has with the Bulldogs.

“Can Jake Fromm throw the ball on 3rd and 7 at Jordan-Hare (Auburn) consistently? Until they do, we have to wonder,” he said.

Auburn has the type of defense that can slow the Bulldogs running game and make Fromm make plays down the field, but obviously, it’s a whole lot different slowing Nick Chubb and Sony Michel in a game.

That’s been Herbstreit’s stance pretty much all year, and he’s waiting on a defense that can stop Georgia’s running game and make Fromm win a game through the air.

Over his last four games, Fromm has thrown for 725 yards, seven TDs and two INTs.

When UGA’s offense is firing on all cylinders, Fromm is a piece of the puzzle, much like Chubb and Michel. So far, the Bulldogs’ offense has stayed balanced.