When it comes to pass rushers, there weren’t many in the SEC on D’Andre Walker’s level. The Georgia star had 13 combined sacks the past two years and made a number of great plays.

Now, he’s at the NFL Combine, preparing to go through one of the most-intense job interviews anyone ever has to face.

On Saturday, he was asked about his favorite moments at Georgia, and his answers were great. As you can read below, both involved big plays against Auburn, and both caused coach Kirby Smart to yell at him (via Rivals.com):

“I have a few. One, jumping over the shield at Auburn and coming back to the sideline and Coach [Kirby] Smart ripping me for it. And then in the SEC Championship against Auburn when we beat them after they beat us the first time. I did a spin move – it was supposed to be a step but I did a spin – and Coach Smart said, ‘Don’t ever do that again, but if it works…’ Like he was basically congratulating me for doing it but told me not to ever do it again. It was great.”

Walker is trying to work his way up draft boards at the Combine, as he is not generally considered a first-round pick.

If he performs well in Indianapolis, though, that could change heading into April.