Former Georgia baseball player Adam Sasser is suing UGA over his dismissal for using a racial epithet at a 2018 Bulldogs football game.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution obtained court documents of a “John Doe” suing the school. The AJC notes that Sasser is easy to identify as the John Doe:

He is easily identifiable in the document as a “baseball player from Evans who was dismissed from UGA” in the fall of 2018.

Sasser was attending the Georgia vs. Tennessee football game at Sanford Stadium on Sept. 29, 2018, when he began calling for Jake Fromm to be benched in favor of Justin Fields. Eyewitnesses said Sasser used a racial epithet:

Eyewitnesses told UGA Sasser was yelling “put the (expletive) in” repeatedly during the fourth quarter, even after spectators around him told him to stop.

The incident was cited in Fields’ paperwork asking for an immediate eligibility waiver, which he was granted, at Ohio State.

Sasser’s lawyer is arguing that the remarks were not meant to be derogatory and that his client’s rights were violated:

“(Sasser’s) public statement regarding race … was constitutional protected speech protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution,” the lawsuit reads. “(The) intent and context were in a positive manner and in support of a person. When the Plaintiff learned his statement was viewed negatively, he apologized.”

Per the AJC, Sasser also alleges a violation of his constitutional rights under the 14th amendments as well as breach of contract. He seeks undisclosed “compensatory and punitive damages” for loss of income and employment opportunities as a result of UGA’s actions.

More details, including the 31-page lawsuit, can be found in the AJC report.