Former Georgia LB Thomas Davis is nearing the end of NFL career, but the Carolina Panthers star is still beloved by the hometown fans.

On Friday, Davis was able to spread some joy to Kenneth Smith, a hospice care patient who was married to his longtime girlfriend on Wednesday.

Upon hearing Smith’s story, Davis said it was important to him to stop by and visit the huge Panthers fan, who got married in team gear (via

“It is always important for our fans to know and understand that we love them and care for them,” Davis said. “We appreciate them believing in us, and when you have a unique situation like Mr. Smith you definitely want to make sure that as a player, you are able to come out and just be hands on. Today was all about coming here and seeing him and showing him and his wife that we appreciate them.”

Smith is battling cancer, but it’s safe to say his spirits were lifted this week as he got married and received a visit from a player on his favorite team.

It’s always great to see NFL players visiting their fans, and Davis’s trip to visit Smith was certainly a meaningful one.