Nick Chubb has a message for Georgia fans.

“I know a lot of people are worried about me and that they know I was hurt bad,” Chubb told DawgNation. “I just want to tell them that I’m all right and I’m doing well and I will be back stronger than ever next year.”

Chubb suffered a season-ending knee injury on the first play of Georgia’s 38-31 loss to Tennessee on Oct. 10.

The sophomore running back rushed for 745 yards and seven touchdowns in the Bulldogs’ first five games, before suffering the injury. With Chubb, the Bulldogs won four of their first five games. Without him, they have lost two of their last four.

He admits it’s been difficult to watch from the sideline and not be able to play.

“Mentally, it was just hard,” Chubb said. “I’m a very positive person. I didn’t think something like this could happen to me, but it did. So I am just getting over that hump. I’m ready to get back to work now and get ready for next year.”

Chubb says he has received a lot of support from Bulldogs fans.

“When I was playing, everyone was obviously for me for what I did on the field,” he said. “But now nothing has changed. If anything, I have gotten even more support from people. Dawg Nation is a real great fan base, and they have given me a whole lot of support.”

He has also gotten a lot of support from his hometown of Cedartown, Ga.

“All of the support from everyone has been great,” Chubb said. “Everyone has been so nice. I’ve had a lot of support from everyone, but my hometown, especially of Cedartown, have sent me a lot of cards from all the elementary schools. People have been reaching out to me.”

“Everyone reached out to me and was offering their support,” he added. “It was the same message: To trust in God. He’s going to protect me. He’s going to heal me. Only He can do that.”

Chubb has also been encouraged after seeing former teammate Todd Gurley bounce back from a torn ACL. Gurley has rushed for 664 yards in six games for the St. Louis Rams since coming back from his knee injury.

“To see him bounce back as strong as he did was impressive,” Chubb said. “Hopefully I can bounce back as strong as he has.”