Jake Fromm has been around Kirby Smart long enough to describe the Georgia coach’s relentless drive. He only needs one word.

“It’s intense,” the quarterback said in an interview with ESPN’s Chris Low. “He’s intense. He’s always about this rep, that rep. He’s always got a schedule for exactly what he does. He’s very intense. He gets the best out of whatever he’s wanting to do, whether it’s a walk through. He wants to be intense. We want to be sharp, we want to be focused. We want to get the most meaningful reps we can. If we’re out there on the field, obviously it’s just crazy, going balls to the wall. Unreal trying to fly around and do whatever we do. If we’re watching film, we want to watch film to the best of our ability. He’s just always very intense and very focused.”

These two have been linked for the last two seasons as Georgia has gone 32-10 since 2016, largely behind the leadership of Fromm and Smart, especially after the Appalachian State game early in 2017.

Smart’s personality is one of the more noticeable pieces of the culture change at Georgia as the Bulldogs have lost just five games the last two seasons. The attention to detail at every facet of the program will be especially important this season as Georgia looks to close the gap it’s had the last two seasons in the SEC Championship game and College Football Playoff.